Lilly Singh's Not So Great Return To Youtube

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Lilly Singh, (also known as "superwoman") is now back on SEpost! is her show "A Little Late With Lilly Singh" cancelled or something? I'm not too sure, let's see what I say in this video
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My Twitter: Pinelyy

Pinely 9 månader sedan
Fyi: I'm brown, so if you don't like what I have to say it's because you don't like brown people. Have a good day!
Mikołaj Lelito
Mikołaj Lelito 2 dagar sedan
Should Name your fans BrownBoxersTM
Nova Man
Nova Man 7 månader sedan
so ur mr.youtuber?
Romondoto 8 månader sedan
Shammua Peters
Shammua Peters 8 månader sedan
Ngl, you got me in the second half
dart veidarr
dart veidarr 8 månader sedan
Ok Boomer
Joseph Leonard
Joseph Leonard 4 dagar sedan
Conan is the only sane, interesting, and actually funny talk show host. The rest are woke robots.
Allison VP
Allison VP 4 dagar sedan
Every show is the same
Chris Mullen
Chris Mullen 5 dagar sedan
Her entire schtick is "Black guys drive a car like this, white guys drive a car like *this.* "
Lawrence Grott
Lawrence Grott 5 dagar sedan
FFS she's awful. I've NEVER, NOT ONE TIME, ever seen anything she's done that's even remotely funny or clever. She's a hack who has been propped up by idiots.
Reversal Boi
Reversal Boi 20 dagar sedan
Stfu dumb sexist hater
Feathery Coffee
Feathery Coffee 16 dagar sedan
Are you being ironic or not, I can't tell.
Red Ranger
Red Ranger Månad sedan
Funny comedians have jokes that include race. Her jokes are based on race.
Red Ranger
Red Ranger Månad sedan
Why she gotta make brown people look bad?
Brian Gohjira
Brian Gohjira Månad sedan
Ooh I know, you can call us fine pines
Classy Cat
Classy Cat Månad sedan
Okay pinely i see u w the things wont be the same clip alright box man im impressed
HIVE CLIQUE Månad sedan
MF DOOM for the segways? Nice
Harjinder Saini
Harjinder Saini Månad sedan
Legend has it that Lilly Singh is a bi-sexual woman of colour.
Seaweed Banana
Seaweed Banana Månad sedan
Imagine if the fake audience laugh audio doesn’t exist.
Supermacdash A
Supermacdash A Månad sedan
I’m darker than brown and Lilly is big unfunny
Brett Richter
Brett Richter 2 månader sedan
i saw Conan O’Brien in a Nordstroms dress department once
anuda emile
anuda emile 2 månader sedan
Lily has become a media puppet
Lezbnlvr36 2 månader sedan
If whites did this, they would be called racist..... I'm a black lesbian and we dont want her
Melanie Sheldon
Melanie Sheldon 2 månader sedan
She is immature, but not funny. It's disappointing. She should stick to only rapping about m&ms
Bliss Ventura
Bliss Ventura 2 månader sedan
The reason why she keeps reminding people her skin color is because she doesnt have a personality so she needs to replace it with something. Just like RiceGum and his wealth
Blue Babi
Blue Babi 3 månader sedan
I remember yeaarssss ago when I used to watched her videos and she was my absolute favorite SEpostr, then I stopped in like 2017 😕
Vin Facts
Vin Facts 3 månader sedan
where are you from bro?
ZeKnight 3 månader sedan
Who tf is lily singh why is she popular and btw idc
Allan L
Allan L 3 månader sedan
but... buT, BUT she's a Bisexual woman of color so it's mens fault!
The Shrimp
The Shrimp 3 månader sedan
Why do all these you tubers popular with kids seem like boomer content?
Rae Megami
Rae Megami 4 månader sedan
this channel's subscribers should have been called pine nuts
J R Animation Studios
J R Animation Studios 4 månader sedan
Fanbase name: BoxBoards
Knowledge 5 månader sedan
i'm brown too!
bobby a
bobby a 5 månader sedan
She is so unfunny
Kevin Eslinger
Kevin Eslinger 5 månader sedan
Ladies and Gentlemen! Let me introduce myself to you. I am Kevin Cool and I am starting my SEpost channel in 2021. It will be called "Kickin It With Kevin Cool." I pledge to all of you that my new channel will entertain you and will punctuate the dreariness of what viewers thought was funny before. Say goodbye to mediocrity as I have come to tickle your funny bones and save the day!!!
youtubeuserdan 5 månader sedan
Stop self promoting.
SomeSortofWeeb 5 månader sedan
You should call us Boxheads...
SomeSortofWeeb 5 månader sedan
Terence Garcia
Terence Garcia 5 månader sedan
Bitch is annoying as FUCK! She’s almost as annoying as Jimmy Fallen.
Terence Garcia
Terence Garcia 5 månader sedan
I like how this bitch is supposed to be all about representation diversity and social justice and then makes a fucking racist video stereotyping her entire culture. I hate this celebrity virtue signaling shit.
Nah Snag
Nah Snag 6 månader sedan
I like how Mr. youtuber told pinely to plug his earphones in.
Aisha 6 månader sedan
nuuuuuu i wanna be part of the pine crew pinely🥺
Aisha 6 månader sedan
the “booooo” “get off my phone screen!” had me wheezing i can’t lie😂
Josephine Hayward
Josephine Hayward 6 månader sedan
As a bisexual WOC, Lilly's jokes about being a bisexual WOC are getting old. It feels like it's the only thing about her; joke about skin color, joke about sexuality, rinse repeat.
purplecatonbroadway 6 månader sedan
Me realizing Pinely looks like a fucking Chad irl
Anhela Anhela
Anhela Anhela 6 månader sedan
the pinings
Cinematic Movie Maker
Cinematic Movie Maker 6 månader sedan
I'm so glad I didn't watch her content in 2016 since that's when her content went downhill in my opinion and just watched Jusreign who is much better and actually doesn't try to follow the trend of the new part of SEpost and just generally is funny, he actually tries making good videos, and he is relatable.
Artemis 6 månader sedan
Her target audience are Indian kids who are just getting a hold of the internet...
arlothedino 6 månader sedan
Braden Sampson
Braden Sampson 6 månader sedan
I find it very peculiar that SEpostrs can’t even say the words “corona virus” without being demonetized and blacklisted ...? Why the fuck
Jasmine Sad Person
Jasmine Sad Person 6 månader sedan
i won’t stand for seth meyers and john oliver slander 😤😤
Lady.Whatever 6 månader sedan
I don't like watching her she makes me feel uncomfortable with the unfunny jokes. The second hand embarrassment kills me
15YearOld Artist
15YearOld Artist 7 månader sedan
By the way John Oliver does not deserve to be grouped with every other Late Night Talk Show Hosts
The Sandwich Man
The Sandwich Man 7 månader sedan
Leafy literally destroyed you
Cill Mill
Cill Mill 7 månader sedan
pp 😬
The Sandwich Man
The Sandwich Man 7 månader sedan
Cill Mill still better than any content this dude has ever made tbh
Cill Mill
Cill Mill 7 månader sedan
@The Sandwich Man I never said Pinely was funny and leafy's 'roasts' were honestly kinda sad
The Sandwich Man
The Sandwich Man 7 månader sedan
Cill Mill He did this dude is not funny
Cill Mill
Cill Mill 7 månader sedan
Not really
NCG Bess
NCG Bess 7 månader sedan
Eithered by leafy
George Costanza
George Costanza 7 månader sedan
Alright I was on your side against all the leafy fans but dude....dont disable the comments man that's just gonna make it worse
Ragini Singh
Ragini Singh 7 månader sedan
That is embarrassing...
Rach 7 månader sedan
I'm brown and nobody hates her more than me
odolany 7 månader sedan
Don't like Jimmies too, But the Seth one is kind of better at home than in studio imo. Still not good though. I used to like the Stephen, and I hope he'll get better again after elections.
Lincomics 7 månader sedan
You still exesist
Royal Fire Sage2
Royal Fire Sage2 7 månader sedan
The epic gamers
yung pickles
yung pickles 7 månader sedan
She's a disgrace to India. Glad I'm half of Samoan.
master hacker1001
master hacker1001 7 månader sedan
God her jokes are just terrible
nokwanda sthoko Mbatha
nokwanda sthoko Mbatha 7 månader sedan
So you’re not giving Trevor Noah any credit?
The Peepee Poopoo Man
The Peepee Poopoo Man 8 månader sedan
Where did you go
Aquaaack 8 månader sedan
I loooove how much she gives us brown people. And it lets white people sees how they look when taking to us. Win win
Vikhyat Chauhan
Vikhyat Chauhan 8 månader sedan
Am brown, Indian, even singh. Lilly singh does not represent us, not even a bit.
neva evs
neva evs 8 månader sedan
i think we should be called pine cones. No? ok.
KombuchaPapii 8 månader sedan
0:31 were Eric Andre?
Amy Marie
Amy Marie 8 månader sedan
The beer virus is bullshit, event 201 explains how COVID is a SCAMdemic
Achim Samir Mihail
Achim Samir Mihail 8 månader sedan
What is the name of the outro song?
fuckjoya 8 månader sedan
I used to support these reaction channels but I'm really not seeing the interest anymore, she's cringey and annoying but you don't have to watch the show? I sure don't? Problem solved? With all the shit going on in the world, trashing a youtuber for having no talent is just so indicative of you not having any real content yourself. She's not hurting anyone or scamming anyone or anything negative, And at least shes trying to make some kind of content for some kind of audience, what do you do? Watch her show knowing full well it's going to be bad and then trashing it anyway as if you expected something different? Don't get me wrong I think she's crazy annoying but I wouldn't waste my time making videos about how shit I think someone is to get paid, talk about having nothing going on for yourself, is this really the best way for you to make money? All I'm saying is you should be happy for your fellow SEpostr and just keep your mouth shut and hope that could be you one day (if you actually made any significant content) and don't pay her any attention if you don't like her.
•Dangan Eli•
•Dangan Eli• 8 månader sedan
Can I have some help? I got a Lilly Singh video on my recommended. I really need help.
Croc 8 månader sedan
Conan is still great,John Oliver and Trevor Noah are good,and Stephen Colbert is decent. The whole Late Night Universe sort of went down the toilet after Letterman and Jon Stewart retired. It sucks that people think that Jimmy Fallon isn't funny,you obviously haven't seen his Stand-Up or his time on SNL,and he has great Impressions.
MartyMcG 8 månader sedan
I don't know if you guys heard this but she's a bi-sexual women of colour...
Amber Martinez
Amber Martinez 8 månader sedan
Hey Pinely! Sadly this wasn't on my recommended but I remembered watching you but couldn't remember you channel name and found you again! I'm glad I get to watch your content and enjoy your content.
Jar Jar Binks
Jar Jar Binks 8 månader sedan
The Pineapples
Tak4shi 8 månader sedan
Steven Barry
Steven Barry 8 månader sedan
Jimmy Kimmel is basically all about hating Trump show now
Ádám Vörös
Ádám Vörös 8 månader sedan
did you know that lilly is a brown woman and not a white man?
explicitcorp 8 månader sedan
We are the pine needles.
Haverly Love
Haverly Love 8 månader sedan
I don’t get the point of this video and I wish Stuff like this would stop showing up in my feed. Also, life is simple, if you don’t like Lilly, don’t watch. Same way I don’t enjoy ur content and clicked “don’t recommend “ there is no need to try and make a living off bashing someone else pls find better things to do.
User 20 User 20
User 20 User 20 8 månader sedan
Are you dead ?
Crimson Hound
Crimson Hound 8 månader sedan
nope i can feel a pulse
TheCryptoMain 8 månader sedan
She's only a breeder.
azumi 8 månader sedan
Ronny Chieng isn’t funny either
Josh Smith
Josh Smith 8 månader sedan
I feel like Jimmy Kimble could take lessons from jontron
Sunny Ofabish
Sunny Ofabish 8 månader sedan
I don't believe you...
CIIR 8 månader sedan
I dont really care for her talk show or other videos but absolutely love the 'parent skits'
ryublueblanka 8 månader sedan
Lillys not done with late night. Late night is done with her.
H Dap
H Dap 8 månader sedan
Make a video about jaystation again he quitted SEpost
Skilled Squid965
Skilled Squid965 8 månader sedan
@Dylan Samuel lol fair enough
Dylan Samuel
Dylan Samuel 8 månader sedan
Yeah I'm on phone so I cant spell
Skilled Squid965
Skilled Squid965 8 månader sedan
@Dylan Samuel team*
Dylan Samuel
Dylan Samuel 8 månader sedan
He's back on a channel named dream stream
Jessica Fischer
Jessica Fischer 8 månader sedan
Who? She's bloody awful. Not funny. 0/10 rating
Abracadabra 8 månader sedan
I am a brown, bi, girl. I used to love Lily, and I’m disappointed af.
Andrew Wood
Andrew Wood 8 månader sedan
Lilly Singh’s stereotype impression of her Indian parents: So progressive! Multi-faceted Simpsons character, Apu (voiced by white man): Boo! So racist!
Run Månad sedan
I could care less about the stereotyping but the stereotypes make no damn sense.
oquixlism 8 månader sedan
I don’t hate brown people I just don’t like *_her_*
The Incel
The Incel 8 månader sedan
Can you call us he fans “the pine trees”
SkillBasedGamer 8 månader sedan
Hey look at that, its like shes racist or something....
KindLittleBunny 9 månader sedan
She used to have good content and was funny. But ever since her “little late with lily” she’s not funny. She keeps mentioning that “she’s not a white man” and I can see that lily, I don’t need you to tell me.
Brian T
Brian T 9 månader sedan
A bad comedian without an audience that isn't anything more than an organic laugh track. Without the obedient idiots, you get to see exactly how not funny they are.
Alan Currie
Alan Currie 9 månader sedan
I think Lily's level of intellect in her comedy makes it aimed at 5 year olds, and I'm unfortunately not joking 😂
love Fire
love Fire 9 månader sedan
I honestly love Trevor Noah he is so funny, I also think she should say Indian and not just brown
Roblox Gamer3000
Roblox Gamer3000 9 månader sedan
Happy birthday
Bobby B Burns
Bobby B Burns 9 månader sedan
the Pineonears
King Pluto
King Pluto 9 månader sedan
Lily does a great job at making legitimate problems people of color (specifically brown pocs) face look like a fucking joke.
miss 305dale
miss 305dale 9 månader sedan
Girl fuck you, she really looked down on youtube and thought was better than everybody when she got her own show.
Julianna Agoncillo
Julianna Agoncillo 9 månader sedan
Hey Pinely, with you talking about late night talk show hosts, will you do a follow-up video on your thoughts on the other late night talk show hosts at-home shows, specifically Colbert, Trevor Noah and John Oliver? I think it's unfair that with all the jabs on the Jimmys and constant praises of Conan, I think the three I mentioned are left in the corner without any analysis. Are they really good (and by good I mean close enough to Conan?), mediocre, bad and boring with their revised shows?
Sofia Aviles
Sofia Aviles 9 månader sedan
Pinely: I myself am brown. Audience held at gunpoint: *HAHAHHAHAHA*
Charlotte Headey
Charlotte Headey 9 månader sedan
It feels like Lily is playing up the racist stereotypes of her own race.... kinda toxic if you ask me
therese lindgren
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