Guava Juice's Descent Into Insanity (ft. @KneeCaps )

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As the years go by Guava Juice grows more and more insane, watching his videos makes me feel like I'm losing my sanity with him.
Today I'm talking about Mr Roi Fabito (also of Wassabi productions fame), his among us videos and a whole bunch of other stuff!
Big thanks to Kneecaps for voicing Guava Juice:
-My Twitter: Pinelyy
-My Instagram: Pinelybox
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Pinely 3 månader sedan
I hope guava juice's fans don't kill me
nxztgenVR 29 dagar sedan
Bretto 29 dagar sedan
@Papi Spaghetti wat
Papi Spaghetti
Papi Spaghetti Månad sedan
@Bretto Someone’s mad
Los Danke
Los Danke Månad sedan
I thought he was crazy all the time.
Scazoid Månad sedan
I miss his old videos.
Peter Griffin but Mexican
Peter Griffin but Mexican 18 timmar sedan
A big number to the average Guava Juice watcher is 2
DankDude 2 dagar sedan
Man, this guy was my childhood. This makes me kinda sad 😢
FAKE name
FAKE name 3 dagar sedan
"You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become a villain." - Guava Juice
Eric Allen
Eric Allen 3 dagar sedan
To be fair their sets are pretty good
Shawn Conway
Shawn Conway 3 dagar sedan
Let's play a game at 12:00. Is it secret fetish fuel for them? Or is it a kids product?
InkMango 4 dagar sedan
you may joke about the listening to music and imagining the music video thing but thats just maladaptive daydreaming for you
Azby 4 dagar sedan
Does Roy's face make some deep, dark attempt to not appear human? It gives me a migraine that evolves tenfold per Planck.
Dream’s Son
Dream’s Son 4 dagar sedan
Guava why...
merlyn florez
merlyn florez 4 dagar sedan
this guy is only a few months older than me and jesus.... i never felt more awkward learning about an age gap like this. this content is almost as bad as finger puppets
Mortomi Cinnamonbun
Mortomi Cinnamonbun 5 dagar sedan
Guava juice gotta floss, his gums don’t look super healthy.
Dabigfatredcrab 5 dagar sedan
I used to watch him when his channel blew up.
Skull 5 dagar sedan
12:02 l tHiink my Qi is iNn tha NeggAltvesS nOW. NEed halq
David Castro
David Castro 8 dagar sedan
This is just sad. Really sad.
The Firebird
The Firebird 9 dagar sedan
Just some constructive criticism; I clicked on this video because I like more analysis-type videos about content on SEpost and elsewhere, and the title of this video led me to believe it would be like that, stating how it was about his decent into madness. I still liked the video, don't get me wrong, but I think the title was misleading. I would suggest saying something more along the lines of "What even is Guava Juice's content?", Even though I know that is a bit of a common title. All in all, I really enjoyed the video, it just wasn't what I was expecting as a new viewer.
Money Man
Money Man 9 dagar sedan
I think you’re honestly one of the most underrated youtubers and I hate when people say that shit
Hot Man
Hot Man 11 dagar sedan
アイリーン 12 dagar sedan
The feeling of checking on the channels that made you laugh long ago just to see how poorly they're doing hurts a bit
mia mead
mia mead 13 dagar sedan
in australia we have a hardware store called Bunnings and near the checkouts you can choose from like 200 recycled cardboard boxes and just take as many as you want for free.. i think you would thrive
bigheadlego 13 dagar sedan
Guava juice is just like fgteev, Both make trash music videos and milk trends for views. Pls make a vid on fgteev
bigheadlego 13 dagar sedan
Among us and music videos both get alot of views. So I think he combined both and made a music video
Namkookie 15 dagar sedan
I can't believe he used to be my favorite youtuber 4 years ago. 💀✋
AdrikTheMetagross Gamer
AdrikTheMetagross Gamer 18 dagar sedan
Christ i used to watch this guy 3 years ago WHAT FUCKING HAPPENED?
Allah br
Allah br 17 dagar sedan
No idea
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar 19 dagar sedan
I still like him, but I use to like him back in the day in Wassabi Productions.
Seanny Meggs
Seanny Meggs 19 dagar sedan
Holy shit him saying code name kids next door unlocked some old ass memories
Good Name
Good Name 21 dag sedan
Shin Tawan
Shin Tawan 21 dag sedan
Damn it's the flashback for me
vlassis politis
vlassis politis 22 dagar sedan
My friend watches him and he LIKES him.(For some reason)
gage 22 dagar sedan
this video hit my recommended channel so the guava juice thumbnail may be working
Lavender Moon
Lavender Moon 22 dagar sedan
dang, i remember watching and enjoying him and his videos sm as a kid, especially his roblox ones, now i just find him cringy
Flaming Iceberg
Flaming Iceberg 23 dagar sedan
We are the box munchers not the box people 😂
youtube chicken
youtube chicken 23 dagar sedan
I feel like he used to be fun but then he went insane like he was tripping on lsd or somethin
k jansonn
k jansonn 23 dagar sedan
i used to religiously watch him in 2016/17
Miguel Nuñez
Miguel Nuñez 23 dagar sedan
remember when he used to play games like Ben and Ed and That Dragon, Cancer?
Rodney Jennings
Rodney Jennings 23 dagar sedan
I remember singing there call me baby version as a kid. It was so hilarious
Nexo Wolf
Nexo Wolf 24 dagar sedan
Gave juice is definitely gonna have an life crisis
NeonPROD Official
NeonPROD Official 24 dagar sedan
Sad that the person that has the same birthday as me and same nationality is a clickbaiter
Beachboytyler 24 dagar sedan
Used to love wasabi productions
Tanaka 24 dagar sedan
I remember this guy pretty sad to see him like this
JIN XIN CHONG 25 dagar sedan
5:18 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
just_blu 25 dagar sedan
remember when guava juice was family friendly
gabriel 25 dagar sedan
used to watch this youtuber with my sister when i was 4 now he has slided in this weird hole
Phuong Do
Phuong Do 25 dagar sedan
I was hesitant to watch this tbh. To see someone who made wholesome content back in the days turns to who knows who he is now like this really breaks his image in my head. When Alex and Roi separated and Roi had his own gaming channel, I was still supporting him as much as I could. Only when it came to videos with crazy clickbaits and challenges years later, I finally stopped checking his videos. Now his old second channel which used to be his vlogging channel also turns to a 2nd channel of the 1st one with even more insane videos made me giving up on seeing any of his content. It actually hurts to see this.
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 26 dagar sedan
Bruh i mean, their lyrics are better Than most rappers these days.
Kendall Royal-Gibson
Kendall Royal-Gibson 26 dagar sedan
"Orane juice"-Pinely
My Dad Is Invisible
My Dad Is Invisible 26 dagar sedan
3:35 Roy shooting Alex for getting dropped by FouseyTube in round 3 of Spar
My Dad Is Invisible
My Dad Is Invisible 26 dagar sedan
If you liked guava Juice You are a normal kid If you still like Alex Wassabi "YOUR A CLOWN" - KSI
Neo Starz
Neo Starz 26 dagar sedan
I remember I met him when I was working in drive thru at my old job and I used to watch him in Wassabi Productions. I never watched his new content because I was more of an Alex fan so I never saw what Roy did but when I noticed him all I ever said to him after charging him was," Hey are you Roy?" He gave me some sort of look, then proceed to give me a box of his guava juice merch then drove off without a word. I was so weirded out I gave the toys ( the were literally green light up toys and knickknacks) to my younger siblings. I watched an episode of his channel, couldn't sit through 5 min of it and told my younger siblings they couldn't watch his content anymore.
NovaChump 26 dagar sedan
That first clip made me want to take a shower.
Yee Yee
Yee Yee 26 dagar sedan
I used to enjoy Roi. his content was fun and enjoyable but has turned sour and repeating. he was a great youtuber who as A kid I enjoyed to watch after school or when I was bored and made me so happy. his outro was great for a while too. I miss the old Roi and compare his old self to the likes of youtubers like markiplier or jacksepticeye at the time.
Gacha Life Lover
Gacha Life Lover 26 dagar sedan
i legitimately thought that his videos were satire
MjGrizz 26 dagar sedan
I am a very proud box person
MarkYuri PH
MarkYuri PH 27 dagar sedan
Isnt it sad to see your childhood youtubers act like a manchild nowadays
MarkYuri PH
MarkYuri PH 27 dagar sedan
Idk why guava juice makes shitty among us thumbnails.
Angie Fox02
Angie Fox02 27 dagar sedan
What in the world happened
Shin 1
Shin 1 27 dagar sedan
Used to watch him , feel so bad he succumbed to clickbait
Sprouty 27 dagar sedan
I am box
•frizzy Hamster•
•frizzy Hamster• 27 dagar sedan
Wow, I haven’t heard about him in a while, i didn’t really watch alex and Roi after they went their separate ways.
Isaiah Lassiter
Isaiah Lassiter 27 dagar sedan
No need for this to be 15 min long bruh
korfi 28 dagar sedan
bro i still watch some of his old content why do i feel bad for liking it wtf
Snifey 76
Snifey 76 28 dagar sedan
"guava juice" my, my, my, a word that has been not in my head since 2014
Katherine Neely
Katherine Neely 20 dagar sedan
OffBeatBerry 27
OffBeatBerry 27 28 dagar sedan
I actually remember seeing him at church, but never going up to him to say hi. That was 6 years ago. If I met him before, my expectations would be very different from now...
Quitselling 28 dagar sedan
Picture my booty up in 3D
Picture my booty up in 3D 28 dagar sedan
Marshall Cohen Carter
Marshall Cohen Carter 28 dagar sedan
I don't mean to be that guy but he deserves every single ounce of hate and misfortune that has come his way
it’s danny devito
it’s danny devito 28 dagar sedan
i am a box person because
PenpalWithA 28 dagar sedan
omg this brings me back to the time I had a guava juice phase in like 2016 with all the bath full of and wubble bubble videos
DatBoiJ_420 28 dagar sedan
I stopped watching him when he did his first 3am vid, I lost interest
TRIPLE X 29 dagar sedan
Videos like his make me wonder if humans have evolved or if we were the same since the beginning
n o
n o 29 dagar sedan
I remember the time when he only played Roblox.
Wu Luna
Wu Luna Månad sedan
It was years ago since I last watched his video. I thought his videos were cringe as child. I guess his content is...even worse now?
IT'zSpuddy Månad sedan
Omg what kind of monster did SEpost create.
Snowswirl Månad sedan
i loved watching him years ago, wtf is going on with him
Cosnzaid36 Månad sedan
Dang, I used to watch him when I was younger. My best friend got me to watch him. I thought he was a little cuckoo but liked him anyways. Eventually got tired of his content when I got older.
Killafrank 1
Killafrank 1 Månad sedan
I used to like his vids like 5 years ago and back when he was in Wasabi Productions. But he's just so cringy and childish. His content is horrible not funny at all.
Michelle Dai
Michelle Dai Månad sedan
That Dora and Boots segment was going into old Shane Dawson/Elsagate territory and I don't like it, to say the least. I was thinking it maybe wouldn't be as terrible if Roi was simply loud and boring but sexualizing children's characters is just foul.
Isaiah Mora
Isaiah Mora Månad sedan
Henrik Yoshi
Henrik Yoshi Månad sedan
I miss old wasabi productions
F Low
F Low Månad sedan
Wasabi Productions > Guava Juice
box assassin
box assassin Månad sedan
Im gonna commit mass murder
Rainbow the wind sage
Rainbow the wind sage Månad sedan
I never heard of this guy before to that intro was quite the introduction.
BreakMyCurse Månad sedan
I mean money is money lmao
Ya boi Jesus
Ya boi Jesus Månad sedan
guava juice makes me feel bad for being filipino
Scazoid Månad sedan
I miss his old videos.
woober Månad sedan
Bro his content in 2016 was peak
woober Månad sedan
But when time progressed more, his content got more clickbaity, less entertaining and very REPETITIVE
pmacaron Månad sedan
anyone remember makeup with rolanda?
The doge behind The slaughter
The doge behind The slaughter Månad sedan
Welp guess I'm a box person now
Blonzko Månad sedan
I’ve always been kinda creeped out by Guava juice.
Manny Garmr
Manny Garmr Månad sedan
I don’t understand how people can watch that
jackson nguyen
jackson nguyen Månad sedan
Their editor has probably developed Severe depression
Kw1XX Gaming
Kw1XX Gaming Månad sedan
No cap that kinda went off tho that's the only guava juice video I would watch not the dora one but the song lmao
Brandon Fowler
Brandon Fowler Månad sedan
Look bro, I don't know you! I don't know what gives you the right to call me a box person, but I absolutely LOVE IT! yeah that's how quickly you won my subscription.
Shadow Guy
Shadow Guy Månad sedan
Wasabi production well that the name i haven't heard in years
Hashim Månad sedan
what is wrong with juice dood
Hola sóy BAKUGO
Hola sóy BAKUGO Månad sedan
Jackson Of Doom
Jackson Of Doom Månad sedan
Around 6:36 black is literally N&A productions another very annoying youtuber
skeletron1091 Månad sedan
Avro Elite
Avro Elite Månad sedan
i hate guava juice preston and dream the thumbnails are pure cringe
BlueberriSlush Månad sedan
I remember when guava juice was just a gaming channel omggg
Kita's uniform
Kita's uniform Månad sedan
I used to watch him when he fills his bathtub with snakes and stuff
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