Bart Baker's Sister's INSANE Chinese TikToks

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In this video I shall be talking about Bart Baker's sister - Zina!
we'll be talking about her chinese tik toks (douyins), and some more exciting things

Ryan Teo
Ryan Teo 5 månader sedan
Hi Pinely! Big fan of your content. Okay so regarding the first song, the lyrics are very much about the pride we have in the chinese language. The part which she sings makes no sense lyrically other than to show off how 4 intonations create so many variations from a single word. Fun fact, its more of chinese pride kind of song. I have more insight into the other 抖音s if you're interested! (:
Captain Morgen
Captain Morgen 9 dagar sedan
@bijikedelai 100% add the ccp and the learned value of propaganda they got from watching the US
Bisexuall bitch
Bisexuall bitch Månad sedan
thanks for explaining!
Introvertsan Månad sedan
The song sounds beautiful does the Lady have other songs she did?
Dylan 3 månader sedan
I thought that was Book of War from MF Doom
- 3 månader sedan
AJ 14 dagar sedan
So they're just hiring anyone over there huh? Must be nice to be a blonde hair blue eyed caucasian.
Elizabeth Pilson
Elizabeth Pilson 21 dag sedan
Oh so he’s a mouth for the CCP and she...
I Died For This? Productions
I Died For This? Productions 24 dagar sedan
They always look like they are captive refugee's forced to create content for China. It's like a coup that if the Chinese government can control all media in any form that they can destroy western values because if you control the narrative that can bring absolute power.
Cereal Killer
Cereal Killer 26 dagar sedan
I like you man but could you stop milking him already.
A K 28 dagar sedan
My mum said I am not allowed to watch your videos anymore because I told her 'I love Pinely' & I think she is a bit jealous even though it is not in a gay way which is OK. I went behind her back & watched you anyway. I don't care what she says, I'm 55 & I think I can start making my own decisions. Sorry mum
AbeLL 16 dagar sedan
MemeBean975 28 dagar sedan
only the ogs remeber alyankovic
Steam 69
Steam 69 29 dagar sedan
Xue hua piao piao
Steam 69
Steam 69 29 dagar sedan
Bei Feng xiao xiao
Jellyfish 29 dagar sedan
My man really sampled Books Of War in the beginning
JAYASTASH Månad sedan
...not a violin 😂
松茸vs松露 Månad sedan
COVID is not the first pandemic that China brought to the world, TikTok is.
yamii Månad sedan
0:15 aren’t that “កូនកម្សត់” a classic khmer 60s’ music as the music background?
Mike Hudson
Mike Hudson Månad sedan
that intro is sick lmfao
vinylpony Månad sedan
Whats the song in the beginning
vinylpony Månad sedan
Whats the song in the beginning
Duncan Wade
Duncan Wade Månad sedan
I looked in Zina a bit. There's not much information about her, but what we do know is quite vague. She and her parents live in China, (I don't know how long they've lived there) and she had a bunch of roles in American and Chinese films throughout her career. There isn't much info on how she started singing on tiktok, but she probably got approached to do it in her free time alongside working as an actress in China.
charl Månad sedan
Here’s a comment you’ll probably find annoying: when you show that test signal briefly after your intro, the pitch of the sound is one octave too low. Change the pitch from 500 to 1000 Hz and it will sound right. Sorry about the weird nerdiness
刘杰 Månad sedan
I kinda feel sad for you guys that have no idea how developed China is today .Bart is smart to take the chance. China is the future.
Comrede Eškerovsky
Comrede Eškerovsky Månad sedan
As Czech i'am sorry for this person existing. This woman probably lived when Czechoslovakia was ruled by communist regime and that's even sad that she is now a dog to chinese
Dylan Månad sedan
It's not a violin, it's an erhu.
Pinely Månad sedan
Well to be fair I know absolutely nothing about this kinda stuff
Please set me on fire
Please set me on fire Månad sedan
Tell me why I was expecting this to be a video about Bart Baker making fun of Chinese people on TikTok
Please set me on fire
Please set me on fire Månad sedan
The fact that they can get paid so much to poorly sing in another country is insane
Please set me on fire
Please set me on fire Månad sedan
@Full-time POG I have no idea, I just know it’s a shitload of money
Full-time POG
Full-time POG Månad sedan
@Please set me on fire how much do they get paid for that?
Please set me on fire
Please set me on fire Månad sedan
@Full-time POG They’re rich lol
Full-time POG
Full-time POG Månad sedan
Do they get paid alot?
UndeadZERO Månad sedan
China literally gave us Covid lol by watching tiktok bullshit
Prussian Potato
Prussian Potato 2 månader sedan
The people who accused Bart of chinese propaganda aren't entirely wrong. The CCP and large companies there hire westerners to make China look great, sing songs and make videos glorifying it, etc etc. Sure, it's not the hardcore propaganda people typically think of, but it still is propaganda.
Lee0990 2 månader sedan
Wait until he says something wrong and the cops in china arrest him. This is why you don't want to live in china, you have no freedom of speech and no human rights. Their government lies to the people and if anyone who dares to stand up against them, they will go martial law and pull out tanks and run people over. This is why many chinese people fled to america in search of freedom, bart on the other hand decides to walk into the fire and stay there.
Brent goff
Brent goff 2 månader sedan
Man's gotta eat.
Rob Florusse
Rob Florusse 2 månader sedan
300? I will undo that!
nitaoktaviana31 2 månader sedan
Pinely more like pine tree, im sorry it was not funny
Konan Amegakure
Konan Amegakure 2 månader sedan
Lmao..oh no people being vile online upset you? Get ready for real world buddy.
Konan Amegakure
Konan Amegakure 2 månader sedan
Is China an instrument?
East Killer
East Killer 2 månader sedan
I still sub to the logic of if you post something online get ready for NICE and MEAN things to be said, or in other words use your brain and grow up.
Jake Jolette
Jake Jolette 2 månader sedan
I usually don't care about the subject matter like this, but I'm hooked to the boxer life. ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯
xAEMALx 2 månader sedan
Bart is like Oli London but the Chineese version
Yohachi015 2 månader sedan
Ohhh no it runs in the family
DogeCoin Moon Trips
DogeCoin Moon Trips 2 månader sedan
It's amazingly funny how all of these people and western corporations think they can get money out of China, it's like watching people going into a casino thinking they're gonna walk out rich lol, the CCP doesn't play games people, the house always wins.
Wilson Lo
Wilson Lo 2 månader sedan
The stream wasnt ended. lol You got kicked out! I gave Douyin a shot and trust me, you still wont get half the people there even if you speak mandarin. So yeah...
Reviathan 2 månader sedan
9:47 There he is!
AgentRedWolf 3 månader sedan
Great video
ROBUX BIG 3 månader sedan
I'm not very good in Chinese but all I could translate in 6:05 is eat meat,eat crab,eat... Yeah that's all
lapissed Månad sedan
Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider 3 månader sedan
I need the intro music pls
Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider 3 månader sedan
@Pinely thank you
Pinely 3 månader sedan
Its on my 2nd channel Pinetwo :)
Vlad 3 månader sedan
2:40 that's not a violin, that's an erhu a Chinese instrument
sleepy 3 månader sedan
what was the song in the intro lmao loving that classic chinese lofi mashup
Byron Ghostbat
Byron Ghostbat 3 månader sedan
This is a story of propaganda
Allen Lee
Allen Lee 4 månader sedan
He just sees a string instrument and calls it Violin.....? Its like calling guitar a cello;;;
Yang Lee
Yang Lee 4 månader sedan
Your pronunciation of "抖" is pretty good, but you should pronounce "音" as ing not ian :>
Lara Carofiglio
Lara Carofiglio 4 månader sedan
Bloc Bart baker from commenting your content please mate
Git Gud
Git Gud 4 månader sedan
They all look like they sold themselves to The Devil
Wired_Lain 4 månader sedan
wannabe is a SACRED song! how could she? ;-;
o MoonFace o
o MoonFace o 4 månader sedan
"But I'm a big fan!"
Brain In A Cat
Brain In A Cat 4 månader sedan
the bart baker saga has been amazing. can you show us what his mom and dad are up to next plz?
Tristan Yk
Tristan Yk 4 månader sedan
Wow, what's up with the low views? It should've more, this video was great!
Dave102693 4 månader sedan
Is it even Chinese Tik Tok anymore? Tik Tok is owned by a completely different company now.
gircakes 4 månader sedan
Wait are they actually siblings? That makes the duet they did really awkward.
gircakes 4 månader sedan
Of course they sound cheap. It’s Chinese quality content.
D. Beste
D. Beste 4 månader sedan
Omg James Marriott sjajajajhha
I forgot my name
I forgot my name 4 månader sedan
Why i thought that was Contrapoints in the thumbnail?
HeromanV3 4 månader sedan
I tried to learn a bit of Mandarin once and I didn't know if I said it right, so I stopped. But I wish there were more bridges for entertainment. I realized that I don't know not martial arts China films very well and I found Wuxia literature by chance.
Keonde Quarterman
Keonde Quarterman 4 månader sedan
This uploaded for my birthday! Thank you!
Nick Harkins
Nick Harkins 4 månader sedan
Now that we are on topic of parody song channels anyone remember the key of awesome.
LetsPlay Nay
LetsPlay Nay 2 månader sedan
Yep haha
Some Thing
Some Thing 4 månader sedan
Haven't heard that name in years lol
tubesawk 4 månader sedan
2:40 "as you can see in this clip of her playing the violin" excuse me???
LooQ 23 dagar sedan
Got me good lmao
tubesawk 3 månader sedan
@Pinely it's okay lol
Pinely 4 månader sedan
Im sorry for being stupid 😔
Jia Xi Yan
Jia Xi Yan 4 månader sedan
As a Chinese I found these to extremely cringe and confusing at the same time
No One:
No One: 4 månader sedan
I accidentally read the title as “Bart Baker’s sister is even more Chinese” lmao
since piney dont want to tell u the song here it is
AnotherTerrible ContentCreator
AnotherTerrible ContentCreator 4 månader sedan
This feels like watching a really boring lecture
Vibing Fox
Vibing Fox 4 månader sedan
Pinely just makes understandable master classes
BrooklynFM 4 månader sedan
2:41 not a violin 🎻
Lachlan Jones
Lachlan Jones 4 månader sedan
"Violin" lol
Smallgremlin Gremlin
Smallgremlin Gremlin 4 månader sedan
Omg, if he ended it because of you I would have laughed so hard
Bea 4 månader sedan
"violin" shows an erhu
nejdalej 4 månader sedan
So she's not really Bart Bakers sister? Are their company making them pretend they are or something?
Bart Baker Archive
Bart Baker Archive 4 månader sedan
Hes thinking of returning bart baker is Wonder what me would make nowadays
Keonde Quarterman
Keonde Quarterman 4 månader sedan
He’s needs to come back on SEpost! We miss him and his parodies
Garhartt Leftpol
Garhartt Leftpol 4 månader sedan
KaYo 3 månader sedan
AveryMoron 3 månader sedan
Now i dont Speak mandarin or Khmer, so i could be totally wrong, but it sounds a lot like this womans music: she is not chinese is the thing, so that might not fit with the video theme. Heres an example of one of her songs:
æжœ 3 månader sedan
Zuzzerack 4 månader sedan
Have you found out yet?
Sir Rami
Sir Rami 4 månader sedan
Wow, really pathetic. You really are running out of ideas, your channel will die out within the next couple of years if everything continues as projected. Your constant attack on other people will not go unnoticed.
Invader Jet
Invader Jet Månad sedan
JayBN 4 månader sedan
NOOBERINO 4 månader sedan pinely has a 3 like comment on this vid
我是一个人 4 månader sedan
As a chinese we don’t claim them and I apologize.
我是一个人 4 månader sedan
@HeromanV3 Yeah, not as much propaganda, it’s just popular songs in different languages.
HeromanV3 4 månader sedan
@我是一个人 Good to know. Thank you for sharing.
我是一个人 4 månader sedan
@HeromanV3 Yes, I’ve seen her tiktok before, but it was just a video of her singing in different languages and it wasn’t that bad.
HeromanV3 4 månader sedan
Sam Stanton
Sam Stanton 4 månader sedan
Moving to England?! Awesome 😎 maybe I will see you around
WolkerSam 4 månader sedan
Their are both on the same level of talentlessness and mediocrity.
WolkerSam 4 månader sedan
He is not blond, its called hair dye...
Logan Crawford
Logan Crawford 4 månader sedan
I'm too drunk for that intro
Alice 4 månader sedan
Hi pinely and mr youtuber. Saw on Instagram that you were in Luton. Not sure if that’s where you’re moving or not but I’d it is, how’d you like it? Went to school there and it’s not as bad as everyone thinks I swear 🥺🥺
HavelTheRat 4 månader sedan
your leafy video only has 39k views and comments disabled, interesting that.
微右城主 4 månader sedan
The song that the woman sang in Chinese means some rare Chinese idioms, and foreign languages can’t express the exact meaning.
dpian Månad sedan
@An Asian From Asia its somewhat gone now lol
Michael Aaron Harris
Michael Aaron Harris Månad sedan
@Altered Outrider winnie the pooh human rights personal freedoms tienmen square
Jordy 229
Jordy 229 3 månader sedan
@An Asian From Asia see? These guys are full of crap
Altered Outrider
Altered Outrider 3 månader sedan
@An Asian From Asia It hasn't been fully implemented yet...only in a certain city going under is receiving a lot of they may pull the system. Also... Foreigners don't have to deal with it.
Tobias Pellondou
Tobias Pellondou 3 månader sedan
@An Asian From Asia we foreigners dont deal with that
m m
m m 4 månader sedan
They are using a Chinese guys for a voice over for the girl 😂 that funny 🤣
Amilcar Estuardo Pastor Azañon
Amilcar Estuardo Pastor Azañon 4 månader sedan
Hi Mr Pinely sir what languages do you speak?
Abigail Weiss
Abigail Weiss 2 månader sedan
He grew up in Israel so Hebrew, we know he speaks English, his famous birthdays page says he spent time growing up in Italy so maybe Italian? If not Italian as the third language my guess is Spanish
Jk 5 månader sedan
2:39 that is an Erhu and not a violin!
Dylan Månad sedan
Or he didn't know.
Hello Tiddy Mitty
Hello Tiddy Mitty 5 månader sedan
I think it's a joke
Anne Jankowski
Anne Jankowski 5 månader sedan
Nope. Had no idea who that was lol!
Nicky Yang
Nicky Yang 5 månader sedan
Hi, Pinely. There is another guy called "伏拉夫" who is a Russian on Chinese Tik Tok. He and his management company seems to be the first to get money by flattering China.
Steven Dafox
Steven Dafox 5 månader sedan
You are one of my favorite SEpostrs dude!❤
Sujith Meda
Sujith Meda 5 månader sedan
Man you literally made me feel to subscribe you and hit like a for all of your videos.. :)
orielvy 5 månader sedan
The fact that I already forgot completely about Bart really scares me since I watched your other video two weeks ago
Garhartt Leftpol
Garhartt Leftpol 5 månader sedan
Whats the song in the background? I love it
SylvaCrow 5 månader sedan
So happy for you that you got that love from Bart
Alice 5 månader sedan
Pinely is moving to england??? hope mr youtuber is moving too I’d love to meet you guys 🥺🥺
Annie M
Annie M Månad sedan
@Sirkku Salomaa elite humour doe
Sirkku Salomaa
Sirkku Salomaa 2 månader sedan
He's gonna be "the youtuber who sold himself to England", we're all just waiting for his british humor tiktoks now
Skyes 5 månader sedan
England is now his new city
freihy 5 månader sedan
I understand what's going on.. ish For the scene when bart asks what Zina wants to eat she literally just raps out the entire menu of food, fish dishes, noodles, prawns etc idk man Also don't worry pinely, bart was already ending the stream from what I can tell. He is thanking the viewers for attending and exclaiming how many viewers he got the session. "Walking solo, wooly melon" is probably an idiom in mandrin or some sorta slang.. but honestly though, no clue xD
Leuretti 21 dag sedan
woolley melon are only intonations in old, unused dialect, so they don't have English meaning.
Eb 2 månader sedan
@T W I mean I'm assuming you speak Chinese too since Chinese≠can speak Chinese
T W 5 månader sedan
Actual Chinese person here; yeaaaah I got absolutely nothing from that whole 'woolley melon' thing ://
Vicerion17 5 månader sedan
Tunak Tunak Tun, Tunak Tunak Tun, Tunak Tunak Tun, da da da!
Britta K
Britta K 24 dagar sedan
Ok but it’s a bopppp
Dl. Zimbru Celeritate
Dl. Zimbru Celeritate 4 månader sedan
yes! i was searching for this comment, tunak tunak indeed, my friend!
Nive Is Unicorn Fluff
Nive Is Unicorn Fluff 4 månader sedan
why did you feel the need to get that stuck in my head again
turkey 5 månader sedan
Why do I only suffer
Lkcdar Zadix
Lkcdar Zadix 5 månader sedan
This video is more about Bart than the girl, pretty weak video pinely
Advaith Sunilkumar
Advaith Sunilkumar 5 månader sedan
Dope video
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