Butch Hartman's awful, forgotten streaming service

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In this video I, Pinely, will be talking about the great Butch Hartman! The creator of all of our childhoods (and also fairly odd parents). More specifically, I will be talking about his old streaming service/network/app "The Noog Network". Hope you enjoy!

ColeYote 7 timmar sedan
Everything Butch Hartmann has done post-Nickelodeon has convinced me he had very little to do with what made his shows successful.
SpookiestBeer Dag sedan
Whats the name of that Song in the Outro? Its dope!
Fafarrique 2 dagar sedan
Girls: Zack is so attractive! Zack: *appears* Girls: *start looking at him like they want to kill him*
Linke Socke
Linke Socke 3 dagar sedan
To be fair, the price for the commissions is not because of the art quality, but because it's made by a famous creator. You are mainly paying for the name recognition. But that isn't much different than regular art collecting.
Pinely 3 dagar sedan
Yeah I don't remember what I said in this video but I agree
Harley Hartmann
Harley Hartmann 5 dagar sedan
I think Butch knew calling them “Nooggers” was cutting it a bit close
Nikita Yudin
Nikita Yudin 7 dagar sedan
Oney has WAY better animations and all. And he's just a guy with a hobby, not a millionaire
SilverkittenX9 12 dagar sedan
No offense, but Bug Girl looks like she belongs in a Joe Murray cartoon rather than a Butch Hartman one.
Annabelle Jackson
Annabelle Jackson 17 dagar sedan
Seanny Meggs
Seanny Meggs 18 dagar sedan
Danny phantom was elite
Derpstick 20 dagar sedan
My eyes hurt from looking at noog for a solid minute
nurseryiキッド 20 dagar sedan
it’d be fine if he named them shorts or animations or anything, but cartoons??
jord c
jord c 20 dagar sedan
Brickboy made my childhood
Broke and Caffeinated
Broke and Caffeinated 21 dag sedan
If I’m gonna credit anyone who helped shaped my childhood, it’s Stephen Silver
Just Some Werewolf With Internet Access
Just Some Werewolf With Internet Access 23 dagar sedan
I wonder if Butch ever figured out that his network is literally “goon” spelled backwards. Way to call yourself out, Butch.
Alec Perry
Alec Perry 24 dagar sedan
Animation wise the reason he calls the scene where the red thing pops in bad is because they didn’t even bother frame by frame holds of a blank mout for the voice and just had not mouth hence the skips and slowdown
Robert Morris
Robert Morris 26 dagar sedan
Butch clams he made our child hoods? Lol that's a joke I didn't watch his stuff much besides fairy odd parents here and there. An besides there where WAY better shows on Nick during that time like king fu panda, zoey101, drake an josh and more.
Lunar m0th
Lunar m0th 26 dagar sedan
OF COURSE he's Christian 🙄
Lallys lollies
Lallys lollies 27 dagar sedan
Don’t be mean
Shayne Stark
Shayne Stark 27 dagar sedan
10:09 Wait I need to go here.
SamDoesStuff _
SamDoesStuff _ 29 dagar sedan
cant believe thisnis the same guy that has gone yo an art school and actually build our childhood. not crapping on the people who worked on those animation but my gosh im watching this right now while animating a short animation for fun and god i felt so much better on my animation skills than ever before. anyways, this guy went downhill after leaving nickelodeon man.
Dexx Baker
Dexx Baker 29 dagar sedan
Dude, if you keep bringing Mr. SEpostr on this channel, I'm gonna go subscribe to him. He's so much cooler.
Jennifer is my name
Jennifer is my name 29 dagar sedan
I do respect the character designers because the characters have pretty good designs.
Jennifer is my name
Jennifer is my name 29 dagar sedan
The character design looks cool but now they animate it is kinda creepy especially since when it talks their eyes don't blink wich makes it look dead.
IRG Månad sedan
LSM&M Månad sedan
the first few frames in that *thing* at 3:08 were part of a full animation made TerminalMontage I'm pretty sure, and then they covered the over the rest of the animation with the thing you saw
Rainbow the wind sage
Rainbow the wind sage Månad sedan
For those who haven't seen Tuff Puppy: it was mediocre. The main character was Spencer from Icarly which was the only reason I watched it.
Wilson Anderson
Wilson Anderson Månad sedan
3:12 turn on SEpost autogenerated caption and you'll see the sentence: NUKE NATION
Talge 879
Talge 879 Månad sedan
I don't give a huge shit about Butch Hartman
Edamagician Månad sedan
Let’s see more Brick Boy
Plix Månad sedan
Red puffle In thumbnail:I click Weird box man makes it: I don't click
Nerika Cutie 2
Nerika Cutie 2 Månad sedan
3:40 butch just re-used the start of terminalmontage's noog advertisement lol
Sam The Potato
Sam The Potato Månad sedan
Why do these cartoons give me deja vu...
skvllbone Månad sedan
noog was pbs kids play
Dr.Phil’sTelekineticCousin Månad sedan
No cap This channel is underrated
Anja chan
Anja chan Månad sedan
the only good thing in this video is your style! xD
LongLiveHarryPotter7 Månad sedan
BH: I will make a family friendly cartoon place with Christian undertones! BH: *makes Bug Girl*
Derp Fox
Derp Fox Månad sedan
I think mr youtuber should have his own channel
Derp Fox
Derp Fox Månad sedan
Noog sounds like an ARG
ChipBugzz Månad sedan
5:00 He kinda sounds like the dad from fgteev...
Hannah Berk
Hannah Berk Månad sedan
you should make an episode on scarlett ..
Andrew Muccitelli
Andrew Muccitelli Månad sedan
DUDE I was literally on the Noog Network show "Scarlett" because I went to high school with Butch's daughter. Been trying to find the show forever.Would kill for a video on this travesty.
sneaky squid
sneaky squid Månad sedan
atleast animation memes are more entertaining than THIS
Fleep Floop
Fleep Floop 2 månader sedan
Yo bug girl low-key iconic
ClayDevil 2 månader sedan
Good shit
Shaq Nicholson
Shaq Nicholson 2 månader sedan
this is why kids need homestar runner
Führer Vader
Führer Vader 2 månader sedan
5:05 well that went from 1 to 10 real quick
Mish Kish
Mish Kish 2 månader sedan
I'm no animator, and Butch clearly knows more about the animation industry than I do, so maybe I'm full of shit, but...what TV exec would see any of these 30 second pilots and want to invest in them? They're poorly animated and acted, the concepts aren't even good or interesting, the art is terrible, there's no plot or loveable/marketable characters, and the premises are so short they wouldn't even last for 1 full-length episode, let alone a whole show. I've seen plenty of animation student projects that are miles better than any of these. Even with Butch's name recognition and connections, why would a TV exec choose any of this crap over promising animation school grad who is making better quality content and who will probably ask for less money?
FlaminGingerbread 2 månader sedan
indoor vaping
indoor vaping 2 månader sedan
What do you call an employee of Noog
Combo Music
Combo Music 2 månader sedan
3:35 TerminalMontage took his time and animated an entire commercial for this dude ( sepost.info/dev/video/yHvRmdZxYqe21c8.html ), and they only took half of the the beginning and replaced the rest with that cheap ass flash animation you see.
fm illustrated
fm illustrated 2 månader sedan
Umm... how is his animations anymore kid friendly than the crap that shows up on SEpost Kids?
Hubble.-. _
Hubble.-. _ 2 månader sedan
I always hated all his cartoons growing up lmao! You didn't create my childhood sir!
chainsaw eater
chainsaw eater 2 månader sedan
Why does noog sound like a slur
TommyKnocker 3 månader sedan
Butch is really Christian? Just I can't sleep from pregnant man and this episode in FOP about darkness
Aj_ loves_harpoons
Aj_ loves_harpoons 2 månader sedan
Yea he’s Christian lmao
EnderalPhantom 3 månader sedan
The shortness of the cartoons is a deep reference to the shortness of life. We work hard hours only for the result to be short. We must savor every nanosecond of our life or in this case the cartoons.
Creepy Cassette
Creepy Cassette 3 månader sedan
7:44 so is this vid (10 midrolls and counting). The irony is strong here. People who live in glass houses ig 🤷‍♀️
Creepy Cassette
Creepy Cassette 3 månader sedan
Hey @pinely its nice to clown on butch and all but your vids kinda cringe with all the midroll ads and shameless plugs to your twitch. Im def no fan of butch but hard to take you seriously when you clown on someone when this vid itself is pretty sad with the plugs. Focus on the content and dont beg for follows if ur stuffs good people will sub automatically. So. 😡
Creepy Cassette
Creepy Cassette 3 månader sedan
I guess you could say this platform was a NOOG of SH*T💩💩 NOW LAUGH 😐
Brainy Veddy
Brainy Veddy 3 månader sedan
Background music list?
BC Genjin
BC Genjin 3 månader sedan
Some dumbass DeviantArt user known as SquadHater2002 wants FoP brought back for an 11th season! That’s madness! Butch Hartman has done some bad stuff meaning he’ll never work in animation again!
Rathan Nuiz
Rathan Nuiz 3 månader sedan
When does episode 1 of brickboy air?
The guy with the guns
The guy with the guns 3 månader sedan
glad he never called noog watchers... i'm afraid to even say it
Marielaa Usher
Marielaa Usher 3 månader sedan
For some reason he keeps thinking that Nickelodeon need him more than him needs them. While The Fairly Odd Parents and Danny Phatom were big successful shows they were far from what made Nickelodeon a huge network. If anything, Spongebob is way bigger and truly a trademark for the network.
Charles Schmitt
Charles Schmitt 3 månader sedan
4:47 anyone else getting Tails Gets Trolled vibes from this bit?
Charles Schmitt
Charles Schmitt 3 månader sedan
The Doug Walker of animation
My Singing Monsters Fan 1023
My Singing Monsters Fan 1023 3 månader sedan
amber is literally bug girl but an actual bug
Dark Angel
Dark Angel 3 månader sedan
Holy shit, I thought this was gonna be about Oaxis, you’re telling me there’s TWO of them?
Gianluca Daniele Di Maggio
Gianluca Daniele Di Maggio 3 månader sedan
Zack 2.0 looks like a really bad Scott Pilgrim ripoff. Like REALLY bad. And yes, it hurt to say "Scott Pilgrim" in the same sentence as Zack 2.0
Jiggity Jack
Jiggity Jack 3 månader sedan
Honestly, the Amber pun is kinda funny. Shame the rest of the service sucks
ThatsSoTuri 3 månader sedan
Zack 2. 0
ThatsSoTuri 3 månader sedan
My gyms partners a monkey >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Dino high
ThatsSoTuri 3 månader sedan
Growing up creepie >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Bug Girl
Bloodhound 3 månader sedan
Kinda related, but I love how he insulted Teen Titans Go in one of his videos despite him actually working on that show at one point.
Zero Black
Zero Black 3 månader sedan
Well i worked at Walmart when i was younger and it was shit
Da Crammers
Da Crammers 3 månader sedan
That Brick Boy show though. That can go places... brick brick brick brick. It's fun. (._.)
Seth Leoric
Seth Leoric 3 månader sedan
The Noog Network feels like some school program meant for first to third graders from the 90s, which already has a better looking, better optimized updated version. But the school for some godawful reason still uses it!
UnnecessaryBerry 3 månader sedan
Does he know that butch didn’t draw the noog network terminal montage did
dj X.A.N.A
dj X.A.N.A 3 månader sedan
The voice of the little character that introduces you to this app I swear sounds like face bones from Metalocalypse
A person in the Noahsnoah army
A person in the Noahsnoah army 3 månader sedan
Oh no no
r3dharl0w 3 månader sedan
Noog... is the best he could up with? I feel like if someone was like “hey noog!” to me I would confuse the word for something else...😬
nickmoney 3 månader sedan
I'm CEO of Warner Media, yes we're cutting things left and right but here is a blank check to make 128 episodes of Brick Boy.
LightninG 360
LightninG 360 3 månader sedan
Right to Left
Right to Left 3 månader sedan
My nephew watched the network
Dimples 3 månader sedan
Jesus Christ that red hair thing looks like it was made using what Tony Zaret used to animate Big Chungus
Caden Mooron
Caden Mooron 3 månader sedan
Oh ye
Bastion Robin
Bastion Robin 3 månader sedan
So I get Butch was a writer for these shows and made the character designs but how much did he actually work on the animation and final designs? These drawings look a bit......... amateurish
kfcnyancat 3 månader sedan
3:10 I swear that this is the same tech as Vtubers but applied badly
LunatheMoonDragon 3 månader sedan
God i'd hate to see Zack 1.0
Len Valhourdin
Len Valhourdin 3 månader sedan
I see noog but read goon and that's probably what he thinks of us too.
Andy Of Iron
Andy Of Iron 3 månader sedan
in the cutscene thing was obviously made in Adobe Character Animator in 10 minutes
Dripleaf gaming
Dripleaf gaming 3 månader sedan
TerminalMontage actually worked with butch. i believe the poor animation was placed over terminal’s original video. that’s why the first second was good. then it went downhill
ccc310 3 månader sedan
What the hell happened to this guy? I don't believe this is the same Butch Hartman.
Witty 3 månader sedan
Jesus loves you, so consider him today! You don’t know how much time you have left, so don’t put it off until tomorrow. :3
Pinely 3 månader sedan
I appreciate the offer but I'm Jewish
Aizakku Analysis
Aizakku Analysis 4 månader sedan
Butch is a joke with a massive ego. He made one pretty popular show and thinks he made everyone's childhood. ( Danny phantom was only good because he didn't write it.) He can't even draw anymore, his commissions are pathetic with lots of tracing. And his own characters even look like bootlegs.
Mikey Mladi
Mikey Mladi 4 månader sedan
I thought you get to watch actual cartoons by butch hartman. But noooo it's not it is just a cheaply made cartoon that goes on for 30 sec. Or so..
Adrian Shepard
Adrian Shepard 4 månader sedan
I'm getting 2010 vibes
Paint Brush
Paint Brush 4 månader sedan
His lineart is what bothers me the most. It looks so unprofessional. Foreground lineart is supposed to be thicker than background lineart in order to give depth. Whatever pen he's using looks like the default on a free art app and not something you'd actually see in a professional work. It makes his visuals look rushed and stiff.
Toasturhz toastbunz
Toasturhz toastbunz 4 månader sedan
Why does the animation for many of these pilots look so terrible? The animation just looks so unfinished and stilted. The art work look so crude and messy. And not even in a charming way, but more in a lazy way like it was all drawn on a whim.
Noah Karpinski
Noah Karpinski 4 månader sedan
Butch Hartman is peak early 2000s cringe.
dasani water bottle
dasani water bottle 4 månader sedan
I saw this one animation from an animator named TerminalMontage who made the Noog cartoon, but I guess Butch decided to change it after the Noog hops into place with... that.
CallMeRon 4 månader sedan
Jesus the animation looks like something that tony zaret would make
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