I watched every Shane Dawson film so you don't have to

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-My Twitter: Pinelyy
-My Instagram: pinelybox
For this video I've watched every single shane dawson movie ever:
Not Cool (2014), Internet Famous (2016) and Smiley (2012). I probably even mention jeffree star
All the music in this video was made by CAM and TheRedSpy:

Badusername2000 Dag sedan
I hate that i liked him
CMG The Person
CMG The Person 2 dagar sedan
A yes, budget Tomska
Brandon Brooks
Brandon Brooks 3 dagar sedan
Why did you disable the comments on the Le.afy Video
Progress West Tells Ya Ass
Progress West Tells Ya Ass 4 dagar sedan
That love scene in smiley was soooooooooo cringe 😬😬😬
Weasel Easel
Weasel Easel 10 dagar sedan
For some reason, no one seems to mention Shane's conspiracy bullshit when talking about all the detestable aspects to his questionable character ...
アイリーン 12 dagar sedan
I honestly consider killing myself instead of going through the torture of watching any of his films
speedy engine boi from class 1-a
speedy engine boi from class 1-a 13 dagar sedan
an "empath" yet can't take a single criticism.💀💀💀
Sarah Thorogood
Sarah Thorogood 14 dagar sedan
Roger Bart played a role in "Internet Famous". The dude who sang as young Hercules, who has genuine talent. Hard to wrap my mind around him working in such a shit production
Tyra Moore
Tyra Moore 17 dagar sedan
Saw smiley and not cool, waste of money tbh
Wendy 23 dagar sedan
i love how shane calls himself an "empath" but then legit is the opposite when directing his film
Daniel Law
Daniel Law 24 dagar sedan
Star Mana
Star Mana 26 dagar sedan
You watched them on the 11th of July? That's my birthday! Must've been why it was probably the worst birthday of my life.
Kate M.
Kate M. 26 dagar sedan
My dog died on the 11th of July. it is a very cursed day.
Yashine Paredes
Yashine Paredes 28 dagar sedan
i just can't help but notice that you kinda sound like Kronk from The Emperor's New Groove
Robin Månad sedan
11th of july is my birthday haha
Dylan Michelle
Dylan Michelle Månad sedan
I’m so happy Shane and ryland oh and Jeffrey are all going to burn in HELL
Logan Wittlief
Logan Wittlief Månad sedan
I think the whole doc is just a joke but I could be wrong
IRG Månad sedan
GirlWithNoPersonality Månad sedan
What he made multiple movies????
CATARINA Månad sedan
Wait is that Jeffree house?? That part where shane in the first movie inters that really fancy house?
MattyG27 Månad sedan
Not Cool is better than Smiley!?....CMON PINELY😂 What you smoking bruh?
Jesus Ramirez
Jesus Ramirez Månad sedan
I did it for the lulz
anthony sky
anthony sky Månad sedan
I love Cherami Leigh’s voice work in so many games and anime,, and I like to forget that she was ever involved in Shane Dawson’s movie
iczesmv Månad sedan
Internet stuff should stay on the internet.
India Månad sedan
Omg I forgot I even watched the internet famous movie, that’s how impactful and memorable it is 😂
izzytheworld Månad sedan
idk why i ever thought he made good content and was a non problematic guy... boy was i wrong-
davrah wilkins
davrah wilkins Månad sedan
i do it fo the lulz
Creative Pony Productions!
Creative Pony Productions! Månad sedan
All of old videos are gone.
frenchabortion Månad sedan
7:56 “Do it for the lulz” isn’t that what noted baby rapist Ian Watkins said? Oh no he said “Mega Lolz” ... still Shane Dawson probably trying to make pedo joke
Erika Månad sedan
susbcribed for "you should watch the nice guys!"
Lorelei Catherine
Lorelei Catherine Månad sedan
Smiley looks like a mildly pleased potato. Who in their right mind is going to be afraid of a mildly pleased potato.....mildly pleased potato.....
Sonar The Bat
Sonar The Bat Månad sedan
So awful, even the North Korean government refuses to use it to torture people because they think it's too inhumane.
Patrick Gillespie
Patrick Gillespie Månad sedan
Pooop grind
Maddie McNugget
Maddie McNugget Månad sedan
How could you torture yourself on 7/11 day? You could've got a slurpee.
Vik Rose
Vik Rose 2 månader sedan
im watching a ton of your videos since i just found you but i had to laugh when you called the 11th of july an awful day bc thats my birthday.
Andrew Paulmark
Andrew Paulmark 2 månader sedan
Okay but the 2 girls talking about shipping wasn’t that far from how tumblr girls acted at the time
thevioletskull 2 månader sedan
You’re a hero
Depression Session
Depression Session 2 månader sedan
The only good pieces of media where the main character or characters act like pieces of shit are when the audience is supposed to recognize that they're horrible people like it's always sunny or bojack horseman these are shows where the main protagonist 's actions are indefensible and thats where the comedy lies but with shanes movies their actions are not only played off as normal but also as funny just because they did or said something offensive not because the thing they did or said is a critique or charcuterie of people like that in real life
Emily Jackson
Emily Jackson 2 månader sedan
Shane is such a gaslighter “I haven’t yelled at anyone and I deserve blah blah blah” *cuts to clip of him yelling at people. He is one of the least self aware people on the planet.
Senpai Zao
Senpai Zao 3 månader sedan
How dare that person insult Happy Death Day by comparing it to trash.
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 3 månader sedan
“Dawson’s (...) attractiveness level” ........WHERE?
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 3 månader sedan
17:17 he wants to be a “soft boi” so bad i’m sick
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 3 månader sedan
LITERALLY WHEN WAS HE EVER GOOD LOOKING....at the absolute most he just wasn’t hideous. that’s it. that’s ALL i’m giving him.
*Xiola Blu Staley*
*Xiola Blu Staley* 3 månader sedan
Michael Gallagher has hid himself away after those movies! WHY MIKE? WHY???
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 3 månader sedan
as he should
*Xiola Blu Staley*
*Xiola Blu Staley* 3 månader sedan
His hair is litterally making me uncomfortable. Instead dryness!
Emilio Hidalgo
Emilio Hidalgo 3 månader sedan
I sill give Shane this though; as untalented and pretentious he was in making movies and skits, he did master the art of manipulating people into loving him
EOMMA KPOP 3 månader sedan
I wish I was born into his money...
Gracekim22 3 månader sedan
Thank you for censoring stuff
ApolloVIII YouAreGoForTLI
ApolloVIII YouAreGoForTLI 3 månader sedan
#MeowToo - He sexually assaulted cat ffs, I’d have thought that would have left him with 0 views & 0 followers.......... Most of these talentless SEpost/Instagram fame junkies would easily meet the DSM-5 criteria for ASPD (Cough Logan Paul Cough)
Talyn has time
Talyn has time 3 månader sedan
Watching people shit on Shane Dawson is my new favorite niche on SEpost.
CookieAnon 3 månader sedan
Why has no one been talking about the behind the scene clips?
BÄLD ÑÖRMÁÑ 777 3 månader sedan
"you're a bad movie" ROAST 1000
cosmo 3 månader sedan
shut up pinely ur a bad movie
Boxer 3 månader sedan
If hes so bad why dose he have so many views and so many subscribers??
GuenniKurti 3 månader sedan
That behind the scenes footage honestly looks like it was scripted. The way Shane acts just seems way to ridiculous. But then again, we all know it's not. Incredible to think that he probably greenlighted the footage being released. How could he ever think that it would make him look good?
SniffyTugBoat 3 månader sedan
the video buffered right on the middle of the "stupid" in "stupid little actors" and I thought that was a planned joke 10/10
xxмσσηlιgнтxx 3 månader sedan
Whoever didn't get scared at 11:10 is the bravest person to ever exist
Betty M.
Betty M. 3 månader sedan
I hope the era of "fucking with other people" for the lulz has passed. Mainly because it's under evolved and stupid.
Wyatt199X 3 månader sedan
10:09 that's a common horror movie editing practice to make the jump scare more jarring
picoloas cage
picoloas cage 3 månader sedan
i did it for the lulz i did it for the lulz i did it for the lulz
Thomas Decker Studios
Thomas Decker Studios 3 månader sedan
July 11 is my birthday
Buddy Boi
Buddy Boi 4 månader sedan
You poor soul.
wild stingray
wild stingray 4 månader sedan
i watched the not cool movie when i was like 13 and it remains the worst movie ive ever seen lol.
Cute little Wolfie
Cute little Wolfie 4 månader sedan
He took accountability so you can go back to school to learn this.
Rosalie B. Rowan
Rosalie B. Rowan 4 månader sedan
People pushing Shane around and throwing things at him in the Smiley movie felt therapeutic. Probably the only true justice we’ll ever get.
Renzo 4 månader sedan
Damn. Seems like Shane needed a slice of his own humble pie
Eʟɪ・えりちゃん 4 månader sedan
I need to know the the name of the bgm for this video
2NE1Fan 23
2NE1Fan 23 5 månader sedan
4:50 to 5:17 Kpop fans in a nutshell (As someone who likes kpop..I dont act like this but i have seen Alot of videos & Read alot of comments/Posts....yea)
Ashe 5 månader sedan
Bold of you to assume these trainwrecks/trashfires are actual 'movies'
Ferdousi Khanam
Ferdousi Khanam 5 månader sedan
I read the title and went: THERES MORE?!
sheridan mcavoy
sheridan mcavoy 5 månader sedan
Hey, shipping is perfectly okay..... when it's not between two actual real life people. Then... it can get kind of creepy... lol
Spy 5 månader sedan
I want to wash my brain and eyes with bleach.
Joan Isva
Joan Isva 5 månader sedan
imma let the ads slide for this 😔✊🏻
jamiel rian beltran
jamiel rian beltran 5 månader sedan
Is the how to have sex on a plane is it porn or what? like why?
Sarah Bollinger
Sarah Bollinger 5 månader sedan
The only funny scene in Not Cool was the grocery store scene. The rest of the movie was hot garbage.
FlameilitaryDCUO 5 månader sedan
Yikes shane
Summer Evans
Summer Evans 5 månader sedan
does anyone remember when when Shane made a commercial with Taco Bell? I think he did a McDonalds commercial as well but idk if it can be found but i know he's mentioned it before. I used to be a shane fan unfortunately when i was younger so i sadly know these things
ApplZ 5 månader sedan
You been real quiet since leafy dropped a bomb on you
MysteryMagolor 5 månader sedan
ngl the shipping thing is way too accurate for a good amount of people i've seen online and in real life
Mikoy Fernandez
Mikoy Fernandez 5 månader sedan
Never seen this side of Shane. Never was a fan in the first place but now I'm starting to understand why a lot of people don't like him.
Gemini Em
Gemini Em 5 månader sedan
This is unrelated to Shane Dawson- but holy shit I’m one minute into the video and the background music is already unbearable-
I Drink and I know things
I Drink and I know things 5 månader sedan
Wait there’s more than 1?? Who kept giving this man money?? Humanity is dumb
Karen McMullen
Karen McMullen 5 månader sedan
All your doing is spreading more trouble and making a dollar off him
Denise Hudgens
Denise Hudgens 5 månader sedan
Who cares? He deserves to get called out.
exhilarates 5 månader sedan
>shane and jeffree sub makes sense
it's grande
it's grande 5 månader sedan
i agree with everything you said. just the clips in this video gave me a headache lmao except chile the thinning is actually an amazin movie
i am tired and bored
i am tired and bored 5 månader sedan
Bro did you just call my birthday a disappointing day (July 11th) lol I feel that
ghostlad 5 månader sedan
the ad i got before this was literally "the best way to experience things is by doing them yourself"
Kevin Stewart
Kevin Stewart 5 månader sedan
Ur a bad movie.
Pandora & Friends
Pandora & Friends 5 månader sedan
i watched not cool for Tina and Tina only, wish the spooky boys was still a thing
Pandora & Friends
Pandora & Friends 5 månader sedan
killing people for the lols i can believe, people do messed up shit coz they think its funny all the time, i can get behind people who find murder funny because its pretty realistic. like that video of those guys laughing at someone nearly dying in the street instead of calling 911
Pandora & Friends
Pandora & Friends 5 månader sedan
at least he got it made in his "vision" so we can all see what it says about him
Hagelslag 6 månader sedan
Michael would fit the subreddit 13 or 30 really well.
jensukie 6 månader sedan
it makes me so sad that drew monson was associated with him
Atticus Cinched
Atticus Cinched 6 månader sedan
19:41 "thEn WhY aM i SeEiNg PrOfeSSors?? WHere aRe ThE FucKiN AcToRSsS?" = "Then THESE are not actors!! Reeal PROFESSIONAL actors wouldn't have a second job! They are jobless or LUCKY to be in my movieee"
Michael O'Hara
Michael O'Hara 6 månader sedan
i'd be more careful when talking about people you hate, you just gave that guy more undeserved free attention
Master Battery
Master Battery 6 månader sedan
the first movie seems like a poorly executed christopher guest mockumentary
Stinky’s Diner
Stinky’s Diner 6 månader sedan
I don’t understand how Shane Dawson plays the hot guy role in not one but THREE movies
Sprinkles 2005
Sprinkles 2005 6 månader sedan
C'mOn GuYs He'S aN eMpAtH :(((
Molly makes Things
Molly makes Things 6 månader sedan
Good movies to replace these garbage Shane ones Instead of internet famous watch "Popstar: Never stop never stopping"(both mockumentaries) Instead of smiley watch Host (both internet based horror flicks) Instead of not cool watch superbad (...not cool is directly inspired by superbad) Go watch movies with your time and money folks
Luke Corvo
Luke Corvo 6 månader sedan
I guess you mean so other reviewers of horrible films don't have to, and in that sense, you are a saviour
Sarah 6 månader sedan
I can't believe you put yourself through this... Or that anyone allowed Shane Dawson to be in movies
Bittersweet 6 månader sedan
I knew this man from fine brothers, first sight from it, I'm actually kinda scared of him. I don't know if his smile is genuine, joking, or not. I don't know how popular he is at that time. Many people loves him, so I thought maybe its his style or something, so I don't really care after that. But I still scared if he makes some jokes 😅. I dunno what to feel. But yeah, now in these days, welp hahaha. Sorry about my broken English 😅
SolYeet9 mango
SolYeet9 mango 6 månader sedan
"What's your number?" " *ok* "
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