AFK Arena's Aggressively Annoying Ads

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This video is allll about AFK Arena, and their terrible ads, for the past month or so I haven't been able to escape them, also Markiplier.

starfruit 4 månader sedan
I got an afk arena ad at the beginning of this video and every other fucking mid roll ad was an afk arena ad and ever since I watched this all of the ads I get are afk arena
Suhail Bro ya
Suhail Bro ya 6 dagar sedan
@Vøided same
Firedread 12 dagar sedan
@Henri Core2 A condom brand. They have ads. There's nothing special about it
TypicalSwordMan 15 dagar sedan
Use adblock
MadGrubble 19 dagar sedan
I got a afk arena ad at the beginning to 😵
LeoLegit 26 dagar sedan
@Pinely i startede getting the ads right after I downloaded it :((
Jakob Ottsman
Jakob Ottsman Dag sedan
I'ma sound like a simp but I do like the swinging hips.
Alex Frank
Alex Frank Dag sedan
It’s honestly a great game I’d recommend giving it a try!
Once Upon A Time
Once Upon A Time Dag sedan
I got an afk arena ad while watching this video wtf
Kyojin_9 Dag sedan
These ads worked I downloaded the game and I actually liked it
Moge GH
Moge GH 2 dagar sedan
I actually tried to skip the ads he showed
Duke Devlan
Duke Devlan 4 dagar sedan
Is it bad when you showed the afk arena ads i tried to press the skip button
ASSASIN UNFAiR 5 dagar sedan
My afk arena ad shows me Faze Rug just sitting there with a thumbs up
S Avril
S Avril 5 dagar sedan
I saw an afk arena ad the the beginning of the video
Kassandra Aceves
Kassandra Aceves 6 dagar sedan
AFK arena isn't even a bad game, but these cancerous ads ruin the game's reputation...
Yubi Yubi
Yubi Yubi 8 dagar sedan
Cool, I can download an additional game that I don't wanna play
Mario Velasquez
Mario Velasquez 8 dagar sedan
Bruh my first ad was an afk area ad 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Just some chair without a mustache
Just some chair without a mustache 8 dagar sedan
well mark is planning well not planning but doing a heist with markiplier 2 the so he will need money to increase the quality and pay all the people that such a project requires
Just some chair without a mustache
Just some chair without a mustache 8 dagar sedan
alus nova
alus nova 8 dagar sedan
Someone never got friended back by markiplier and is bitter about it so decided to bash a game app that his crush is on..... that’s it isn’t it?
PopularGD_124 9 dagar sedan
He kinda sounds like markiplier himself
WolfTube 9 dagar sedan
All my ads during the vid were afk arena ads
Ehnzo Reyes
Ehnzo Reyes 9 dagar sedan
Why is this on my recommended
Range Records
Range Records 10 dagar sedan
People with ad blocker be like: nO
Angry Boi
Angry Boi 11 dagar sedan
I just brought persona 5. Please leave me alone AFK Arena I dont care about its crossover
朔s a k u
朔s a k u 11 dagar sedan
Only ads i've been getting is for princess re:dive.
TheGodQuac 11 dagar sedan
I played AFK for a year and it wasn't bad imo but the community is ass
Tyler Ho
Tyler Ho 11 dagar sedan
4:24 makes me want to be in that coffin
Ray Woodard
Ray Woodard 12 dagar sedan
Fun fact: when you clicked on the video a ad for afk arena played
Inky Splaters
Inky Splaters 12 dagar sedan
6:21 Same. Ira's Hail of Arrows SUCK!
DeathDrager 12 dagar sedan
I hate every afk arena ad. Lilith games are so stupid. They literally repelled me from playing this game (that i actually like) cause of their cringy ass ads for a whole year.. I missed on acquiring the perma rare godmode team of Ezio and ainz ooal gown cause of these ads. Fuck them.
DarkArmyGeneral 12 dagar sedan
The ads I’ve been getting lately is mostly candy crush saga. I haven’t gotten a AFK one recently lol
Johnny Joestar
Johnny Joestar 12 dagar sedan
*cocks gun* Before I shoot myself Here’s a word from our sponsor Afk arena *gunshot*
AmbientSpaceNoise 12 dagar sedan
Anyone seen the one where its just the three animated girls just shaking their ass and tits? It just feels horrible and wrong, and I'm not one of those easily offended feminist girls. Good lord...
Godlyvex5 12 dagar sedan
yes and they unnecessarily edited the music and made it slightly worse
Tristan Norris Recker
Tristan Norris Recker 12 dagar sedan
I was watching the video and then BOOM RAID SHADOW LEGENDS! Fuck man
_YoshiVolts_ 115
_YoshiVolts_ 115 12 dagar sedan
Wait till he sees the zero two ad, he's gonna flip out
Chi 12 dagar sedan
Imagine this is an ad
Aceiinaut 13 dagar sedan
I downloaded it for a joke and now I've been playing it for like 125days or smt
ace killion
ace killion 13 dagar sedan
The earliest ads were aids 🤣
Firebirdlego 13 dagar sedan
*And then the Cup Song Ad*
Blaze The not so great
Blaze The not so great 13 dagar sedan
I saw an AFK Arena ad where some of the the female characters were doing the Zero Two dance thing. End me
Nathaniel Thomson
Nathaniel Thomson 13 dagar sedan
It's gotten worse, afk arena is just ripping off king's thrones shitty ads.
Nathaniel Thomson
Nathaniel Thomson 13 dagar sedan
@Babs So they're so lazy that they're ripping off ads from game that's ripping off something else? XD you can't make this shit up.
Babs 13 dagar sedan
Its like they think the Zero Two dance is the sexiest thing in existence
Dream the Noob Version
Dream the Noob Version 13 dagar sedan
Who else is here because of that Faze Rug video?
Artificial Macaroni
Artificial Macaroni 13 dagar sedan
I have this game and I like, but I haven’t seen any of these horrendous ads thank god.
Lemon • 30 years ago
Lemon • 30 years ago 14 dagar sedan
I tried it before, its not the worst but also not the best. Basically all you do is watch people fight, upgrade, do quests, etc. I wouldn't recommend it, but if you want to waste your time, then that game is probably for you, idk lol
The Galactic Princess
The Galactic Princess 12 dagar sedan
I wasted my time and love it lol
Some Dude
Some Dude 14 dagar sedan
I don't know which I hate more, these ads, or the repetitive formulaic WikiBuy ads that all play out the EXACT SAME way with the EXACT SAME voice work They had to make multiple of the same thing just to make sure it shows up way more often than it has any right to and drill the same annoying voice into my skull
Some Dude
Some Dude 14 dagar sedan
I came here bc it keeps giving me the ad where the 3 anime girls are doing the annoying Tik Tok dance and it's just overwhelming cringe Please dear God don't let that ad come back again
Kathy Strong
Kathy Strong 14 dagar sedan
Markiplier says annoying AFK arena ads then ends up to in the game
Al Gireaux
Al Gireaux 14 dagar sedan
A.F.K arena is owned by the country that infamous for lying, cheating and stealing China! I hope they get nuked.
Autismo173 14 dagar sedan
The ads are annoying but the game is ADICTIVE
L'étranger 14 dagar sedan
Yeah it's annoying. But the anime tits on the ads really calm me down.
badruLAmin 14 dagar sedan
Cory kenshin just did that
bruhbruhbruh 14 dagar sedan
Markli Moreau
Markli Moreau 14 dagar sedan
True I watched the video I can’t believe he made a whole short film
Nathan 14 dagar sedan
I literally got an AFK Arena ad before this video
Ryan Holliday
Ryan Holliday 14 dagar sedan
It’s always bad when ads become self aware
Rolkasa 14 dagar sedan
Afk is like those invasive animal species
Ryan Holliday
Ryan Holliday 14 dagar sedan
I never got afk arena ad but I got something worse way worse: my favorite SEpostrs making actual videos devoted to afk arena
Jacob Gaming
Jacob Gaming 14 dagar sedan
Coryxkenshin just uploaded a video with no content whatsoever just an ad.
justinjah91 14 dagar sedan
I got two back-to-back ads about this shity game in the middle of your video
super sonic7
super sonic7 14 dagar sedan
Has no one seen the ad where the girls are dancing? Its the worst one by far
Da worst Yugioh Player
Da worst Yugioh Player 14 dagar sedan
Me, and it happens every freaking video
Exostatic 15 dagar sedan
This game is actually good
Jun Tien Ong
Jun Tien Ong 15 dagar sedan
There is another rival for this..... Fking genshin
Jorji 15 dagar sedan
Too bad the mobile SEpost app can't allow Adblock
Kyreem 15 dagar sedan
These ads basically ensure I never touch this trash. It is just as bad as Raid Shadow Legends. The current ad I keep getting is just anime boobs shaking left and right for a wallpaper. Like seriously...
NoNa 15 dagar sedan
Video had ads and all of them were afk arena
no one
no one 15 dagar sedan
It's not a bad game, I don't fucking like it, but it's passable.
hol up
hol up 15 dagar sedan
Afk arena recently turned into one of the worst ads i would get: fan service
Floppa VEVO
Floppa VEVO 15 dagar sedan
i keep getting the ad where it shows three of the characters dancing in sexual ways and im suffering
theweakbeast 15 dagar sedan
@TotallyToast same I have no idea why a company would get their ads made by whoever is making all these mobile game ads
TotallyToast 15 dagar sedan
I just viewed it like 2 mins ago, now I'm here, God dammit afk arena I had high hopes for you but NOPE
Primalchomp 16 dagar sedan
Man the latest AFK ad is on a whole another level of cringe.
Stan 13 dagar sedan
zHur hud kil me
Heavy 16 dagar sedan
Being AFK in a game isn't fucking interresting,You don't do shit or any effort to get your loot or whatever
dychostarr 17 dagar sedan
Lmfao, I was hit with a Raid Shadow Legends AD moments B4 you made the joke. That's fucking hilarious xD
Archy 18 dagar sedan
But it is actually a good game
Archy 17 dagar sedan
@yaboi mondays nope
yaboi mondays
yaboi mondays 17 dagar sedan
Biggest cap ever
ProjectBRS 18 dagar sedan
Literally saw an afk arena ad where the shill said "if you want to stop the ads, just download the game" They fucking admit that their ads are annoying lol
DeDeDonk 18 dagar sedan
Zero two crossover!?!?!
Beyblade 77
Beyblade 77 19 dagar sedan
am i the only one getting the ads where 3 women shake their b0b$ infront of the camera for 10 seconds and its unskippable with an annoying "bada bum, bum, bum, bum, bada bum, bum, bum, bum" tune to the rythym of them shaking their b0b$? Also, isn't this a children's game?!?!??!!
Primalchomp 16 dagar sedan
I know right.
Rero-Reroin' Your Mom
Rero-Reroin' Your Mom 19 dagar sedan
I came here after finding an ad with three women swaying and shaking their tits
mcbeeferson big big
mcbeeferson big big 19 dagar sedan
Bruh i got a afk arena add
nessuno 19 dagar sedan
Video: talk about how adds are awfull This guy Logic: proceed to put adds in the video.... Un genio cazzo
Beyblade 77
Beyblade 77 19 dagar sedan
He isn't the one to put ads -_- ik there's a way to prevent them but even i don't know where it is and i go to the youtube editor a lot to find non-copyright songs
MadGrubble 19 dagar sedan
I had never heard of afk arena before today...I got an ad for it at the beginning of this video...I’ve gotten like 6 more afk arena ads after I watched this video 😭 @Pinely what dark magic is this? 😭
Bleh 19 dagar sedan
Everybody was meming on raid but at least they put in effort and made somewhat decent quality ads, unlike afk
Robbie Crowe
Robbie Crowe 20 dagar sedan
It genuinely sucks, because I actually downloaded the game and have been playing for quite some time and have a lot of fun with it, but man, whoever runs the ad department for almost any of these games just needs fired
25kEli and Abbie
25kEli and Abbie 20 dagar sedan
I gave afk arena a chance
Interesting Channel Name
Interesting Channel Name 20 dagar sedan
So...... Nobody's gonna talk about the only ads I've seen (never seen those other ones) about the ads that are literally just like porn
G______Balll 20 dagar sedan
I got a ad of this stuipd game doing that re zero meme
Taylor Pennington
Taylor Pennington 20 dagar sedan
I got an ad for this in the video
Steven Brousseau
Steven Brousseau 21 dag sedan
Why does everyone in these AFK commercials talk like they have brain damage and have an extra chromosome
Camden Henderson
Camden Henderson 21 dag sedan
I literally got an add for AFK Arena where three under dressed girls with oversized breasts were dancing to the beat of the Zero Two Dance. How is this even allowed on SEpost?
Sebastian Gonzalez
Sebastian Gonzalez 21 dag sedan
I got an afk arena add while watching lol
Wanted Wario
Wanted Wario 21 dag sedan
The ads have gotten worse
Some Random Jackal
Some Random Jackal 22 dagar sedan
Just got one that just had the characters doing the "hip sway" dance with their girl , why?
Saturninus 12 dagar sedan
Looks like they gave up on trying to appeal to people
OmegaForte 21 dag sedan
This. I don't understand how Atlus let P5 onto this cringy game. Are they really hungry for money?
DIB08 22 dagar sedan
AFK Arena's ads just puts a horrible impression of humanity
Mister Yokel
Mister Yokel 22 dagar sedan
I just got an ad for afk arena
Maggie Helling
Maggie Helling 23 dagar sedan
I feel like I get an afk arena ad on almost every video I watch- in fact, I got one on this video!
DuKo-GPoM 24 dagar sedan
Idk, I always see this stupid mobile legends bang bang
The Grey Knight
The Grey Knight 24 dagar sedan
Annnnnd I got an ad for it straight away, the same as when I clicked on a raid shadow legends honest review. These ads love just getting that little extra publisism
Noisy Raptors
Noisy Raptors 24 dagar sedan
Andddddd guess what ad i saw before watching this video
Shadow Spectre
Shadow Spectre 24 dagar sedan
I am watching this video and got also an afk arena ad noice
ViperEye1 24 dagar sedan
As soon as I clicked on me a video I got an AFK arena ad. Coincidence, I THINK NOT
Buddy the Lab
Buddy the Lab 24 dagar sedan
Almost skipped some of the video thinking an ad just started
Mr. Pugglesworth
Mr. Pugglesworth 25 dagar sedan
AFK Arena is actually an amazing game! You can even get awesome rewards to level up your heroes while you're away!!!! It's also free to play, but the pay to win strategy isn't even that bad! It's only $99.99 to get the newest hero!!!! Such a good game!!!!!
JohnnyO 25 dagar sedan
"Advertising them for free" - literally saw AFK ad with you, bro :)
Kiir Gen
Kiir Gen 26 dagar sedan
I got an AFK arena ad while watching this and I'm very angry with you pinely
Daniel Kirpichnikov
Daniel Kirpichnikov 26 dagar sedan
I love afk arena Ads. Because all these fake game play ads teach me not to trust them. And when i suddenly found other mobile game ad in youtube with actual game play, i just downloaded it.
Bamethyst 38
Bamethyst 38 26 dagar sedan
What I find disgusting about these ads is they resort to boobie streamers and a fat Eminem wannabe to push these on us, while at the same time constantly hand out codes for draws, to cover up the fact they are simply a gacha game that are designed to feed off your dopamine hits and inevitably your wallet. This is why I use AdBlockPlus on Opera. This is also why I play Path of Exile, where it is actually free to play and the only money you can optionally put down are for cosmetics, supporter packs (large cosmetic packs), and stash spaces/special tabs being the only "mandatory" thing.
Lyrical Therapy
Lyrical Therapy 26 dagar sedan
At least there ads aren’t as annoying as RAID SHADOW LEGENDS
MrScorpion360x 26 dagar sedan
I got SEpost ads out of this video. Smh
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