Shane Dawson's DISGUSTING (and now deleted) Christmas Specials

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Shane Dawson's christmas specials are not too good (surprisingly enough).
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Pinely 2 månader sedan
help!! Shane Dawson's songs are stuck in my head!! Also as a challenge Im gonna try to comment to as many (coherent) comments as I can in the next few hours, wish me luck.
raty boi
raty boi 3 dagar sedan
I got a gun oh your fixing it
red shibe
red shibe 14 dagar sedan
@Masta Theif karens arent related to reddit in anyway,they are just a meme in reddit, idiot
Masta Theif
Masta Theif 14 dagar sedan
@red shibe redditor 🤢🤢🤢
red shibe
red shibe 14 dagar sedan
@Masta Theif prob you are an angry karen who wants to talk to the manager
Masta Theif
Masta Theif 14 dagar sedan
@red shibe Can they leave America alone? Lol. Yeah I would but it's at least a start, maybe open their eyes to the shitty baby cutting culture of judaism
Naptosis 2 dagar sedan
Belated welcome to London mate, sorry you had to experience this noncing plague over Xmas and Hanuka. The virus situation is diabolical too.
Shock N Awe
Shock N Awe 3 dagar sedan
1:01 but arent you jewish? Why are you saying “sorry” to your parents?
COLIN TOSH 4 dagar sedan
I totally understand why his career is over, its a bit of a shame as his conspiracy theory videos were genuinely entertaining
Koselill 4 dagar sedan
I kinda like it lmao its like a guilty pleasure
Ninjamohawk 5 dagar sedan
This last Hanukkah was hard. I missed all my mom's food and all my family. I completely understand what you mean. Also in subbing you. You sat through all those Doug Walker movies. You're clearly a formidable sort.
Almi 123
Almi 123 7 dagar sedan
Zoë Kaley
Zoë Kaley 8 dagar sedan
Shane’s face just annoys me
Tee Alliayah
Tee Alliayah 13 dagar sedan
Tbf, the thought of an old man leaving presents for random children he doesn't know is a bit sus..
Lizzy D
Lizzy D 19 dagar sedan
It’s Feb 8th and this video is just reminding me that all of the Christmas lights and fake tree is still in my living room because my dad said “it makes me happy” and I don’t think it’s ever coming down at this point
bloblo 20 dagar sedan
I don't get it why is he dragging this old video? It's early 2000 comedy, of course is trash. How is this different from any american pie movies for example? It's just supposed to be stupid I don't see any hidden messages or morals in this.
I watch trash
I watch trash 21 dag sedan
Shane Lee Yaw, you telling me this dude's initials are fucking SLY?
fahad kassab
fahad kassab 21 dag sedan
You sound obsessed with Shane
Orpheus 010
Orpheus 010 23 dagar sedan
I mean, shanaynay is not a well developed character but you are missing the point. Not every character is supposed to be a level headed good person. I think that is the point of shanaynay. If i remember correctly the character was an exaggerated version of people shane grew up around. I dont understand why people feel the need to virtue signal as if they dont like dark or offenaive comedy. Im not going to clutch my pearls and act offended just so that i can shit on shane.
jobo 23 dagar sedan
Shane’s singing voice is so grating
Sammy 97
Sammy 97 23 dagar sedan
I know shane got alot of shit for shanaynay and some things where too much but shanaynay was still super funny
Harry the Rat
Harry the Rat 24 dagar sedan
We’re in lockdown in the U.K. how did you move here? 😒😒😒
Lewis Ryan
Lewis Ryan 26 dagar sedan
I wonder how many people loved these videos at the time and now blame Shane for making these videos rather than blaming themselves for enjoying them 👍🏻😂
Natalie 26 dagar sedan
interesting how i used to be a hardcore shane and onision stan and was groomed by an adult when i was 13, i was def desensitized by the warning signs
Emily 26 dagar sedan
Maybe this Christmas was actually bop ok
Nyla Cooper
Nyla Cooper 26 dagar sedan
10:24 Now I remember watching this when I was younger. I clicked out of it around this part and that was the last time I ever watched a Shane Dawson video. Thank you for bringing back this terrible memory that I buried.
Danna Roberts
Danna Roberts 27 dagar sedan
I though his videos were hilarious when I was 12-13. I can’t believe people are now getting offended. Why not back then? His videos were no secret. 2021 is for wimps 🤦🏻‍♀️
Efrain S Pena
Efrain S Pena 27 dagar sedan
Woah lived in Italy. Now London. You’re Jewish and brown. So much diversity in one man
TheSuperNintenderps 28 dagar sedan
I agree. Mr. SEpostr is very handsome 😊
Deer Månad sedan
Me remembering loving him Me remembering my pain when I learned he was racist
Sashy Pooh
Sashy Pooh Månad sedan
He basically stole Shanaynay from the 90s sitcom with Martin Lawrence. But Martin was actually funny.
Foodnt Månad sedan
i actually got that one power ranger gba game, power rangers dino thunder
rogurt Månad sedan
7:31 me at 6 am writing the essay while sleep deprived
kraXoom Månad sedan
SEpost was such a different place back then. We condoned this behavior and made Shane a millionaire but we’re also responsible for his now downfall. We millennials really have a hard time sticking to something 😂
SINNER Månad sedan
Are used to love a lot of old Shane Dawson videos And he had one with Shenae nay nay said my drug dealer is 12 the little girl jumped out of nowhere and said hi Sydney here’s your weed and give her the bag Shenae nay says have you been smoking my weed little girl replies back with no and she smacks her and said I’m doing this because I love you and that just lives in my head forever No joke I think about it every second
Nav Rhy
Nav Rhy Månad sedan
These videos were funny as hell. I miss this Shane
Bobe Bob
Bobe Bob Månad sedan
was this a lowkey face reveal?
Charles T.
Charles T. Månad sedan
im jewish but my moms christian so we celebrated hannukah and christmas lmao
MrAnony4 Månad sedan
Nice a jewish youtuber, i have a jewish part
Ducky Guy
Ducky Guy Månad sedan
I’m Jew dabadi dabadie
Viv Konz
Viv Konz Månad sedan
yes it was disgusting but like take a look at all the other content coming out around 2013- all like shock humor gross and offensive shit too. Im not saying this makes him doing it ok but everyone else was doing it too.
Layheee Gala
Layheee Gala Månad sedan
Okay sue me but I still to this day, enjoy old Shane Dawson this video was just a pure nostalgia piece for me.
Layheee Gala
Layheee Gala Månad sedan
Dude I’m so glad I remember these as a little kid I’d be so hyped for the new Shane Dawson video
אבי גורל
אבי גורל Månad sedan
אח יקר🤣
MSTVD Månad sedan
indian jewish?
Muti Altanov
Muti Altanov Månad sedan
I don’t think the first song video is that bad..cmon
Joshua Mckenzie
Joshua Mckenzie Månad sedan
Hailey fazbear
Hailey fazbear Månad sedan
You should read his book as a video 🤣🤣🤣🥲😈😈😈😈
Anja chan
Anja chan Månad sedan
christmas isn't even really very christian ... they just stole it xD where I come from nearly nobody has any religion and they still celebrate it xD
Rin Rin
Rin Rin Månad sedan
I wish Shanaynay was real world 😔😔😔
Blake Davis
Blake Davis Månad sedan
Looks like Shane was inspired by that one Brand New video
Blake Davis
Blake Davis Månad sedan
Just remembered it. The quiet things that no one ever knows. Good song
Nayda Anjou
Nayda Anjou Månad sedan
You’re JEWISH?!
Poop Shitface
Poop Shitface Månad sedan
Am I the only one who thinks Shane’s funny
Rymu27 Månad sedan
xian1978 Månad sedan
It's kinda funny that atheists can celebrate Christmas but Jewish can't. I mean, mainstream Christmas is as Christian as me.... spoiler alert, I'm an atheist :-p
Dvn Lake
Dvn Lake Månad sedan
Do Italians hang spaghetti on their Christmas trees? Asking for a friend
Kakashi TaeTae
Kakashi TaeTae Månad sedan
2:58 didnt age well
Ferny Månad sedan
I'm new to the channel, is Pinely & Mr. SEpostr the same person???
Argus Taveras
Argus Taveras Månad sedan
I don't think people realize that Shanaynay is meant to be like a Borat kind of character. Any of you know Borat? Well, like Borat, Shanaynay says offensive things unaware they're offensive, but the humor lies in how it makes fun of actual racist people, ignorant people who *actually ARE* like Shanaynay (well, that's where the humor is *trying* to lie anyway). You see, when Sacha Baron Cohen plays Borat and says things like *"My country has three kinds of problems: political, economic, and Jew,"* he's making fun of people who actually *ARE* anti-semitic - basically parodying them. It doesn't mean Sacha Baron Cohen is anti-semitic himself, even though it *WAS* him saying those words, and in documentary style of media, which makes it all the more confusing. If any of you have seen Borat, you know what I mean. With the Shanaynay character, *Shane Dawson was essentially doing the same thing.* But you guys are taking it literal and calling Shane racist for the comedy when again, that comedy is meant to be making fun of people who actually ARE racist. Shanaynay is supposed to be a walking parody of those kinds of people. *That's what's supposed to make it funny, and it's being misinterpreted* -- maybe because of bad delivery or something else. But oh well, I just feel bad for Shane lol, because it's that very misinterpretation that has caused him to get labeled as a racist and "cancelled." And that's how Sue sees it.
8ctagon Månad sedan
I love hating Shane Dawson. This dude really did try to play the "I'm an empath" card despite years of making content that was specifically designed to make people uncomfortable in the worst possible way. I'm surprised people are being welcoming when he shows up in the background of SEpostrs videos or plays a small part. Shane needs to genuinely show that he understands why his previous content specifically sexual assaults jokes, pedophilia jokes, zoophilia jokes, and blackface were harmful at absolute best. I'm one of those people who believes that when people process their mistakes and learn from them, they can earn forgiveness. Not from everyone, of course, but they can still earn some amount of forgiveness. Shane seems resistant to any attempt to actually address his previous content. And when he does, he stands by how funny he thinks it was. It's a shame. We've seen that he can do at least a little better than this, and yet, still manages to disappoint everyone over and over again. I wish him the best despite how just grotesque he is on every conceivable level. My standpoint is get better and make an effort, or disappear. Nobody wants the him he marketed back in those days, except maybe racist sexist 11 year olds who wonder why they don't have many friends.
izzytheworld Månad sedan
also shanaynay is supposed to be a woc... he just didn’t do blackface for her
Redd Love
Redd Love Månad sedan
When u realize Shane actually can’t sing
Stefania Ogun
Stefania Ogun Månad sedan
wait you lived in Italy???? are you Italian???? also italian don't really give Christmas give to each other as much as Americans do. some Italians don't even do the Christian gift things
Super Craig
Super Craig Månad sedan
Shit Ive loved the music videos since I was like 13....
ِ Månad sedan
hey you should leave shane alone, all this shane drama happened a while ago!
DanzTheGB Månad sedan
I'm jewish too- lmao *ok nice intro*
goat man
goat man Månad sedan
hello friends!! so, his newest video doesn't have comments turned on, so i just wanna say... please don't send death threats to people just because they did something wrong. nobody deserves death threats OR to be harrassed/bullied. so pleasepleasePLEASE don't harass shane! i know what he did was very wrong, but i'm sure he's going through a lot right now. he also already stopped posting content, so just please don't harass him! 💖💕💖💖
Naylana Campbell
Naylana Campbell Månad sedan
I am so happy this video was created 😭
Tacoman 2278
Tacoman 2278 Månad sedan
This is art
Pigeo Nito
Pigeo Nito Månad sedan
Oh geez. Me and my dumb friends used to love the Shanaynay character when we were too young to know better.... This did not age well at all.
gamer Månad sedan
why are people so mad with him ? i dont really understand
Puppet person
Puppet person 21 dag sedan
D'angelo wallace made a great video on it
andrea costi
andrea costi Månad sedan
i'm italian, where did you lived in it?
The Folklore of Being
The Folklore of Being Månad sedan
The urge to poke holes in that cardboard background with a pencil is just too much 😑😤
Metaljupiter37 Månad sedan
I remember these
Crooked Closure
Crooked Closure 2 månader sedan
Pink guy is cool.
cmhsky 2 månader sedan
Is that how Shane killed his kitten and dog? Christmas specials gone wrong?
Supereffective Fireblast
Supereffective Fireblast 2 månader sedan
Christmas doesn't have to be religious. You can celebrate it if you want to. There's a million different ways to celebrate it and plenty of people just do it because it's fun. Also, all of the things you admired about it? Those things aren't even Christian. They're a product of syncretism the Catholic Church used as a conversion tactic for people practicing old folk religions that only remnants remain of now. It's a melting pot holiday and you're free to join in. Other countries do and they're not doing it out of a religious context. Ask Japan. They have a Christmas tradition where you get a bucket of KFC and hang out with people you like.
Friendly Homie
Friendly Homie Månad sedan
This is how Christmas went from a religious holiday, to companies making millions.
Nateman1000 Månad sedan
Why can’t he celebrate Hanukkah
Lost in time
Lost in time 2 månader sedan
Yeah, I watched his old videos on the Wayback machine and their honestly disgusting. Especially if you consider the way he treated the actors as well.
Calvurs 2 månader sedan
i'm christian (this is an un needed comment but eh)
Calvurs Månad sedan
@Nateman1000 sorry i am so very dumb and don't understand jokes xd
Nateman1000 Månad sedan
Woah that’s only the largest religion
Dekayla Pollard
Dekayla Pollard 2 månader sedan
aren't yall tired of talking about this man yet. god damn.
cum-fart 2 månader sedan
no his skits were so funny, it just dark humor.
Mangome14 2 månader sedan
Norah H
Norah H 2 månader sedan
hey stop writing hate comments about Shane..l can’t like them all.
A Creative Name Or Something Like That
A Creative Name Or Something Like That 2 månader sedan
You are right pine man I am not as smart as you so I did not catch that thing from the video
Woah_Chill_Out_Jil 2 månader sedan
the short film is literally a glee episode
Henry He
Henry He 2 månader sedan
wait why are people surprised that this was Shane's content back then? He's been doing this since youtube started?
Ida Eriksson
Ida Eriksson 2 månader sedan
U must have such a sad boring life, wow
Pinely 2 månader sedan
Its actually quite an exciting one
Retarded Turtles
Retarded Turtles 2 månader sedan
They were deleted for a reason. Stop being selfish and using it to get views. Make your own content
Joslyn Hayes
Joslyn Hayes 2 månader sedan
Me in 2016: Lmao all these kids would hate Shane today if they knew about his past Me in 2020: Well I wasn’t wrong
Furlough 2020
Furlough 2020 2 månader sedan
Shane is lucky he is not in prison. He needs to go away.... and never comes back
Laegon Waters
Laegon Waters 2 månader sedan
Happy Belated Hanukkah to my fellow Jews! 😁
KissyAdair 2 månader sedan
I thought he was kinda funny. People get so offended. Lol
KissyAdair 2 månader sedan
@namtiddie.cult Yea, I know most of it. Some of it is unnecessary and stuff. But some of it, people overreacted. And funny how most of the bad shit was over 10 years ago, but people are just now getting mad about it. 🤔😂 Bruh. 😂
namtiddie.cult 2 månader sedan
do you even know everything this man has done, bruh? 😐
Ani Kol
Ani Kol 2 månader sedan
wait there are people who don’t know who shananay is?
Sarah Mae
Sarah Mae 2 månader sedan
I like the chorus for maybe this Christmas ngl. It’s a shame that every other second of his music sucks.
Adi 2 månader sedan
i legit cried to maybe this christmas when i was 11 and i dont even celebrate christmas. sigh
Chtere Tree
Chtere Tree 2 månader sedan
I can't lie the first song is still stuck in my head, SEND HELP
Davis, Giovanni
Davis, Giovanni 2 månader sedan
hey, you should leave shane alone, all this shane drama happened a while ago!
RaP 2 månader sedan
*me liking the music* NOOO
Frederic Le Pinnet
Frederic Le Pinnet 2 månader sedan
Huh never thought you were Jewish I could not care less
The Life Of An Ordinary Egg
The Life Of An Ordinary Egg 2 månader sedan
I still find these funny. And I love shane always will. No one is prefect. But I thought those were all funny as fuck.
Katyas Dyson Vacuum
Katyas Dyson Vacuum 2 månader sedan
I was literally 11 watching this wtf
Katyas Dyson Vacuum
Katyas Dyson Vacuum 2 månader sedan
This is nostalgic in the WORST way possible like awful
Yael Sanford
Yael Sanford 2 månader sedan
Hanukkah gang!!!
Sophie Lesher
Sophie Lesher 2 månader sedan
chag sameach, pinely! and happy (other) new year :3
It’s Clem Time!!
It’s Clem Time!! 2 månader sedan
“Shane has a lot of respect.” Oh my, no. No he does not. He has *NO RESPECT FROM US.*
HAND SANITIZER 2 månader sedan
As someone who lives in Israel i always wanted to celebrate Christmases, but i am jawaish so i never did. But hanoca is still a great holiday (:
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