I watched all of Nostalgia Critic's awful films so you don't have to..

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For this video, I've decided to make myself suffer by watching 8 whole hours of movies made by Doug Walker, a.k.a The Nostalgia Critic. This man has been on the internet for years! Reviewing films, and a whole bunch of other things for Channel Awesome and That Guy with the Glasses.
After a whole bunch of reviewing, he decided to make films of his own! The anniversary films! Those are: "Kickassia", "Suburban Knights" and last but maybe least "To Boldly Flee". Also, even though it's not a feature film, I've decided to also watch Doug's cinematic masterpiece "Nostalgia Critic's - The Wall", since everyone has been going on about how great it is.
Did I enjoy my experience? You can maybe guess.. But you should watch the video to know for certain!
This is all I have to say for this description.
00:00 Why??
02:56 Kickassia - is it even bad?
07:43 Suburban Knights - this is an absolute mess!!
14:15 To Boldly Flee - The tipping point
26:14 Nostalgia Critic's The Wall - Is it better than pink floyd's one? Maybe..
-My Twitter: Pinelyy​ (though I took a bit of a break from it)
-My Instagram: Pinelybox​
-My Twitch: twitch.tv/Pinely​
-The Pinely Soundtrack: sepost.info/vision/PLeyfMvKXQ2Xvp93GUfDE6eOE-OvIJabdD

Pinely 8 dagar sedan
I'm thinking of making a series dedicated to talking about youtuber made shows & movies! Let me know in the comments if you got any good name suggestions for the series, make sure you like the good ones so I see em!
Steve Carras
Steve Carras Dag sedan
Hey, what happened to your Twitter account?
Steve Carras
Steve Carras Dag sedan
I just subscribed and wonder if you'd also check out Doug's buddy Brad Jones, The Cinem,aSbnob, with his Cinema Snob movie and cat Lloyd.
Monroville 2 dagar sedan
Next: *watch all of Red Letter Media’s (gag) “films and TV shows (like The Grabowskis)* I _triple_ dog dare yah!
loop321 2 dagar sedan
You know the tragic irony of that trans joke at 17:45? Brad Jones is talking to Kinley Mochire, daughter of Colin Morche, who at the time was male under "Luke Mochire," would later come out as trans. So not only is the joke dated, but the person getting told the joke adds another layer of aging like spoiled milk. thatguywiththeglasses.fandom.com/wiki/Kinley_Mochrie
MrParkerman6 2 dagar sedan
"SEpostrs: I hardly knew Ye' "
Jordan Wright
Jordan Wright 2 timmar sedan
yo pinely my man...you're kinda cute
Sam-Iam 8 timmar sedan
Michelle L
Michelle L 10 timmar sedan
What did happen to sponny?
Michelle L
Michelle L 11 timmar sedan
lol so he plays his true self in the movie , Cancel Channel Awesome and all that did come out.
Kodasa Sinclair
Kodasa Sinclair 14 timmar sedan
I gotta say Pinely, watching those movies was a truly bold decision. I only hope the ad revenue is enough to cover the therapy you now undoubtedly need.
Poe 14 timmar sedan
Even when I was a fan of the guy I couldn't bring myself to sit through these.
Zero Black
Zero Black 16 timmar sedan
Pinely movie when
horaciosi 16 timmar sedan
I kinda want to see a Logan-esque movie about the last remaining CA members. I can see it now: Channel Awesome's website is dead, Malcolm and Tamara's contract expired and negotiations for a renewal failed so they're long gone, Doug is now a has-been who works as a cab driver and takes care of Rob, who's been reduced to a cripple constantly ranting and rambling about Trump, Brad Jones sticks by Doug's side and is his yes-man, a bootlicker who blindly agrees with everything he says and thinks he can do no wrong and GuruLarry is just there, always giving Doug and Brad the cold shoulder. Also the "Not So Awesome" document is hanged on a wall and used as a dart board. The plot revolves around Doug and Brad trying to relive the glory days and go on a wacky, reference-filled adventure. So they travel around, with Rob on a wheelchair constantly putting up with his incoherent Trump rants and Larry for some reason goes along, as they try to assamble as many internet reviewers as possible, but due to Doug's terrible attitude and Brad's constant ass-kissing of Doug makes them impossible to work with, so reviewers keep leaving, always ending on Larry shaking his head disapprovingly at the duo. Eventually Rob dies, Larry disappears, and Doug and Brad end up sitting in the streets alone. They reminsice about the good old days of Channel Awesome and they give nothing but praise to each other, never calling attention to the controversy. They keep praising and praising each other until out of nowhere Larry reappears and goes on a long rant about Doug's mismanagement of the site, terrible attitude and his non-apology of the controversy and Brad's backstabbing his co-workers, ignoring their awful experience and excusing Doug's mismanagement. The rant goes on for a long while until finally Larry leaves for good. The movie ends with the duo sitting quietly until finally Brad leaves Doug's side. The latter's fate is unknown.
horaciosi 17 timmar sedan
If you overlook the inaccuracies like Brad Jones siding with the other reviewers and Rob Walker making things better in the end, then Kickassia is a great meta commentary on the Walkers' management of Channel Awesome.
Vulpes Ailurus
Vulpes Ailurus 17 timmar sedan
“And he doesn’t even pay them their wages.” Oof! That plot point didn’t age well.
Dragblacker 18 timmar sedan
I've noticed that pretty much every Internet pop culture critic, especially the largest names like Doug or even Red Letter Media, suck at making their own movies. What's worse, either they or their fanbase will excuse every bad or stupid thing in their movies as "ironic commentary on pop culture" or "snark".
Omar Reyes
Omar Reyes 20 timmar sedan
13:25 that's the staple in all his videos, in every single one of his videos all his co-stars or companion characters are seen as the dumb uneducated ones and he's the smart illuminated one that is there make them see the error of their ways.
Omar Reyes
Omar Reyes 21 timme sedan
Doug's really gone downhill after he got better budget and revived the nostalgia critic character, he hardly does any research of the movies he critiques and every time he wants to do a heart felt speech about the movie industry and where it should be heading he comes off as extremely condescending, it's no wonder most of his crew of critics cut ties with him and ended in horrible terms.
Mello Joe
Mello Joe 22 timmar sedan
Honestly if I were to have the option to watch to boldly flee and the langoliers, I’d watch the langoliers. Just as insufferable and as long, but it’s much more interesting and fun to poke fun at than to boldly flee is.
Cameron Martinez
Cameron Martinez 23 timmar sedan
These movies are awesome!!!!
Cameron Martinez
Cameron Martinez 23 timmar sedan
These movies are awesome!!!!
AncientRomeMemes Dag sedan
The true manchild experience 12:05
[ Shana Reviews ]
[ Shana Reviews ] Dag sedan
I'd recommend checking out Linkara's Storyline Videos mostly so you can watch his 10th anniversary movie. It had a better production and was done under better conditions then what Doug and his brother put the reviewers through it also incorporates plot elements from Doug's anniversary videos into its storyline. It rarely does as much direct quoting from other media like Dougs films and whenever Linkara does quote something it serves the scene its in and isn't thrown in at random or haphazardly. He's actually the Reviewer (one of the many reviewers) that inspired me to give youtubing a shot
noless Dag sedan
Are all the jokes in these movies just references?
Poke'mon Trainer Chri$$$ 303
Poke'mon Trainer Chri$$$ 303 Dag sedan
Only person I recognized besides Doug was Angry Joe.
Mario Angel Medina
Mario Angel Medina Dag sedan
You know what is #BOLD ? To write fan-fiction about tour employees and forcing them to enact them over threats of lossing their jobs... what a jerk
Mario Angel Medina
Mario Angel Medina Dag sedan
Minutes 26:00 to 26:20, I feel the same way, for a while just thinking about this movie gave me existential dread. I looked into the ceiling and say "There's no point in To Boldy Flee... There's no point in suffering... There's no point... IN ANYTHING" ... luckily I got over it eventually
R M Dag sedan
I actually enjoyed these movies except for To Boldly Flee. That was 3.5 hours of garbage. Never saw the wall. I did recently watch some old NC videos though, made me miss the old days
Broose Dag sedan
I am just bumping this video because it was nice. also bould
Carl Jackson
Carl Jackson Dag sedan
Bold of you to watch these now, I watched them when they were new.
Train #4
Train #4 Dag sedan
Noah Bullock
Noah Bullock Dag sedan
Todd in the shadows is goat by the way
Noah Bullock
Noah Bullock Dag sedan
Next do uncanny valley, pop quiz hotshot, and demo reels
Landy West Side
Landy West Side Dag sedan
Bruh I just started watching Todd in the shadows last year and this man's in a 2011 youtuber movie? Yeesh
Jeremy Turnbow
Jeremy Turnbow Dag sedan
I prefer the Cinema Snob.
batturtle 2
batturtle 2 Dag sedan
I only like kickassia that's the only one
Aerion Reyne
Aerion Reyne Dag sedan
*I unironically liked these movies (and a number of the associated shows) in my early high school years, which probably explains my shit sense of humor and constant joke references. Also the soul-consuming alcoholism.*
Justin Janicki
Justin Janicki Dag sedan
Kickassia was fun at the time
khyronbradford Dag sedan
Barrels Dag sedan
These remind me of the ironically bad movies Troy and Abed made together on the show community
Katie Baily
Katie Baily 2 dagar sedan
If you want to see a bad internet reviewer story that drags on way too long look up Moviebob Chipmans “Adventures of the Game Overthinker.” Moviebob started out doing little video game and movie blogs talking about whatever was on his mind. Sometime after his “Heavens to Metroid” video where he defended Other M, he started making a skit based ongoing story. Unlike Doug Walkers movies Bob is the only character (aside from his brother as an extra for scenes) and he just dons different attires and the whole thing plays out like his own self insert fan fiction (think of CWCville but no ones having sex). Fans criticized the skits. No one liked them but Bob said “fuck you I do what I want.” It is painful to watch.
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith 2 dagar sedan
This video is bizarre. It's like you missed why it's actually bad and cringey and made your own cringey half hour video taking something terrible way to seriously.
Johnny Bensonitis
Johnny Bensonitis 2 dagar sedan
I'm just now getting around to this because I feared it would lean into being very critical and negative like many other videos. Glad to see I was wrong, and it didn't bring Pinely to the dark side! Good stuff, because I know it can't be easy approaching these movies in this way based on their quality and all the stories from behind the scenes. But, of course Pinely is the voice of reason. Good man!
TeamTowers1 Dag sedan
I think the movies are a lot easier to dislike, when one takes into account just how delusional Doug supposedly was about their quality and his abilities as a film maker.
Monroville 2 dagar sedan
8:26 ... is that Thorias (in the grey t-shirt)?
Vjotkr 2 dagar sedan
I feel bad for people who find Nostalgia Critic funny. Imagine the stuoidity.
F. N. Lorter
F. N. Lorter 2 dagar sedan
Sexist? These movies hate everyone equally.
NateModo Dragon
NateModo Dragon 2 dagar sedan
I feel like I should buy these movies just to study their shitiness. And its boldness.
Gothamlover 69
Gothamlover 69 2 dagar sedan
"Spoony, which is this guy," I don't know why that made me laugh so much
Mutualist Anarchist
Mutualist Anarchist 2 dagar sedan
Sheldon Ray Bird
Sheldon Ray Bird 2 dagar sedan
nigahiga made a few films back in the day
Brendan Miller
Brendan Miller 2 dagar sedan
Watching these movies really makes you appreciate James Rolfe’s work
Zackary Strange
Zackary Strange 2 dagar sedan
I think one problem was they didn't try and adjust these Character meant for short skits in reviews into Characters that'd work in a feature length setting
TeamTowers1 Dag sedan
I think it's less that and more that Doug himself isn't suited for a feature length setting. He has charisma and charm and that can carry him through riffing on stuff and the occasional skit. But on the context of a film he can't right, direct or act and his charisma isn't really enough to compensate for that.
Jackson the Meme Warrior
Jackson the Meme Warrior 2 dagar sedan
I can’t believe you suffered through 3 and a half hours of iMovie effects.
Robin Mitchells
Robin Mitchells 2 dagar sedan
If you like Todd in the Shadows, you should also check out Dominic Noble. He joined Channel Awesome shortly before that whole shitstorm went down (and then left soon after), and he does hilarious reviews of book-to-movie adaptations, and has recently branched out into covering weird and interesting books and genres that he stumbles across. He has a series on the Fifty Shades books and movies that is top notch, and recently did another series reviewing the twilight books. (Plus his mini-skits in his videos reenacting scenes from the books and movies he covers are miles ahead of the CA movies, and it’s just a greenscreen plus him in various costumes and bad wigs)
Tracy Williams
Tracy Williams 2 dagar sedan
I loved Doug's early Nostalgia Critic content (before it became all sketches of basically modern films) Ive only seen too Boldly flee and turned it off midway. While the AGVN film is also a self indulgent movie it's more competently made due to Jame's background in film in general and it doesnt get bogged down in needless cameos from other youtube stars. It feels like a celebration and a homage to the bigger than life monster movies James and myself included grew up with; with a splash of cheese. It's an AGVN fan film all around but it looks like real effort was put into every aspect of it even if some parts don't really work as a whole. I think most could walk away proud o that project. Anyways ill say this, the best thing to come from Doug and the nostalgia critic in general is Lindsey Ellis. I know everybody has to start somewhere and im glad she moved on and published her debut novel "Axiom's End." If you havent read it you should pick up a copy and check it out its pretty good.
Jenerik Entertainment
Jenerik Entertainment 2 dagar sedan
To bold ly flee
Giuseppe Garibaldi
Giuseppe Garibaldi 2 dagar sedan
Bold move of you to watch that much trash
Diego Ochoa
Diego Ochoa 2 dagar sedan
The "human embodiment of the annoying orange" perfectly sums up all the annoying ass youtubers of the channel awesome era. Literally the only good one was avgn but then again, they were all basically just lazy avgn knock offs...
Something Mildly Homophobic
Something Mildly Homophobic 2 dagar sedan
this gave me autism
Beth Kendall
Beth Kendall 2 dagar sedan
Thank you for your sacrifice. Fascinating watch, very bold.
TheMetalwolf77777 2 dagar sedan
i use to be a big fan in the early 2000's but now i can't belive he's still around
Tv Maniac
Tv Maniac 2 dagar sedan
Someone needs to tell Doug he's not funny. I think he can handle it
Sonario51 2 dagar sedan
The reason why most of the other characters in these anniversary movies all act the same is because Doug deliberately wrote them to be that way. Most of the other critics came to him with ideas for how their characters are supposed to act, but doug would reject them in favor of his own style of comedy, basically turning them all into other versions of The Critic character.
66 Roses
66 Roses 2 dagar sedan
Sadly, the bit with the doctors saying "penis" a bunch is probably the best joke in the movie.
Joel the Fanboy
Joel the Fanboy 2 dagar sedan
Critic's the Wall is the reason we were punished with 2020
RetroMandalorians 2 dagar sedan
Many SEpost Critics from that era made cringy films including: Atopthe4thWall and Cinema Snob. Cinema Snob still makes cringy movies to this day.
WelshFool 2 dagar sedan
you mentioned how everyone acts the same while they are more likeable in their own content? well that's because doug directed them to act like his own character. when the others wanted to act the scenes out to be more like their own characters in their respective shows, he basically said sure, but also act in the way i want in a different take. in post, his take is what we see in the final cut
Seven Apollo
Seven Apollo 2 dagar sedan
Jesus, the star wars sequel trilogy was better than this
B Minion
B Minion 2 dagar sedan
I'm gonna be honest the line in Kickassia where someone says "We heard gunshots" "Did it come from a gun?" made me laugh more than I should have.
Psyga315 2 dagar sedan
What about that Uncanny Valley movie?
thomas kusar
thomas kusar 2 dagar sedan
Thank you
Elias Astrom
Elias Astrom 2 dagar sedan
Yes, it's important to habe confict in your movie, much, much confict.
SALshaNoma 2 dagar sedan
Way to take about something years after it's relevant. I'm guessing you're just trying to jump on the"we hate channel awesome even though we never watched them" train. The third movie had flaws because you can see the tension but the first two were great. I was watching Doug back before he became channel awesome and gained all the other reviewers, many of which I still watch.
Homun System
Homun System 2 dagar sedan
ahh i remember middle school.... glad that stopped.
Homun System
Homun System 2 dagar sedan
"its just for youtube" ...wait.. didnt they sell dvds of these.
Paranoid Park
Paranoid Park 2 dagar sedan
To Boldly Flee looks like the video court cases I would have make for my 7th-grade social studies class
Argavus_Gaming 2 dagar sedan
In defence of suburban knights (bear with me here i know) the behind the scenes showed that due to weather they couldnt shoot for days and it was possible they had to do a whole other thing alltogether (a murder mystery inside the house) so i suppose thats why the movie is so messy because planning and locations all went to hell, doesnt take away the story is still subpar at best but you cant fault them for weather. i reccomend watching the behind the scenes video its a good insight, now im gonna take a shower to wash the filth of me defending dough walker.
freddygrey12 2 dagar sedan
I don't understand youtubers who call good quality cgi models bad when this exists sepost.info/dev/video/uYjaytWyoX-9w5g.html
Ben Salisbury
Ben Salisbury 2 dagar sedan
Bold bold bold bold bold
Dragon_Ninja_218 2 dagar sedan
That title is just perfect.
Aaron 2 dagar sedan
You should review the movie Space Cop by RedLetterMedia.
Curtis Dimes
Curtis Dimes 2 dagar sedan
The movies are bad, but i still think a lot if the jokes were funny, to me atleast
Quartz 2 dagar sedan
Very bold reviews, but truthful nontheless.
La'Dale Watson
La'Dale Watson 3 dagar sedan
i love you
Bryan Von Doom
Bryan Von Doom 3 dagar sedan
I’ve never watched any of the NC videos, so I have no preference when it comes to him but I never hear anything good about the guy. Pretty BOLD of you to watch 8 hours of him when just this 30 min video was enough cringe for me but YOU kept me entertained. Definitely got a new sub
BlackPeppe 3 dagar sedan
I don't think he wanted to make "Triple A Hollywood flicks",you know?
Colin GZ Network Plus
Colin GZ Network Plus 3 dagar sedan
Scott the Woz is a good and funny channel, talk about him
Colin GZ Network Plus
Colin GZ Network Plus 3 dagar sedan
I feel sorry that Phelan is involved
Colin GZ Network Plus
Colin GZ Network Plus 3 dagar sedan
17:46-17:51getting Scott the Woz vibes, but not as funny as that
Keith The Shadow Fighter
Keith The Shadow Fighter 3 dagar sedan
I don't really agree with that all of the movies are bad I think the 2nd one is the best on while the first one is meh but the last one is dumb
Colin GZ Network Plus
Colin GZ Network Plus 3 dagar sedan
Phelan was involved in this?
Dufoth 3 dagar sedan
The Supreme Thunder Dragon
The Supreme Thunder Dragon 3 dagar sedan
It was a bold decision to watch all 4 of these monstrosities back to back...
Linke Socke
Linke Socke 3 dagar sedan
Honestly, I don't think there are many good movies made by youtubers. Even if their videos are fun to watch, 9 times out of 10 they make awful movies. These skits and characters make for nice side content in reviews, but once you stretch it to movie length it loses it's charme. My suggestion is to just skip the movies and watch the youtube videos instead. (Btw, I used to watch nostalgiacritics videos and I liked them, but some years ago I switched to other youtube reviewers. Dunno why, but at some point I just lost interest in the critic's content.)
Greatsaiyakirby 3 dagar sedan
I think Doug Walker gets way too much of his inspiration from Family Guy. Post-Season 4 Family Guy.
COLIN TOSH 3 dagar sedan
Jokes on you cos im going to watch them
dorch82 3 dagar sedan
Cringing to think they had contracts going to work on these movies 😆😆 Grown ass people pretending to be movie executives, cute. And those fight scenes in the park are so sad to watch. I seen back yard wrestling that looks better.
Baine Anima
Baine Anima 3 dagar sedan
Those sure were movies.
Exandil 3 dagar sedan
Gjergj Aurelius
Gjergj Aurelius 3 dagar sedan
DJtasty Jamzz
DJtasty Jamzz 3 dagar sedan
Lot of haters in this comment section 😂
JF GAMING 3 dagar sedan
Yeah the The Uncanny Valley set of specials.. DragonBored was fucking terrible.
icecream hero
icecream hero 3 dagar sedan
I like his reviews but I could never stomach the movies. 30 minutes to review a movie and running around in 2 dollar costumes is pretty funny. Watching an hour of people running around in 2 dollar costumes is awful. And a little embracing.
Ryleigh Poodle
Ryleigh Poodle 3 dagar sedan
I'm glad to have liked and subscribed, it was definitely worth it and I'm glad to see more of your videos 🐩💕
Jonathan Stern
Jonathan Stern 3 dagar sedan
You missed the very first bold crossover event. I believe it was called Battle Royal. It was light on plot, and was basically just a big fight between NC and his crew vs AVGN and Blistered Thumbs.
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