How Has The Annoying Orange Channel Mutated?

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Hey Apple!
Big thanks to Kneecaps for voicing Orange:
Pinely original soundtrack!! :
My Twitter: Pinelyy
My Instagram: PinelyBox
In this video I will be talking about the annoying orange channel, what's going on with it right now, and what happened to it.
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@TheRedSpy & @camisvillain on Twitter

Techno union representative
Techno union representative 5 dagar sedan
The annoying orange was pretty accurate to a real life orange, HE WENT BAD IN A FEW WEEKS Seriously I hated it after about a month of its inception
Braxton M
Braxton M 5 dagar sedan
A baaaterfly
consumer of bepsi
consumer of bepsi 12 dagar sedan
That thumbnail just made me think of the RTX on memes
Cowboi 23 dagar sedan
ppl still used to call it horrible back in like 2012
Slxxpyhollow 23 dagar sedan
Mr. SEpostr = Bored and Angry at the same time
KRATE PRODUCTIONS 24 dagar sedan
Annoying Orange? *Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time*
Some Guy
Some Guy 25 dagar sedan
A sheep that farted a butterfly is called impossible
garbage-ratt 25 dagar sedan
Annoying orange made me want to die
NOOB SODA 26 dagar sedan
almost a year and nobody knows what a sheep that farted a butterfly is called :pensive:
Unknown 28 dagar sedan
Imagine Mr SEpostr having to talk to an orange before the editing was made
Rainbow the wind sage
Rainbow the wind sage Månad sedan
They also did a annoying orange breaking bad episode, so I wasn't even surprised they did a toad licking one.
BobTheButtonXD Månad sedan
box 📦👀
John Roland Binamira
John Roland Binamira Månad sedan
Please kill me
Noah Ortega
Noah Ortega Månad sedan
You need to talk about the shitty gaming channel
Gerald Popinski
Gerald Popinski Månad sedan
Q: What do you call a sheep that farted? A: A shart. Your welcome.
kal222 Månad sedan
i remember i had a friend in middle school and his little brother said he doesnt really like music music but he liked and listened to the annoying orange songs
Neck Thebet
Neck Thebet Månad sedan
Annoying orange is still better than thoes 3 AM channels
faith stuff
faith stuff Månad sedan
I still watch the annoying orange
SupMichaelBoi Månad sedan
What do you call a sheep that farted a butterfly? A sheeperfly
SOULREAVER654 Månad sedan
I..think I had that annoying orange plush monstrosity
Ark Mall High Call
Ark Mall High Call Månad sedan
genuinely scared by toy orange
senzes games
senzes games Månad sedan
last time i heard about his channel was when he made gta videos in like 2013-2015
TheSneakiestEmu Månad sedan
I remember annoying orange from 10 years ago
A Man Of Sculpture
A Man Of Sculpture Månad sedan
This things brings the qoute “look how they massacred my boy” to a literal sense
Francis The frog
Francis The frog Månad sedan
Remember when this was the stuff back in like frigging 2012?
Nifty Faux
Nifty Faux Månad sedan
Oh god....
Annabelle Warren
Annabelle Warren Månad sedan
I’m the soul of orange who travels at night.
untitled Månad sedan
Ngl, the orange do be dropping bars
sneaky squid
sneaky squid Månad sedan
asmr - 1 mukbang - 0 skating- 1 pranks - sideways 8 drugs - 1 pinely - 0.1
sneaky squid
sneaky squid Månad sedan
o n g o d
Mr Bruh
Mr Bruh Månad sedan
They aired the annoying orange as a TV show on abc3 which is an Australian channel that no longer exists
Jude Christenson
Jude Christenson 2 månader sedan
Why does the orange look like golem,Am ai the only one who sees this?
Da Crammers
Da Crammers 2 månader sedan
10:10 Orange is the new Black >,> Literally. Stuff of nightmares this orange mutation. Changing colors and having 4 sets of eyes. Rip mister youtuber.
SnowglobeLover 38
SnowglobeLover 38 2 månader sedan
I had nightmares about Annoying Orange when I was a 2-year old (I only remember them because they scared me so much) and I remember them to this day. Its weird because I had never watched Annoying Orange at that point in time and I never had.
BananaFace301 2 månader sedan
annoying orange that farted a butterfly is called an orange butterfly smh my head too ez
Christopher Heredia
Christopher Heredia 2 månader sedan
Franky 2 månader sedan
7 460
Pastel Princess
Pastel Princess 2 månader sedan
I feel old...
Yikes Chief
Yikes Chief 2 månader sedan
What happened to the sheep WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SHEEP
I game in a trash heap
I game in a trash heap 2 månader sedan
Ayyy my boy kneecaps
Psycho Bill
Psycho Bill 2 månader sedan
MrT0as1ed 2 månader sedan
Last time I’ve heard that name was in 2015
Tomdra Gamer
Tomdra Gamer 2 månader sedan
Oh no AO KIds looks like one of those non-English English children's song content farms.
f.a.y.a .a
f.a.y.a .a 2 månader sedan
im older than that stupid orange by 3 years
Zach Wilson
Zach Wilson 2 månader sedan
I would never lick a toad, or a prog.
Zach Wilson
Zach Wilson 2 månader sedan
I spelled it right the first time on accident so I had to edit.
Mr Cheese
Mr Cheese 2 månader sedan
i remember On my old Wii U in tablet mode in the middle of the night watching annoying orange gaming stampy and denis sucks at Minecraft good times
Long Fish
Long Fish 3 månader sedan
This made me laugh also you need more subs
FloorFungus420 3 månader sedan
is that you KNEECAPS?
Your friendly neighborhood weirdo UWU
Your friendly neighborhood weirdo UWU 3 månader sedan
Yes it is, the caps of knees.
Crystal Collins
Crystal Collins 3 månader sedan
Fun fact: It's nearly impossible to get the sheep joke ending. searching it up will never get you any closer. today, we shall never know until someone finds the answer
Potato Asian Girl
Potato Asian Girl 3 månader sedan
I remember it use to have a tv show.
E Harland
E Harland 3 månader sedan
I'd forgotten all about annoying orange wtf
cloudbustings 3 månader sedan
my friend and i used to watch the Annoying Orange during recess in 2nd and 3rd grade and on field trips.
Federico Arrojo
Federico Arrojo 3 månader sedan
I’m sorry what
Kodama 3 månader sedan
I knew kneecaps as soon as I heard his voice
boneless 3 månader sedan
I remember watching the tv show. Crying
A bad username
A bad username 3 månader sedan
How'd I watch that whole bit at the end of the video.. sat throw all of it no distractions.. and didn't notice it was KneeCaps until the end when I saw what channel was linked...
Kendra Fraize
Kendra Fraize 3 månader sedan
Bruh they straight up did dmt
Trent Adam
Trent Adam 3 månader sedan
An "Annoying Orange ASMR" would be as pleasant as recording hours of farts and listening to the tape while you ride around on the bus trying to take a nap.
A person in the Noahsnoah army
A person in the Noahsnoah army 3 månader sedan
Oh no no
Kayla Jenkins
Kayla Jenkins 3 månader sedan
What is capsknee doing here?
trifon jacobs
trifon jacobs 3 månader sedan
8:59 well, the reason their mouths aren’t moving, is because it’s a sort of spinoff show made with clipart
trifon jacobs
trifon jacobs 3 månader sedan
Don’t worry, that hideous animated orange 🍊 was just a one time thing. They’ve gone back to the original style now.
Me Coder
Me Coder 3 månader sedan
It’s evolving just backwards.
N I W D E Z E R E P 3 månader sedan
0:34: I also used to have a plushie of the guy, Don't know where I left it... OH but I still have ONE figurine of the Orange bastich lying around my pocket dimensional mess of a treasure chest... Fond memories... *Only my Imagination knew how to make the character truly "fun"* Also am I the only one who had a theory regarding these sentient fruits being sadistic advanced experiments of some kind in a "Kitchen." Lab thing? Just me? About your flatulence *sheep* joke... *It's in the comment itself.*
Teddy Hudson
Teddy Hudson 3 månader sedan
Whenever I read "The Annoying Orange" I just straight up think of Donald Trump
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 3 månader sedan
I believe we have an imposter here, That doesn't sound like the Apple I know.
Hey that's me!
Hey that's me! 3 månader sedan
λnonymous Wisp
λnonymous Wisp 3 månader sedan
I wanna eat an orange so much right now
Johnny Chen
Johnny Chen 3 månader sedan
It was funny to me 6yrs ago
Naoh Perkins
Naoh Perkins 3 månader sedan
dane boe: wakes up with a orange It was all just a bad dream
Juno Taylor
Juno Taylor 3 månader sedan
hey orange what do you call a sheep who farted a butterfly? ill, very very ill.
Ant 3 månader sedan
Still waiting for AO to be announced as the new president
Bored Doggo
Bored Doggo 3 månader sedan
I came back to this video just to hear that Eminem clip xD
Angela Kartolína Luntian
Angela Kartolína Luntian 3 månader sedan
I remember my elementary days discussing annoying orange lore and speculations
the random cat guy the random dogo
the random cat guy the random dogo 3 månader sedan
btw the way this the best vid in unevers
jeff jefferson
jeff jefferson 3 månader sedan
Did we get a kneecaps fsve reveal
Ice cold blue Sonic
Ice cold blue Sonic 3 månader sedan
Sheep that farts a butterfly =Faderfly
Jizeru1 3 månader sedan
Bro I may have been a really stupid middle schooler, but at least I never liked the annoying orange. Damn.
Ramon Angelo A. Giron
Ramon Angelo A. Giron 3 månader sedan
I kinda watched alot of his content a few years ago
Table 3 månader sedan
i cringe at the fact i used to like annoying orange
CloroxLollipop 3 månader sedan
ao kids is exclusively made for russian older kids to listen and try to learn english with
DR DANKNESS 3 månader sedan
RTX annoying orange
Fry Reviews
Fry Reviews 3 månader sedan
Rtx has been left on, come on guys
Riolu fan
Riolu fan 3 månader sedan
hey you forgot to talk about the annoying orange minecraft server
Kelechi C
Kelechi C 3 månader sedan
I never expected kneecaps to show up
Jackrocks8 3 månader sedan
ayyyy kneecaps
patrick mckinzie
patrick mckinzie 4 månader sedan
AlexSwanson 4 månader sedan
Was that orange played by Kneecaps?
Pinely 4 månader sedan
It sure was
Lizard Dude
Lizard Dude 4 månader sedan
Kneecaps cameo was really funny
Patricia Carrasco
Patricia Carrasco 4 månader sedan
No...please....I just managed to forget about this orange
MentallyFloridian 4 månader sedan
I have the same plush 0-0
Nathan the Stoat [JEREMIAH 51:20]
Nathan the Stoat [JEREMIAH 51:20] 4 månader sedan
Oh great, now _I_ will be forever haunted with the question of what you call a sheep that farted a butterfly.
Vapor 4 månader sedan
1:10 RTX Off 1:58 RTX On
Zoobie the Popplio
Zoobie the Popplio 4 månader sedan
Remember when Annoying Orange had a TV show on Cartoon Network?
Lautricius Maximus
Lautricius Maximus 4 månader sedan
Pinely and Kneecaps? NOW that's a crossover I never thought I'd see
Tuesday's Art
Tuesday's Art 4 månader sedan
I remember asking my mother if I could buy Annoying Orange merch back in middle school because I absolutely adored it. She said no because she thought I would regret it later on in life. Looking back, I think she had a point.
Kim 88
Kim 88 4 månader sedan
I never watched it on SEpost, but I remember seeing it on Cartoon Network in like 2013
Olu Fasoro
Olu Fasoro 4 månader sedan
Wow, the Annoying Orange got reelected? And won the nobel peace prize? I thought only got nominated?
Jackbuilder Smasher
Jackbuilder Smasher 4 månader sedan
Yo is Kneecaps orange?
Camboi 1606
Camboi 1606 4 månader sedan
REP:tilian Studios
REP:tilian Studios 4 månader sedan
looks more like a frog to me
REP:tilian Studios
REP:tilian Studios 4 månader sedan
in defence of Johnny Johnny, Yes Papa, that had animation
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