Jeffree Star's Terrible Music Career

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Back in the dark days of 2009, Jeffree star was a big musical sensation, today I will delve into every single song, album and musical project that mr star has been up to.
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-My Instagram: Pinelybox

Pinely 5 månader sedan
I've just opened a Twitch channel so make sure to follow me on there I'll probably stream sometime soon: Also expect more frequent uploads! Gonna make weekly videos from now on :)
Drk Choco
Drk Choco 4 månader sedan
What's the song called at the beginning of the video?
yes at its finest
yes at its finest 5 månader sedan
Box man
JoshIsOkay 5 månader sedan
Hello cythix friend
LTA - Mental Health Awareness
LTA - Mental Health Awareness 5 månader sedan
@Pinely not sure whether I'm more excited to watch this video or terrified to hear Jeffery's music :').
Pinely 5 månader sedan
ColeYote 7 timmar sedan
Oh thank god I was worried you actually put Anthony Fantano in this. Fuck that guy.
UsmevavyPanacek Dag sedan
Damn, the last song was so great it might replace famous "Show me your genitals" as my favourite song mentioning having lots of sex.
edgy username
edgy username 4 dagar sedan
Fun fact: Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio is featured on Louis Vuitton Body bag.
Utatane Piko
Utatane Piko 4 dagar sedan
His videos make me so uncomfortable. It's the close ups and the outfits he wears. It's just- I can't look at them, let alone listen to the song
Robo Lizard Studio
Robo Lizard Studio 4 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who sees all the glitz, and glamor, and over the top colorfulness, and think "Damn, can you get more phony than that?" Seriously, less is more. If your entire aesthetic looks like you have been blasted with Homer Simpson's makeup shotgun, you are fake as hell. It reminds me of the idiot aristocrats in the hunger games series.
the literal sun
the literal sun 6 dagar sedan
*casually denies ever blasting lollipop luxury while out with friends when i was a teen*
the literal sun
the literal sun 6 dagar sedan
to my defense, i was a weeb and i heard that song in an amv and became obsessed with it
sivanhe 7 dagar sedan
I'm ashamed to admit that I like some of these songs 💀✋
UrMom DotCom
UrMom DotCom 11 dagar sedan
Alright I got jeffrees new album here. It's called Lipstick lobotomy lmaoooo here's the track list: 1. Designer Deathwish 2. Strawberry satism 3. Triple fudge gunday 😭 4. Diamond encrusted stab wounds lol 5. Fenty Flametheower 6. End your life with my chanel knife 7. Louis Vuitton ass implants lmao Bonus tracks: hush money, I never said that, and blueberry blackmail
Peppy Meppy
Peppy Meppy 12 dagar sedan
It wasn’t terrible
Mina Nile
Mina Nile 13 dagar sedan
Damn I really ate this shit up when I was in high school
UrMom DotCom
UrMom DotCom 11 dagar sedan
Ikr and botdf how was I not committed? Lol I used to blast their music too how embarrassing lol
ignitedsoul 15 dagar sedan
You have to have an understanding of MySpace scene culture to see where this came from. There was so much that sounded like this and it was pretty popular. Not saying it was necessarily good, just that Jeffree’s music wasn’t an outlier.
Jon Kelley
Jon Kelley 16 dagar sedan
4:42 4:25 4:27 4:31 4:30 4:49 5:09 5:02 4:44
ーBloomieー 17 dagar sedan
Late but here’s my Jeffree Star album name: Stilettos like my eyes… (they’re daggers)
IRIS † BEE. 17 dagar sedan
Ok i'll try to do the star name! I piss blood.
Astropheminist 19 dagar sedan
Some ideas: Stablettos (like stab and stilettoes) My Little Maniac White-Hot Topic I Bleed Glitter Heart-Shaped Stab Wound
UrMom DotCom
UrMom DotCom 11 dagar sedan
Savannah Gertis
Savannah Gertis 20 dagar sedan
Damn..yall so hatefull
UrMom DotCom
UrMom DotCom 11 dagar sedan
Us? Look at jeffree lol
Natalie 20 dagar sedan
i love the lgbtqia+ community jeffree: period except 4 u 😒
Ally Stitches
Ally Stitches 22 dagar sedan
I used to like his music. But now it just hurts...
Brown Sugar & Cinnamon
Brown Sugar & Cinnamon 23 dagar sedan
I found his music through creepypasta tribute videos hchchhv
Fernando Machado
Fernando Machado 23 dagar sedan
Jeffree star song: bloody rainbow
Chiappy 24 dagar sedan
Lolipop Luxery is a guilty pleasure of mine. But only because I first and only saw it as an Anime AMV of a character I liked...which is a bit cringe in itself but here we are 🤣 (i only realized last year that it was his song 😭)
Okolo Pierre
Okolo Pierre 24 dagar sedan
He is so CRINGE. I just dont get it....
J B 24 dagar sedan
I think he really said “the next lady gargoyle.”
CeeBee Haters
CeeBee Haters 25 dagar sedan
You forgot about his song ✨sexting✨
Spider co.
Spider co. 25 dagar sedan
butterflies taste like sh*t
David B
David B 26 dagar sedan
Looks like he got thrown around a Spencer's Gifts and then fell into some Hot Topic.
David B
David B 26 dagar sedan
Lipstick Boomstick.
Max Khanya
Max Khanya 26 dagar sedan
Nicki Minaj tried to help an indi "artist", instead she helped a monster...I feel so bad that her name had to be attached to his
kanna317 26 dagar sedan
Thank you for your service.
Hi-Sodium 27 dagar sedan
He collaborated with Hollywood Undead back in the 2000's
Jeanette Martinez
Jeanette Martinez 27 dagar sedan
Versace candy gun
Gabriela Nerina
Gabriela Nerina 27 dagar sedan
I still like some of his songs, mostly from his debut album. You have to understand the vibe and the theme. I feel like his lyrics and his aesthetic is similar to Melanie Martinez, as in the mix of something innocent and something dark. It's cringey, yeah, but I think it worked for him lol
Charlie Cooper
Charlie Cooper 28 dagar sedan
I used to listen to Beauty Killer ironically
bims 28 dagar sedan
reminds me of the female president from hunger games for some reason lol
Alexis Collins
Alexis Collins 28 dagar sedan
Ngl prom night and beauty killer are catchy and kinda lit
Astrology Sadness
Astrology Sadness 28 dagar sedan
When I was really into creepy pasta I was all over the song I’m in love with a killer
Chechu Beauty
Chechu Beauty 29 dagar sedan
95Emink Månad sedan
I'll try Highlighter dominatrix
UrMom DotCom
UrMom DotCom 11 dagar sedan
fatima adreeta
fatima adreeta Månad sedan
Lollipops taste like depression. LMAO EDIT: I watched this video again just to hear "Love To My Cobain" xDD Edit : this is the 100th time I've come to this for 13:53 :'''')
grace Månad sedan
the fact you didn't cover the rest of the songs of cupcakes taste like violence and plastic surgery slumber party which are like the best songs 😐
grace Månad sedan
i grew up with a scene sister, i grew up with jeffree s music and its so bad its good.. my favroite at 6 was lolipop luxury.
UrMom DotCom
UrMom DotCom 11 dagar sedan
Ben silver.?
Ben silver.? Månad sedan
heres a nice title for a jeffrey saar song: free healthcare tastes like warcimes.
rancid Månad sedan
to get your mind off the jeffrey cancer, what's your favourite DOOM album pinely?
rancid Månad sedan
@Pinely mm food is my favourite too, but his collabs are all so good to be able to choose 1
Pinely Månad sedan
Madvilliany for sure! If we're talking about a solo album then mm food
raveglory400 V
raveglory400 V Månad sedan
Just hearing a small snippet of his song makes me want to take a really long cold shower. It just sounds so ugly.
mermaidwitch94 Månad sedan
Going full 2009 here, "My Lipstick is UR Coffin Nail"
Cecelia Miller
Cecelia Miller Månad sedan
Man when I was a scene kid in like 7th grade I was OBSESSED with this man's music. Im so ashamed.
Stu Pot
Stu Pot 4 dagar sedan
Don’t worry you didn’t have a brain yet.
isuya zzz
isuya zzz Månad sedan
Just leave people alone... they are people. Yes i click on this vid just to comment this
UrMom DotCom
UrMom DotCom 11 dagar sedan
You disagree with Commentary?
forgotten Ones
forgotten Ones Månad sedan
sam piceno
sam piceno Månad sedan
here’s the album name: cotton candy death wish
fergalicious214 Månad sedan
A friend of mine used to be obsessed with his music back in the day. This was around when I stopped hanging out with her. XD
XO12 Månad sedan
Forgot about this classic - 2006 at its finest
Juliana Raue
Juliana Raue Månad sedan
omg you look like bad bunny
Crispy Barbie
Crispy Barbie Månad sedan
here's mine - Screaming the N Word - featuring Kosmo Kramer I'll Sue U Running from the Cops - featuring Dhavie Vanity and the Chainsaw Creepers Blood Tampons In My Peehole Still A Little Bitch - featuring an auto-tuned shit Where My Nose Go?
Crispy Barbie
Crispy Barbie Månad sedan
album bonus tracks I Hate James Charles Throw Em Under the Bus Like Trump - featuring Tayler Dayne I Spent All My Money on Tayler Dayne So This Song Was Recorded In A Bathroom Trisha Paytas and the Floppy Tits - featuring a really bad parody Blood Tampons In My Peehole - endless emo pain mix
Jared Watson
Jared Watson Månad sedan
I have a deep seated fear that Jeffree Star will sneak up behind me and stab me with his chin.
Aesthetic Bubbles
Aesthetic Bubbles Månad sedan
ah, as a current scene kid i do listen to jeffree star and unironically enjoy it. like.. lolipop luxury and prom night really lift my spirits 😭😭😭
Aesthetic Bubbles
Aesthetic Bubbles 23 dagar sedan
@JessieJamesPlays that is a good idea
JessieJamesPlays 23 dagar sedan
get help
unstable Pineapple
unstable Pineapple Månad sedan
"A poem a teenager writes about and puts on tumbler. I'm going to write a song about murder it'll be so edgy" -Billie Eilish has left the chat-
JediAnn Solo
JediAnn Solo Månad sedan
As a Christian mom, I appreciate your consideration for my well-being, but a good chunk of my church mutuals were really into scene during their teen years, so this isn’t new to a lot of us, lol.
Harlan Pendaz
Harlan Pendaz Månad sedan
tingles in da dingle berries
Square Planks
Square Planks Månad sedan
The audio in the song at the end and in parts of the video is way too loud on pinelys end
SOUTHWEST 7138 Månad sedan
Is that a man 😐
Kim 88
Kim 88 Månad sedan
Bisexuall bitch
Bisexuall bitch Månad sedan
his album would be "pink blood" or "pink guts"
Addison Bower
Addison Bower Månad sedan
Your pfp and name is a vibe😌
My Aplocheese
My Aplocheese Månad sedan
It all... Makes sense now, I understand, Kanye only wanted to make a songg with jefree
woadxqueen 66
woadxqueen 66 Månad sedan
Please tell me you listened to his song with Hollywood Undead called Turn off the Lights
Ferny Månad sedan
Be careful before the gays see this video 👀👀👀
Jedi The Kitten
Jedi The Kitten Månad sedan
Addison Bower
Addison Bower Månad sedan
Toribi Månad sedan
nutsack 2009
nutsack 2009 Månad sedan
im so glad im an emo kid instead of a scene kid so i dont have to get lumped into this literal garbage
Cruss Teasock
Cruss Teasock Månad sedan
a very original name
a very original name Månad sedan
"Ice cream cones and stab wounds"
Being Zombie Made it
Being Zombie Made it Månad sedan
Lonely rhymes with corny
Being Zombie Made it
Being Zombie Made it Månad sedan
Bubblegum butt surgery
Being Zombie Made it
Being Zombie Made it Månad sedan
He had a song with nicki minaj
This Cat Loves Apollo
This Cat Loves Apollo Månad sedan
Song: get away with murdered 10 y/o me: I LOVE IT Currently me: it's fucking dumb but still catchy.
Ava Kole
Ava Kole Månad sedan
he has another EP from 2007, and i only have the misfortune of knowing this because i will never forget the song titled "we want c*nt"
SayLess Månad sedan
I have dyed my hair weird colors for 20 years but when i look at Mr. Star I am disturbed. How is this beauty? I can't imagine how he does his makeup on other people looking beautiful either
Lorelei Catherine
Lorelei Catherine Månad sedan
Ok, as a former myspace scene kid I want to say....we're sorry...our music wasn't always that great. Gahd, have you ever heard brokencyde (freaxxx is still a bop tho)? Seriously, at the time, what Jeffree was doing was so radically different and fit the blooming aesthetic of scene culture in such a unique way that we all just loved the guy. My myspace song was at least 7 different J Star songs at any given time. This style of music was what scene kids LOVED (this and chiptune or hardcore screamo). Pluse the scene was pretty sex-centric for whatever reason. But trust me, there is worse than this. You ever wanna dive into that rabbit hole of awful "wtf even were we thinking tho cause this was some messed up teen angst stuff" I'll be more than glad to consult lol Oh and to be fair....without the whole myspace emo/scene kid generation, Brendon Urie might not be where he is today. Panic at the Disco was signed after basically everyone made their first demos their myspace page songs.
bisiilki Månad sedan
What do you mean you're 21
Gwyn 66
Gwyn 66 Månad sedan
My jefree star name pitch "bloodred cyanide nailpolish"
Shadow Dragon
Shadow Dragon Månad sedan
Jeffery sold his soul to the devil. God is very real
Angel Bunny
Angel Bunny 2 månader sedan
As Jeffree got his start in the scene/emo community, I would like to say something!! With the revival of scene/emo culture, remember: Cringe culture is dead!! The only things that are cringe now, are racists, ableists, sexists, pedos, and homophobes!
aria Månad sedan
this post is cringe bro
Prinny Dood
Prinny Dood 2 månader sedan
I can't believe my childhood icon said jeffree star would be the next lady gaga, i kinda feel betrayed somehow
Israel Davis
Israel Davis 2 månader sedan
I lowkey like a good chunk of his songs. 🤣
ScIoNix Xx
ScIoNix Xx 2 månader sedan
They interview J.S. By the PortaPotties and it’s sooooo good representation for him 😀
Mannequia 2 månader sedan
Chokehold Cuddling
Theresa Dove Music
Theresa Dove Music 2 månader sedan
you leave him out of this. i danced on stage with him when i was 15. you wanna fight?
Gazwilliams 2 månader sedan
If you wasn’t around in the MySpace era of course it looks trash. Back then this was lit.
hey dude I'm trying
hey dude I'm trying 2 månader sedan
Finally someone discusses this
Vik Rose
Vik Rose 2 månader sedan
i listened to so much of his stuff in middle school and early high school and i havent thought about it in years but yet the second you played anything, the lyrics came back to me. jfc brain of all the things you couldve stored, its this???
COOKIE GOODNESS 2 månader sedan
Wow..Misterony SEpostrthano looks alot like Carlos from Big Time Rush...
Terry Beardmore
Terry Beardmore 2 månader sedan
Does anyone remember Jeffrey Starr's awful earky single "we want c**t" that was on every scene girls MySpace for years from like 2004 onwards.
R B 2 månader sedan
to be fair, this is scene music i’m sure. it’s still shit but scene music just sounds like that
Julea Batata
Julea Batata 2 månader sedan
I didn't even know he had made music. Still sucks tho.
Anony 2 månader sedan
New Jeffree single: Dolled up psycho
German Dress
German Dress 2 månader sedan
The fact that I used to jam to these songs in middle school...
L.A. Hauer
L.A. Hauer 2 månader sedan
He released this when I was about 15 or 16. You bet your ass I loved it 😂
AWormWithAHeadset 2 månader sedan
8:03 High heels and low feels xD
j Thompson
j Thompson 2 månader sedan
Off topic, but Mr. SEpostr looks GREAT in that crazy orange shirt!!
Alexis Grey
Alexis Grey 2 månader sedan
WTF is with the Lady Gaga comparison? she's actually talented hehe
垃圾妖精 2 månader sedan
if people listened to blood on the dance floor, I'm not surprised people liked this garbage. lmao.
垃圾妖精 2 månader sedan
disappointed the absolute masterpiece about straight boys loving him isn't here. 😔 big sad.
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