I Sold Out To Chinese TikTok - Here's What Happened

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The title explains it pretty well tbh, I sold out to chinese tiktok (douyin), and you're more than free to see what happened!
Some of the tiktoks I've made can be found on my second channel, Pinetwo:
My Twitter: Pinelyy
My Instagram: PinelyBox
People I'm talking about in this video:
My close friends Bart Baker and the famous youtuber Will Smith.
Background Music by:
@TheRedSpy & @camisvillain on Twitter
Transition music was also by @camisvillain

Jovan Flores
Jovan Flores År sedan
The Pinely Universe Cinematic Universe is ever growing
digital pustak
digital pustak 11 månader sedan
Thanos År sedan
Polar Operatr
Polar Operatr År sedan
The PUCU - Pinely Universe Cinematic Universe
LeonD011 År sedan
PCU is growing ore than ever
bhgyutr År sedan
I see his skills
jagoda 20 dagar sedan
Cutest training montage I've ever seen 🤩😂
WitherAtomic Månad sedan
This video somehow completely flopped
Hunter Ansorge
Hunter Ansorge 2 månader sedan
*Tic toc is a chinese app*
Shirazrudeen kamrudeen
Shirazrudeen kamrudeen 3 månader sedan
are you from Hawaii?
the blue fish from spongebob
the blue fish from spongebob 4 månader sedan
oh thanks for letting me know who will smith is Pinely, that was really a lot of help, I really appreciate it
christine bates
christine bates 5 månader sedan
Oh s***
christine bates
christine bates 5 månader sedan
christine bates
christine bates 5 månader sedan
You are a great person to have a look and look out to be in work 8AM for you xx so that I will get it sorted now that you had the same problem as I have a few months lol so I'm not allowed on 7AM but I'm still a bit concerned that it will take time and time and it is not a good thing but not just the fact I can see rhys being cancelled but it will have off my knee but I'm still getting there as well so it will take time and it can help to improve my fitness routine so it
christine bates
christine bates 5 månader sedan
M.R. Illusion
M.R. Illusion 6 månader sedan
Danny reminds me of someone A person I have not herd of in a long time Filthy Frank it’s Filthy Frank
vloev 7 månader sedan
Best part of the video is how tictok (or whatever it's called) puts ads on it So I guess they agree with the general sentiment of the video :P
ANTUBER 7 månader sedan
You should've sang xue hua piao piao bei feng xiao xiao
KombuchaPapii 8 månader sedan
3:45 thats that Indian joker face XD
Witty 8 månader sedan
God loves you :D
Dimitri Warchief
Dimitri Warchief 8 månader sedan
pinely if your reading this your probably a great guy but you unfortunly come off as a guy thats constanlty sarcastic. which you arent
coVid assassin
coVid assassin 8 månader sedan
Social media popularity doesnt feel like fame. Feels more like whatever a village idiot would cultivate.
J.A.Y. Joyfully Aware Yo
J.A.Y. Joyfully Aware Yo 9 månader sedan
I’ve always said that babies are soo stupid! They don’t know shit! Haha Stupid ass babies!
suplynx Is alone
suplynx Is alone 10 månader sedan
im ur twin
Alex 11 månader sedan
The funny face guy straight up looks like a gray alien skull with a really tight human mask
Crazed2550 11 månader sedan
Who’s excited for Opium War 2?
Henry Chen
Henry Chen 11 månader sedan
chinese comedy is very slapstick
Mr. SickTurtle
Mr. SickTurtle 11 månader sedan
I miss the old character. Not just the box but the box and the suit and arms and legs.
funtime_Joshua 11 månader sedan
Well, you know what they say;''fly up in April, shot down in May'' Yes that is a song reference
Mr Kerr
Mr Kerr 11 månader sedan
Keep that thought in the back of your mind bro slowly but surely your making it
D Bannerman
D Bannerman 11 månader sedan
China bad
Thunder Boot
Thunder Boot 11 månader sedan
Put Mr. SEpostr on Douyen or we go on strike Pinely.
ANGRY ANDY DEMON'SLAYER 11 månader sedan
our pharmaceutical companies sure have sold out to china , 95% of the ingredients are made there and now we are all going to die. thank you for selling us out, we will line the streets with their heads soon better use that free ticket to israel before it's to late.
Conan Detective
Conan Detective 11 månader sedan
Hi pinely is covering your face inspired from Marshmallow?
Myles ASMR
Myles ASMR 3 månader sedan
Maybe I don't know
Henryz 11 månader sedan
Ok but when he said person watching this on there phone that is literally what I’m doing
JoshKun 11 månader sedan
TMJBtv År sedan
So all future videos will be made by a pinely clone? Trippy. I hope Mr.SEpostr is aware of this
Tuex År sedan
You look like candace when she had an allergic reaction
Cheeze År sedan
Abang gibran
Chucky D
Chucky D År sedan
Oh by the way the twins are probably fake since all the videos are on still shots, meaning faking it is really easy, something a lot of trick shot people do.
A person in the Noahsnoah army
A person in the Noahsnoah army År sedan
Oh no no
Zaptix År sedan
Pinely now has the corona virus
Myles ASMR
Myles ASMR 3 månader sedan
Chinese tiktok is a app it can't bring you covid
Ciel Dubilo
Ciel Dubilo År sedan
I just realised how little subscribers pinely has What the hell
Riyyankrc År sedan
3:42 China RIZXTAR
Razor - Back
Razor - Back År sedan
Vunilla År sedan
You should make a video on Coryxkenshin (possibly his disappearance and his 100 day streak thing)
x_x mute
x_x mute År sedan
What’s the name of music at 8:16 Pls I been trying to find it for a while
Barl3000 År sedan
That face Danny Ray is doing is the same as the so called "indian Joker" @rizxtarr on Tik Tok. It seems to have become a Tik Tok fad, I wonder if Rizxtarr actually originated it.
Somebody År sedan
How do you edit your videos?
XtraSwift År sedan
3 people have sold out to Chinese tiktok
ahmed alzubiedi
ahmed alzubiedi År sedan
this is a BOX who TALKS
IlhaanBlueAce År sedan
Bart barker Just wanted his tiktok to start in China and spread over Europe 👀
O.Narantsatsralt År sedan
Me: Hongkong doesn't even exist *300 social credit score has been added to your balance*
Johnny Rocketz
Johnny Rocketz 11 månader sedan
某玩家 congrats, you got an S+ social credit score
E 11 månader sedan
*black mesa*
NMSLese CNMBese År sedan
hong kong is a paid actor
Anirudh Oraon
Anirudh Oraon År sedan
Well check out RIXXTAR he was the original guy
Hanzojin Claude
Hanzojin Claude År sedan
张大芊 År sedan
Clara 10 månader sedan
It's ya boi Raid Shadow Legends
It's ya boi Raid Shadow Legends År sedan
RIP Bart Baker dat boi prolly got dat Wuhan you feel me? On gang.
Ssnig 222
Ssnig 222 År sedan
Sxover År sedan
It seems like you keep getting better with each video, keep it up!
Sxover År sedan
7:02 lol
hufsa År sedan
why do I love you so much!?🤣
SpaceToast År sedan
I love this box
Ryan Teo
Ryan Teo År sedan
Real quick, I was lowkey hoping to see you do skits like some of the really big douyin accounts. But pinely good sir, you never disappoint.
Lil Chanka
Lil Chanka År sedan
Mate I filmed a lamp and got 16k views @lilchanka
Siam Hossain
Siam Hossain År sedan
Your content has that old early SEpost moxie that we miss so much.
MagicOfOxiclean År sedan
What record did you order that arrived in that box?
MagicOfOxiclean År sedan
@Pinely Solid, one of my favourites from last year.
Pinely År sedan
Greenevvo År sedan
The asian vibes of the intro/outro song proves that Pinely's soul is getting sucked into the motherland of China.
Shadywyvern År sedan
Where is Mr. SEpostr? Maternity leave?
Wailord 28
Wailord 28 År sedan
I was the 999 like so I'm more special than you haha
MistaHedgehog År sedan
I do that exact face but it’s more like a character
UseTheNoose År sedan
Me too. But only if I ate something spicy a day before
Fressh År sedan
Pinely you'll always be famous in my eyes 😍
M Whiting
M Whiting År sedan
Goddam every video is a gem. The ending was the twist of the century.
Stan Smith
Stan Smith År sedan
That Box on your head is driving you insane.
robbie g
robbie g År sedan
Use the clone machine to make an army of Pinelys and then invade china and defeat the end boss Bart Baker
Meiøsei Chan
Meiøsei Chan År sedan
I'm a simple person, I see "Chinese tiktok" I click ☻🤷🏽‍♀️ No but seriously I was so excited for this
Brain In A Cat
Brain In A Cat År sedan
i demand more cloans
iFrog År sedan
Hey Pinely, Just in case you ever see this, I've always had this question in the back of my mind throughout watching your videos- I've always thought the music you put into your videos in between saying things and even in the intro was always quite calming, Would you ever be interested in linking your spotify playlist or anything? x
Sxover År sedan
Im pretty sure some of his music is up on his 2nd channel, PineTwo
BecauseIJustDid År sedan
I thought that lightbulb was a potato.
World of Wasting2009
World of Wasting2009 År sedan
Coronatiktok lol is that racist?
Cake n Bacon
Cake n Bacon År sedan
if i watch you you’re famous
Kaiser9321 År sedan
I guess you really hit a beat with the clone videos, they are pretty interesting short videos after all
lettuce boi
lettuce boi År sedan
You should do normal tic tok.
runt År sedan
He copyed Indian jojer
Nomin Tuya
Nomin Tuya År sedan
Hearing him say douying was the funniest part tho 😂
it's Amber
it's Amber År sedan
ahh yes the funny face, the pinnacle of true humour
Lady Pink
Lady Pink År sedan
Ahh... a bowl of food, and and a new Pinely video. What could be better?
Eswa År sedan
Douyin kinda sounds like doujnishi which is hentai
Anas Safir
Anas Safir År sedan
That "funny face" Danny is doing is actually a cringy impression of the joker ( no joke look it up )
Deanna S
Deanna S Månad sedan
I watched Danny Gonzolez' video about the joker face tiktoks while I was hung over. It made me throw up
Aube År sedan
Does this mean you’ll post funny Tiktok funnies (2020 hd comp) now
Shawn Anthxny
Shawn Anthxny År sedan
why do u talk like a rick and morty character
Radian År sedan
Pinely: _"I sold out to Chinese Tik Tok."_ *Bart Baker type beat*
digital pustak
digital pustak 11 månader sedan
Bertha In Da Beats
Bertha In Da Beats År sedan
kinda funny since i'm a producer
Lorx År sedan
The end of the video: Top ten anime plot twists
アレックスAlexander År sedan
Hopefully you didn’t end up on some list...
Really Spooky Bird
Really Spooky Bird År sedan
Hm? Oh. Okay.
NotTheRedhead År sedan
I wish all twins had special powers. Instead I just have a younger twin who is far taller then me.
HAndLol Dev
HAndLol Dev År sedan
Peepee at 9:53
Benji 64
Benji 64 År sedan
3:42 He is basically Indian Joker for a Chinese audience.
Sameep Shah
Sameep Shah 25 dagar sedan
Yep yep yeppity yep yep
Queen Jamjam
Queen Jamjam 2 månader sedan
Naah pennywise
Benji 64
Benji 64 10 månader sedan
croissant Daily You know you can edit comments.
croissant Daily
croissant Daily 10 månader sedan
croissant Daily
croissant Daily 10 månader sedan
Kumar Vinod 818 thank you for that limk
Angsty Tuna
Angsty Tuna År sedan
Im surprised you did these yourself and didnt get mr.yotuber to do ‘em in your place
Isaac Mathias
Isaac Mathias År sedan
He stole the indian joker face smh
Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access
Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access År sedan
I hope you didn't catch coronavirus
Nobel År sedan
Man, Bart must be proud
Steven Dafox
Steven Dafox År sedan
I missed you dude:( ❤💪
Azuu Rural
Azuu Rural År sedan
Beautiful come up story
Seismic TV
Seismic TV År sedan
Look indian joker on tiktok The face is literally the same If you don't believe me then check it yourself
Snow Fox
Snow Fox År sedan
Hey Pinlely do you know if Mr SEpost who defenetly isnt you has had anyone say hello to him in a public place? Since hes so popular of course
Mitando 445
Mitando 445 År sedan
Conspiracy theory: Pinely is actually the clone from the end, and the Pinely that narrated this video was the clone
Spooky Niko
Spooky Niko 11 månader sedan
@digital pustak Ok???
digital pustak
digital pustak 11 månader sedan
Spooky Niko
Spooky Niko År sedan
The original pinely is dead
Kayla Gonzalez
Kayla Gonzalez År sedan
Hard to believe you’re only 20. Your vids are some of my favorite in the platform! It’s an absolute crime you’re not at a million subs yet, but I have a feeling that will change pretty quickly. I always get excited when I see a new upload from this channel!
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