A Tribute To Old Smosh
Jordan Wright
Jordan Wright 2 timmar sedan
yo pinely my man...you're kinda cute
ImmaDinoSaur Drinks Water
ImmaDinoSaur Drinks Water 3 timmar sedan
my mom plays rise of kingdoms and shes addicted I'm not happy.
ColeYote 5 timmar sedan
Oh thank god I was worried you actually put Anthony Fantano in this. Fuck that guy.
ColeYote 6 timmar sedan
Everything Butch Hartmann has done post-Nickelodeon has convinced me he had very little to do with what made his shows successful.
oreo 7 timmar sedan
I really hate clip channels, all you have to do is take clips from streams and cut, super hard
Thedude1989 8 timmar sedan
If you want a good example of a developer actually putting effort into their game’s ads look at supercell
-YorozuyaGinChan- 8 timmar sedan
I got a Rise Of Kingdoms ad in this video💀
Sam-Iam 8 timmar sedan
fukyou google
fukyou google 8 timmar sedan
this persons usage is to show westerners as inferior beings to chinas population
fukyou google
fukyou google 8 timmar sedan
i feel bad for him, i bet he cant leave and hes stuck there byhimself
Michelle L
Michelle L 10 timmar sedan
What did happen to sponny?
Michelle L
Michelle L 11 timmar sedan
lol so he plays his true self in the movie , Cancel Channel Awesome and all that did come out.
kittykittybangbang 11 timmar sedan
5:10 ngl I actually laughed at this joke
Agent Orange
Agent Orange 12 timmar sedan
Canada’s release of Lily Singh into the wider world and her relentless assault on all things comedy is affront to all who wish to live their lives free from the soul deadening cringe that accompanies her wherever she goes. Canada must be held to account for their heinous crimes against humanity.
MovieEffects 14 timmar sedan
Pinely: There is only one person not subscribed here Me:👀how he know
Kodasa Sinclair
Kodasa Sinclair 14 timmar sedan
I gotta say Pinely, watching those movies was a truly bold decision. I only hope the ad revenue is enough to cover the therapy you now undoubtedly need.
Poe 14 timmar sedan
Even when I was a fan of the guy I couldn't bring myself to sit through these.
Zero Black
Zero Black 16 timmar sedan
Pinely movie when
horaciosi 16 timmar sedan
I kinda want to see a Logan-esque movie about the last remaining CA members. I can see it now: Channel Awesome's website is dead, Malcolm and Tamara's contract expired and negotiations for a renewal failed so they're long gone, Doug is now a has-been who works as a cab driver and takes care of Rob, who's been reduced to a cripple constantly ranting and rambling about Trump, Brad Jones sticks by Doug's side and is his yes-man, a bootlicker who blindly agrees with everything he says and thinks he can do no wrong and GuruLarry is just there, always giving Doug and Brad the cold shoulder. Also the "Not So Awesome" document is hanged on a wall and used as a dart board. The plot revolves around Doug and Brad trying to relive the glory days and go on a wacky, reference-filled adventure. So they travel around, with Rob on a wheelchair constantly putting up with his incoherent Trump rants and Larry for some reason goes along, as they try to assamble as many internet reviewers as possible, but due to Doug's terrible attitude and Brad's constant ass-kissing of Doug makes them impossible to work with, so reviewers keep leaving, always ending on Larry shaking his head disapprovingly at the duo. Eventually Rob dies, Larry disappears, and Doug and Brad end up sitting in the streets alone. They reminsice about the good old days of Channel Awesome and they give nothing but praise to each other, never calling attention to the controversy. They keep praising and praising each other until out of nowhere Larry reappears and goes on a long rant about Doug's mismanagement of the site, terrible attitude and his non-apology of the controversy and Brad's backstabbing his co-workers, ignoring their awful experience and excusing Doug's mismanagement. The rant goes on for a long while until finally Larry leaves for good. The movie ends with the duo sitting quietly until finally Brad leaves Doug's side. The latter's fate is unknown.
horaciosi 17 timmar sedan
If you overlook the inaccuracies like Brad Jones siding with the other reviewers and Rob Walker making things better in the end, then Kickassia is a great meta commentary on the Walkers' management of Channel Awesome.
Vulpes Ailurus
Vulpes Ailurus 17 timmar sedan
“And he doesn’t even pay them their wages.” Oof! That plot point didn’t age well.
Fazze Steroudi
Fazze Steroudi 17 timmar sedan
%99.99 can't like this comment 😡😡😡😭
Peter Griffin but Mexican
Peter Griffin but Mexican 17 timmar sedan
A big number to the average Guava Juice watcher is 2
Swastik Turan
Swastik Turan 18 timmar sedan
He is now a Chinese Communist. And sorry to say but no mercy to Communist people
susana quintero
susana quintero 18 timmar sedan
Y’all he not even popular in China tho 😳 my entire time there I never saw anything of his on douyin or anything none of my friends know him either and they are locals 😬
Dragblacker 18 timmar sedan
I've noticed that pretty much every Internet pop culture critic, especially the largest names like Doug or even Red Letter Media, suck at making their own movies. What's worse, either they or their fanbase will excuse every bad or stupid thing in their movies as "ironic commentary on pop culture" or "snark".
Omar Reyes
Omar Reyes 20 timmar sedan
13:25 that's the staple in all his videos, in every single one of his videos all his co-stars or companion characters are seen as the dumb uneducated ones and he's the smart illuminated one that is there make them see the error of their ways.
Omar Reyes
Omar Reyes 20 timmar sedan
Doug's really gone downhill after he got better budget and revived the nostalgia critic character, he hardly does any research of the movies he critiques and every time he wants to do a heart felt speech about the movie industry and where it should be heading he comes off as extremely condescending, it's no wonder most of his crew of critics cut ties with him and ended in horrible terms.
River Draws Stuff
River Draws Stuff 22 timmar sedan
I really like the concept of an insane dude going on a killing spree, killing people because his screenname was taken. xX_Epicweedjoke46_Xx has to kill all the other 45 xX_Epicweedjoke_Xx's so that he can become the true weedjoke.
UsmevavyPanacek 22 timmar sedan
Damn, the last song was so great it might replace famous "Show me your genitals" as my favourite song mentioning having lots of sex.
Mello Joe
Mello Joe 22 timmar sedan
Honestly if I were to have the option to watch to boldly flee and the langoliers, I’d watch the langoliers. Just as insufferable and as long, but it’s much more interesting and fun to poke fun at than to boldly flee is.
Corny 23 timmar sedan
I got the ad for this
Cameron Martinez
Cameron Martinez 23 timmar sedan
These movies are awesome!!!!
Cameron Martinez
Cameron Martinez 23 timmar sedan
These movies are awesome!!!!
AncientRomeMemes Dag sedan
The true manchild experience 12:05
[ Shana Reviews ]
[ Shana Reviews ] Dag sedan
I'd recommend checking out Linkara's Storyline Videos mostly so you can watch his 10th anniversary movie. It had a better production and was done under better conditions then what Doug and his brother put the reviewers through it also incorporates plot elements from Doug's anniversary videos into its storyline. It rarely does as much direct quoting from other media like Dougs films and whenever Linkara does quote something it serves the scene its in and isn't thrown in at random or haphazardly. He's actually the Reviewer (one of the many reviewers) that inspired me to give youtubing a shot
Vjotkr Dag sedan
Unironically the best joker.
noless Dag sedan
Are all the jokes in these movies just references?
Poke'mon Trainer Chri$$$ 303
Poke'mon Trainer Chri$$$ 303 Dag sedan
Only person I recognized besides Doug was Angry Joe.
Jakob Ottsman
Jakob Ottsman Dag sedan
I'ma sound like a simp but I do like the swinging hips.
Alex Frank
Alex Frank Dag sedan
It’s honestly a great game I’d recommend giving it a try!
Mario Angel Medina
Mario Angel Medina Dag sedan
You know what is #BOLD ? To write fan-fiction about tour employees and forcing them to enact them over threats of lossing their jobs... what a jerk
Mario Angel Medina
Mario Angel Medina Dag sedan
Minutes 26:00 to 26:20, I feel the same way, for a while just thinking about this movie gave me existential dread. I looked into the ceiling and say "There's no point in To Boldy Flee... There's no point in suffering... There's no point... IN ANYTHING" ... luckily I got over it eventually
Badusername2000 Dag sedan
I hate that i liked him
Just Speculation
Just Speculation Dag sedan
Mr youtuber looks like a save a buck version of leonardo decaprio
R M Dag sedan
I actually enjoyed these movies except for To Boldly Flee. That was 3.5 hours of garbage. Never saw the wall. I did recently watch some old NC videos though, made me miss the old days
Tanner Newbanks
Tanner Newbanks Dag sedan
I got two ads at the start of the video, and one of the fuckers was a Rise of Kingdoms ad.
choerryplavšić Dag sedan
Mr SEpostr looks like Marcus Mariota so much and that really bothers me
Broose Dag sedan
I am just bumping this video because it was nice. also bould
Lumpy Dag sedan
The second channel was called ianh
babywussycat Dag sedan
damn you really look like this youtuber pinely
Carl Jackson
Carl Jackson Dag sedan
Bold of you to watch these now, I watched them when they were new.
Once Upon A Time
Once Upon A Time Dag sedan
I got an afk arena ad while watching this video wtf
Train #4
Train #4 Dag sedan
Noah Bullock
Noah Bullock Dag sedan
Todd in the shadows is goat by the way
Noah Bullock
Noah Bullock Dag sedan
Next do uncanny valley, pop quiz hotshot, and demo reels
Invoker Dag sedan
liizzset Dag sedan
Landy West Side
Landy West Side Dag sedan
Bruh I just started watching Todd in the shadows last year and this man's in a 2011 youtuber movie? Yeesh
Jeremy Turnbow
Jeremy Turnbow Dag sedan
I prefer the Cinema Snob.
ReCharmedAgian Dag sedan
Come on, get me Rome.. it has so much good stuff. Aawh how did i get Siberia .. is gonna kill me.
batturtle 2
batturtle 2 Dag sedan
I only like kickassia that's the only one
All Smiles
All Smiles Dag sedan
I just noticed that song he so g for the kobe video was one of the endings for the anime 'slam dunk' an anime about basketball. Kinda cool tbh
Kyojin_9 Dag sedan
These ads worked I downloaded the game and I actually liked it
no yes
no yes Dag sedan
Ngl I’m glad I scrolled to the bottom off KneeCaps channel
Aerion Reyne
Aerion Reyne Dag sedan
*I unironically liked these movies (and a number of the associated shows) in my early high school years, which probably explains my shit sense of humor and constant joke references. Also the soul-consuming alcoholism.*
headfuji Dag sedan
Honestly I feel bad for bark man o have been a long time sub to him and its ad he went to China FR man I really nope he comes back man his fam is in the US
Tream Dag sedan
Dream clones should get their own identity
The XGamer
The XGamer Dag sedan
GUYS PINELY freakin copied the like that's just a theory A *Pinely* Theory Nah it's called THATS JUST A THEORY A GAME THEORY mm hm remember that line ayy I'm not show hate
Justin Janicki
Justin Janicki Dag sedan
Kickassia was fun at the time
khyronbradford Dag sedan
Barrels Dag sedan
These remind me of the ironically bad movies Troy and Abed made together on the show community
SpookiestBeer Dag sedan
Whats the name of that Song in the Outro? Its dope!
Fafarrique 2 dagar sedan
Girls: Zack is so attractive! Zack: *appears* Girls: *start looking at him like they want to kill him*
some bird
some bird 2 dagar sedan
He used to be a legend, but now he is just a shell of a man.
Katie Baily
Katie Baily 2 dagar sedan
If you want to see a bad internet reviewer story that drags on way too long look up Moviebob Chipmans “Adventures of the Game Overthinker.” Moviebob started out doing little video game and movie blogs talking about whatever was on his mind. Sometime after his “Heavens to Metroid” video where he defended Other M, he started making a skit based ongoing story. Unlike Doug Walkers movies Bob is the only character (aside from his brother as an extra for scenes) and he just dons different attires and the whole thing plays out like his own self insert fan fiction (think of CWCville but no ones having sex). Fans criticized the skits. No one liked them but Bob said “fuck you I do what I want.” It is painful to watch.
Ghazal Khalil
Ghazal Khalil 2 dagar sedan
I’m 14;-;
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith 2 dagar sedan
This video is bizarre. It's like you missed why it's actually bad and cringey and made your own cringey half hour video taking something terrible way to seriously.
Tri Hieu Nguyen
Tri Hieu Nguyen 2 dagar sedan
*while I'm pressing the video about rise of kingdom, rise of kingdom ad:
DankDude 2 dagar sedan
Man, this guy was my childhood. This makes me kinda sad 😢