Rise of Kingdoms' Awful, Aggressive Ads

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-My Instagram: Pinelybox
-My Twitch: twitch.tv/Pinely
In this video I talk about Rise Of Kingdoms, AFK Arena, and the company behind all these mobile games - Lilith Games

ImmaDinoSaur Drinks Water
ImmaDinoSaur Drinks Water 3 timmar sedan
my mom plays rise of kingdoms and shes addicted I'm not happy.
Thedude1989 7 timmar sedan
If you want a good example of a developer actually putting effort into their game’s ads look at supercell
-YorozuyaGinChan- 8 timmar sedan
I got a Rise Of Kingdoms ad in this video💀
Fazze Steroudi
Fazze Steroudi 17 timmar sedan
%99.99 can't like this comment 😡😡😡😭
Corny 23 timmar sedan
I got the ad for this
Tanner Newbanks
Tanner Newbanks Dag sedan
I got two ads at the start of the video, and one of the fuckers was a Rise of Kingdoms ad.
ReCharmedAgian Dag sedan
Come on, get me Rome.. it has so much good stuff. Aawh how did i get Siberia .. is gonna kill me.
Tri Hieu Nguyen
Tri Hieu Nguyen 2 dagar sedan
*while I'm pressing the video about rise of kingdom, rise of kingdom ad:
Funni Joke
Funni Joke 2 dagar sedan
I got a rise of kingdoms ad before the vid started lol
Richard Furnival
Richard Furnival 2 dagar sedan
When I saw the 'Skip ad' button pop up in the clips in your video I automatically tried to click it. It's a natural reaction to me now lol
Ace •
Ace • 2 dagar sedan
I kid you not I got a ride of kingdoms ad
年zzxaux 2 dagar sedan
I downloaded this game cuz I kept getting this Ad and now I’m 4 million power low-key the ads are trash but the game is actually really good I recommend
Cyclops demon Boy
Cyclops demon Boy 2 dagar sedan
When I started this video an rise of kingdoms ad came
Eduardo 2 dagar sedan
It’s funny how they all build an empire selling fruits or farming
LegendaryLeaf _
LegendaryLeaf _ 3 dagar sedan
You haven't seen anything yet if you dont get total war battle game ads
The Annihilator
The Annihilator 3 dagar sedan
It’s really not that bad it’s kinda funny just I think he’s overreacting a little bit maybe take a break from SEpost
Ketao Ketao
Ketao Ketao 4 dagar sedan
It's the opposite for me I got no ads and the game is pretty good not like the ads
Mollie Tenpenny
Mollie Tenpenny 4 dagar sedan
5:19 A movie like that already exists! It's called The Room!🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kyle Nicloux
Kyle Nicloux 4 dagar sedan
I just got an ad about this game
Grizzlysaurus Gaming
Grizzlysaurus Gaming 4 dagar sedan
i like how when i clicked it i got the rise of kingdoms ad
To Ad
To Ad 4 dagar sedan
The idea of the game is good it’s just the ads that’s the problem
Miniature Jayhawk
Miniature Jayhawk 4 dagar sedan
Best thing is: While watching a rant about rise of kingdoms ads, I get ads from rise of kingdoms ! 😂😂😂
Random Memes
Random Memes 5 dagar sedan
Adblock solves the excessive ads problem
Carterplays Terraria
Carterplays Terraria 5 dagar sedan
I got a rise of kingdom add on this video
Impossible Gaming
Impossible Gaming 5 dagar sedan
I got an ad on rise of kingdoms at the beginning
Finn Left
Finn Left 6 dagar sedan
One of the ads played naruto music lol
NoiNaz 7 dagar sedan
these ads we're really popular on indonesia lol-
NoiNaz 7 dagar sedan
i just got the ad
Mousee 7 dagar sedan
I got a rof ad 2 times. CMoN COmOn GIvEe Me RoMe
LazyJohn 7 dagar sedan
Come on, come on give me Rome! What!? How did I get Siberia- *SKIP*
HappyGardevoir 4 dagar sedan
Come on, co- *Report this Ad for repetitive* Boom skip ad
Keilen is Da best
Keilen is Da best 8 dagar sedan
It's not bad you're just jealous
Ruhi Kad
Ruhi Kad 7 dagar sedan
No they are just compete dogshit
Gacha Galaxy owo
Gacha Galaxy owo 8 dagar sedan
I got an ad for rise of kingdoms at the start lol
Big Chungineer
Big Chungineer 8 dagar sedan
This thing even worse than the 3 stars game making ads
John Doe
John Doe 8 dagar sedan
Got the add on this video.
kingtacodemon 8 dagar sedan
I forgot what this video was and I tried to press the "skip ad"button
GEORGE PIG 8 dagar sedan
ok i starded the video and... ... ... RISE O F KINGDOMS
Ghost 9 dagar sedan
The people playing the game sound like they are foreigners who don’t understand English very well but they also have no accent. So weird
Rusty Shampoo
Rusty Shampoo 9 dagar sedan
Can we get Wuss for smash bros?
Mark Tsang
Mark Tsang 9 dagar sedan
I saw the same person in ads for three diferent games.
Dat Potatoes
Dat Potatoes 10 dagar sedan
Ok but lets see.. if they had unlimited money, they probably wouldn't even be making games..
Hedgehog max
Hedgehog max 10 dagar sedan
I got a rok fake add at the start of the vid so I thought the add was the video
Rayne265 [GD]
Rayne265 [GD] 10 dagar sedan
I literally got an ad for it at the beginning
the evil dude with wifi
the evil dude with wifi 11 dagar sedan
I got an rok add *at the start of the video* so yeah I agree
Смішний чоловік
Смішний чоловік 11 dagar sedan
H O W D I D I G E T S I B E R I A ? !
Elite Money Studios
Elite Money Studios 11 dagar sedan
Lol during watching this video I got a rise of kingdoms add.
RileyJRA 12 dagar sedan
Their ads mislead people the ads doesnt even look like the actual game its more horrible than the ad themselves I WANT TO KILL WHO EVER MADE ADS THEY SUCK
mArK!!!!!!!!!! 12 dagar sedan
His parents don't disown him because hes a farmer. It's because he plays rise of kingdoms.
A B 12 dagar sedan
Lilith Games is a Chinese company. The reason their ads feel like they were made by aliens is that they were, culturally speaking. It’s obvious the producers and marketing teams aren’t that in tune with modern western gen z or millennial culture. I’m not sure where they get the money from but they seem to have a lot, and they’re very aggressive so I suspect maybe they have outside help? Some very generous investors? or if you wanna be conspiratorial, the CCP perhaps. Who knows, but it definitely looks odd
Plebingz 12 dagar sedan
He should do it about it now
KD 12 dagar sedan
Got a ad for this game when watching
10C2 Nguyễn Hoàng Vĩnh Khang
10C2 Nguyễn Hoàng Vĩnh Khang 13 dagar sedan
Just clicked on your video, an ad of Rise of Kingdoms appears 🅱️😂😂😂😂
The Wild Pen
The Wild Pen 13 dagar sedan
I got an ad for Rise of Kingdoms in the middle of this
Chris_FNaM2021 13 dagar sedan
Finally, I've watched enough of these to get them myself.
Greeny 13 dagar sedan
Haidar Ammaar
Haidar Ammaar 14 dagar sedan
I got mafia city ads please help
Jester Jax
Jester Jax 14 dagar sedan
Oh no I got one of their ads here!
Nat Burl
Nat Burl 14 dagar sedan
Not even joking i clicked on the video and the first thing i saw was pLeAsE bE rOmE
solarfishyfishy 15 dagar sedan
I got an ad for rise of kingdoms going into this video. Ironic
Idont Know
Idont Know 16 dagar sedan
I got one in russian
Firionel 16 dagar sedan
Funilly enough, I got a shitty Rise of Kingdoms ad right before this video. They're like Beetlejuice, you say their name enough and they pop up, only difference is that Rise of Kingdoms is... well... Rise of Kingdoms
Lounis777 17 dagar sedan
And i got a rise of kingdoms add on this video cool
K. L.
K. L. 17 dagar sedan
They're so bad I genuinely think they're making them bad on purpose
ryan 17 dagar sedan
I’m not even kidding I got a rise of kingdoms ad when I clicked on this video
Alexander Mains
Alexander Mains 17 dagar sedan
I got a rise of kingdoms ad when I pressed onto this vid
JASON KAISER 18 dagar sedan
I got a rise of kingdoms ad watching this
Michael Ursu
Michael Ursu 18 dagar sedan
Woah. Ive been hired by them to do voice acting in their commercials
Smug.Exe 19 dagar sedan
I literally got the ad as soon as i tapped on this damn video.
MC Dexpo
MC Dexpo 19 dagar sedan
Come on, mesopotamia!! I'll win with oil! What??? How did I get siberia???
Sir Steezy
Sir Steezy 21 dag sedan
We all searched for this.
melissa burns
melissa burns 21 dag sedan
Oiled _Octopus
Oiled _Octopus 22 dagar sedan
I've been pressing the thumbs down button during ads so many times when u showed footage of the ad i tried to dislike the ad
The Banana Man.
The Banana Man. 22 dagar sedan
Ive downloaded the game And I can tell you that the ads are nothing like the game, *like most games*
Unb8able 22 dagar sedan
I got an rok ad lol
Rolling Pearl
Rolling Pearl 22 dagar sedan
they're so funny in spanish
Isaac Macedo
Isaac Macedo 22 dagar sedan
While watching this video a rise of kingdom ad happened😂😂😂😂😂
RockyPlays 22 dagar sedan
I got a rok ad on this video lol
Flaming Iceberg
Flaming Iceberg 22 dagar sedan
The sultans game is so sexist and annoying. "Save this woman off the streets and pressure her into being your queen"
REDAC7ED 23 dagar sedan
Can you Guess what ad I got before this video?
Mr. Universe115
Mr. Universe115 23 dagar sedan
I got an ad right when I clicked on this and it was rise of kingdom
JAKOB OLSEN 23 dagar sedan
Literally just got an ad for this when I clicked on it
Lyrics life
Lyrics life 24 dagar sedan
Me : click on your video Ad : hi I'm rise kingdom
Alex and Charlie
Alex and Charlie 24 dagar sedan
An ad of this game came as I was watching the video
Brenda Phil
Brenda Phil 24 dagar sedan
As soon as the video start I got a rise of kingdom ad
ian kinnear
ian kinnear 24 dagar sedan
I got rise of kingdoms on this video lol
999九九九999 24 dagar sedan
I got a rise of kingdom ad after I pressed this vid(it is in Russian for whatever reason
Admiral Sock Puppet
Admiral Sock Puppet 24 dagar sedan
I got a Rise of Kingdoms ad before the video even started lol
Admiral Sock Puppet
Admiral Sock Puppet 24 dagar sedan
I got a Rise of Kingdoms ad before the video even started lol
Peter Russo
Peter Russo 24 dagar sedan
Guess what I gottttttttt
Derek S A
Derek S A 24 dagar sedan
I saw a rise of kingdom ad during the middle of the video
•-SmekyoStudios-• 24 dagar sedan
*I got a rise of kingdom add on this*
David J.
David J. 24 dagar sedan
I got 4 ROK ads during this vid Hah
Shoeske 25 dagar sedan
All these kingdom building ads are basically: 1. Be the best 2.Another king steals everything and your back to lvl1 3.Walk around and find a gold mine 4. Build an entire empire in 2 seconds 5. be a petty loser and steal everything back from everyone that wronged you.
GuitarTee ROBLOX
GuitarTee ROBLOX 25 dagar sedan
I got a Rise Of Kingdoms ad before this video.
Idjx 25 dagar sedan
Is that Charlie's carriage? Anna no! "You're a nice guy, let's just be friends" I had life good I should just give up *throws farming tool at rock and gold spews out* I'm rich! Now I'll build a kingdom and get Anna back. Rise of Kingdoms play now. I got that ad and I feel your pain
Jason Harris
Jason Harris 25 dagar sedan
I have played this game for a few months. It is the worst pay to win game I have ever played in my life. Up in the thousands people pay. This is why they are able to put these ads out like this. The ads are all lies. It would be a good game if it was not for the over the top pay to win aspect. Do not waste your time. Your better off buying a game. One of your related videos is titled He spend 1.5 mil on RoK and this is why he still plays. That should tell you why they have plenty of money for ads.
Robertw Wilkinson
Robertw Wilkinson 25 dagar sedan
I got one during the vid
Ed Kreefer
Ed Kreefer 25 dagar sedan
I got a rise of kingdoms ad...
Francis The frog
Francis The frog 25 dagar sedan
THAT Guy 26 dagar sedan
So I wasn't the only one compulsively trying to click the skip ad button during clips, right?
Bean guy 324
Bean guy 324 26 dagar sedan
That guy with big sad eyes is fucking annoying.
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