A Tribute To Old Smosh

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Pinely original soundtrack!! :
My Twitter: Pinelyy
My Instagram: PinelyBox
This is going to be a very nice, nostalgia filled video. I'll talk about Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, old smosh and new smosh. It's going to be really cool trust me.
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Silasisaspicyboi År sedan
You should do a face revealing video!
vizpy År sedan
@Chicken Noodle Gamer at least my name is chicken noodle gaming
[Random] År sedan
im crying now...
Jason Miera
Jason Miera År sedan
Ríain Burke
Ríain Burke År sedan
We have mr youtuber so we need pinleys
JessieJamesPlays År sedan
Remember Boxman? He's Pinely now
Lumpy Dag sedan
The second channel was called ianh
cooldoods974 18 dagar sedan
Claudia 23 dagar sedan
Gosh I miss old smosh. I could watch that stuff for hours, always made me laugh and smile as a teenager. I honestly don't even know what they are doing now or what even happened to the channel. Lunchtime with Smosh and Mailtime with Smosh were my favourites.
Daniel A.
Daniel A. 26 dagar sedan
Damn, pivot animator. Now that's a real throwback.
ZARGO 27 dagar sedan
The good old days!
MitchTheYoshi Månad sedan
These were actually good
PLANET-Z Månad sedan
Obviously, a long time from now on smosh 20 year anniversary Anthony should return and they should remake some old stuff
q q
q q Månad sedan
I remember watching their food wars videos holy shit
CookieCat 101
CookieCat 101 Månad sedan
I have a question for the old smosh viewers What food did you guys choose in the past food battle challenge?
Uffe Heimdal
Uffe Heimdal Månad sedan
10:30 i just got the joke.. damn i was a stupid kid
Modernkiwi 64
Modernkiwi 64 Månad sedan
Can we take a moment to remember the “Shut Up!” sound?
Calvin 124
Calvin 124 Månad sedan
Shut up!
Hunter Ansorge
Hunter Ansorge 2 månader sedan
Just thought of this song two day ago
Vron 2 månader sedan
I love ians mom
D's vidz
D's vidz 2 månader sedan
Why does Mr. SEpostr sound like Pinely?
Penciltip Workshop
Penciltip Workshop 2 månader sedan
while i don't watch their videos as much, i am grateful for those videos from my middle school and high school years
Swagyeet 11playz
Swagyeet 11playz 3 månader sedan
The Channel is like a wasteland now.... the channel is basically a saharian desert now.. :/
Christian Manevski
Christian Manevski 3 månader sedan
I miss old smosh and smosh games from 2015 onwards to be fair even tho I watched before.... with people from Ian,Anthony, joven, Lcorn, sohonki, Mari, Wes, fits, Noah, Courtney, Keith, shayne , Damien and Olivia
sisi 3 månader sedan
Omg that legend of Zelda/link song actually slapped so hard thanks for unlocking an old memory I’m pretty sure the first I saw of them was milky milkshake and fire truck and I was obsessed
Tweek Tweak
Tweek Tweak 4 månader sedan
The zelda video got me to watch smosh (probably cause I was looking for zelda videos and stumbled across them) then I watched them daily,from food battles to the songs to both the game bang and ian isnt bored videos. They were my childhood
Trenton Fowler
Trenton Fowler 4 månader sedan
I played water polo once... but it was a real bitch getting those dead horses out of the hotel swimming pool
ajzeg01 4 månader sedan
Smosh was never good. We were just too young to know better.
XcaptainXobliviousX 4 månader sedan
man. fuck. i saw assassins creed 3 and segway polo and went "pshh, that's late smosh smh" and then "2011" flashed on screen and i realized that im literally dying of old age as we speak.
moh 5 månader sedan
Unfortunately is the old smosh was still around today the internet wouldn’t take it lightly beacause 60& of the internet if full of BTS Stan snowflakes. And people like us are just normal.
Ashley El
Ashley El 5 månader sedan
Old is gold 😭😘❤️👍👍👍🤧🤧🤧🤧💔💔💔. Plz bring back the old smosh
Brandon Acevedo
Brandon Acevedo 6 månader sedan
I can’t stand Anthony’s new content
allegedlymothman 7 månader sedan
i like the new smosh pit, i think the new folks have some decent improv skills and i enjoy some of the content there. i don’t think i’ve watched any of their stuff since they did those mad libs skits back in like 2014 (i think, i don’t remember) not because i didn’t like them, i just hit my edgy phase in early high school after that and i guess aged out
Geoff 7 månader sedan
Omg I forgot food battle!!!
blackham7 7 månader sedan
Eurgh I miss coming back home every Friday from school and watching a new smosh video and the shut up cartoon channel channel they had for a while.
ִ 9 månader sedan
my childhood
I am a Broken man
I am a Broken man 9 månader sedan
If you didn’t watch the original smosh you didn’t get the official SEpost experience
James Davenport
James Davenport 9 månader sedan
Sad really back then it was really funny. Now it’s kind of like a crap Disney channel tv show with crap acting done with sugar crazed hyperactive teenage actors. It’s just sad.
davidv2002 10 månader sedan
I miss the old smosh house
Ami_Ags 10 månader sedan
Boxman videos were truly art
MagestikFork 10 månader sedan
after 2017 they jus started going downhill
Dnisify 10 månader sedan
rip smosh
piko 10 månader sedan
the new smosh is a very different thing than the original one but their content is still really enjoyable
Blaze Flareon
Blaze Flareon 10 månader sedan
I do to with them
Risner France Garces
Risner France Garces 10 månader sedan
It was too late when I started to watch their videos like anthony is almost leaving but I still feel nostalgic about their early 2010s videos
PengInnitt 10 månader sedan
lol i forgot that food fight existed they were gud
Веселин Иванов
Веселин Иванов 11 månader sedan
I miss too and I love old smosh
Michael Laws
Michael Laws 11 månader sedan
Thank you
Royed King
Royed King År sedan
It was great growing up with Smosh during there golden Age, too bad seeing them now. I stopped watching around the time when Wes joined fully for Smosh Games or the first Smosh Winter Games back in 2016. Either way I stopped watching fully when a bunch of new people joined and the videos became so generic
Urbane År sedan
Old Smosh was the best.
StardustMan År sedan
Smosh were firetrucking cool back in the day.
Yash År sedan
W for the DOOM songs in the background
lcev År sedan
How did you get Anthony Fantano to be in this video
Sheikh U
Sheikh U År sedan
Anton Stålnacke
Anton Stålnacke År sedan
Bro! Where da frick is meat in your mouth? How could you disrespect?
MrLoading År sedan
Thank God someone made this I really do miss the old Smosh
lil bootzes
lil bootzes År sedan
Any1 else remember the song “FIRETRUCK”
not Stephen
not Stephen År sedan
not Stephen
not Stephen År sedan
No the best song is "sex turban"
[Random] År sedan
Im crying...
Rachael År sedan
I remember being super into watching SEpost and loving Smosh and then stepped away from the SEpost world for awhile and coming back and subscribing to stuff and going to the Smosh channel and being like WHO THE HELL ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE WHAT IS THIS CRAP WHERE IS BOX MAN AND TELEPORTING FAT GUY WTF
Smart Stuf
Smart Stuf År sedan
Damn didn't they end Food Battle with a cliff hanger? I haven't been able to sleep in peace for awhile afte seeing that they didn't follow up.
Ryan Pang
Ryan Pang År sedan
Smosh is literally one of the pillars for the foundation of YT. Once they died, YT died with it.
Trash vids V01
Trash vids V01 År sedan
Personaly my top 3 Smosh songs are 1.Parents Suck 2.Milky Milkshake 3.Dixon Cider
Clay Soggyfries
Clay Soggyfries År sedan
2012 was a really good time for SEpost
master hacker1001
master hacker1001 År sedan
Does mr SEpostr have a SEpost channel
MA4K År sedan
aw. .. so mr youtuber is you i still havent got tht
MA4K År sedan
nice theme
Sunny MANGO År sedan
2005-2008 Great Smosh 2009-2013 The Best Smosh 2014-2016 Ok Smosh 2017-now Meh Smosh
Ramsey År sedan
I don't mind them not making the same content as I'm now too old. The sad part to me is seeing Ian and Anthony both going their separate ways. It was obviously going to happen at some point, but rewatching their older videos and seeing them living in the same house, making content they both love just makes me sad. I could feel their friendship through my monitor. When Anthony got rid of his emo haircut, my heart broke yet felt I happy knowing that it meant that he had matured. I really respect both of them for providing awesome shit during my childhood. Thank you Ian and Anthony for the content you gave us.
Corbin Fraley
Corbin Fraley År sedan
Smosh's videos are what got me through elementary school, I love them.
Solidude År sedan
11:08 I thought for sure you were going to say "If you disagree with my opinion. Then go FiretrUCK yourself!
Truekingr6 År sedan
lunchtime with smosh. oh my god I miss that
Jerome År sedan
Ian's Mom was such an underrated character
Agent S
Agent S År sedan
You should do a box reveal video
John White
John White År sedan
Look at real life talk
Pah Sodium
Pah Sodium År sedan
Guess it's time for me to go back and binge old smosh since the decade is almost over
shawn moonsammy
shawn moonsammy År sedan
rip old Smosh
Jeshua Higgins
Jeshua Higgins År sedan
Man I really want old smosh back
Mayon År sedan
100k? I got 19.
Yung Thomas nixa r air force one
Yung Thomas nixa r air force one År sedan
I deadass cried when they ended food battle
JessieJamesPlays År sedan
Remember Boxman? *_he's Pinely now_*
Cinnamon Toothpaste
Cinnamon Toothpaste 2 månader sedan
oh shit, *Boxman 3.3*
JessieJamesPlays År sedan
Ah yes, *_enslaved smosh nostalgia_*
Tea Steel
Tea Steel År sedan
bruh i miss the old smosh... now they are not even slightly funny!!
Baby nut
Baby nut År sedan
I hate the new smosh I don’t watch them now because it’s ass now
StinkyBoi År sedan
Fuuuuck i miss old smosh
Darwase År sedan
Where's MEAT IN YOUR MOUTH!!!!😭😭😭😭
brub ok
brub ok År sedan
squid s
squid s År sedan
I think old smosh is really great but the squad are nice and funny people too
Ylac Provido
Ylac Provido År sedan
Legend of New smosh? *SCREW THAT!* Legend of Smosh!
Elroy Lee
Elroy Lee År sedan
7 words, 4 numbers, 4 punctuations, teleporting fat guy season 2.
G År sedan
"Anthony! You just won food battle 2019! What are you gonna do now?!"
G År sedan
G År sedan
"Oh boy! McDonalds can I come?!?!?"
G År sedan
"I'm gonna go to McDonalds!!!"
No Pls
No Pls År sedan
Croftco 41
Croftco 41 År sedan
7:26 is still the funniest joke on the website
Tragic År sedan
Same here, i mis old smush
Hola Burger
Hola Burger År sedan
Old Smosh kinda reminds me of Regular Show.
Gideon År sedan
I fucking jumped when you hit me with that MF DOOM
Hola Burger
Hola Burger År sedan
The moment Smosh died was when all these diversity hires joined the crew.
Viridi År sedan
what even is comedy anymore
Kevin Parnell
Kevin Parnell År sedan
Your top 4 smosh songs were absolutely spot on, I personally don't remember the fifth song.
Lloyd David
Lloyd David År sedan
How many fools can I kill today? Too many to count, don't get in my way. I'll shoot a MOFO in the throat with my bow. Tomahawk chop is my death blow. Tomahawk, tomahawk! T-t-t-t-tomahawk, tomahawk!
knerf999 År sedan
Does mryoutuber have a channel too? Socials maybe?
Mikoy Fernandez
Mikoy Fernandez År sedan
When I think of old Smosh, it's always the teleporting fat guy song that gets stuck in my head.
Ajubbz År sedan
I didn’t even realized until this video that food battle was the donut and a pointed food for a reason.
GingerKing243 År sedan
The real show is at Smosh Pit now. Smosh itself is just mediocre sketch comedy nowadays. It's gotten better over the past year, but isn't near to where it was in 2013 and earlier. That merger they had ruined them because it was a toxic company that found a working money formula in "Every ___ Ever", and stuck to that and that only. They really restricted Smosh from doing what they wanted and it was a major reason for Anthony's exit. Now that they've broken away from that company and signed with GMM (Rhett & Link) they've been to do whatever they, and it really shows with their riot of a time "Try Not to Laugh" videos that have acceled over the past year.
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