Shane Dawson's Insanely DISGUSTING Short Films

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After watching all of Shane Dawson's feature films (Smiley, Not Cool & Internet famous), I've decided that I haven't suffered enough. So for this video, I went ahead and watched all of this man's short films as well, help.
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Just Speculation
Just Speculation Dag sedan
Mr youtuber looks like a save a buck version of leonardo decaprio
babywussycat Dag sedan
damn you really look like this youtuber pinely
Asian War God
Asian War God 5 dagar sedan
His films are so unbearable that even someone critique his films and taking the piss out of them, just still seeing the films fill me with resentment.
Dumbass Diana
Dumbass Diana 5 dagar sedan
3:30 atleast he doesn’t eat shit because “black people bad”
tardissins 5 dagar sedan
Noé 5 dagar sedan
Is it just me or Mr SEpostr looks like a deeper voiced Alpharad?
CommentCop 666
CommentCop 666 5 dagar sedan
i don't know which one it is but there's one where one of the female characters tells him(Shane) multiple times that he's really good looking. It's so fucking super duper pooper cringey. Especially when it's factually untrue.
Caroline 5 dagar sedan
Damn shane really hates homeless people
snel 6 dagar sedan
I watched the lottery thing when I was a child. Hate that he exposed me to so much sexual shit
ZAiN UNEDiTED 8 dagar sedan
I had It Gets Worse and I couldn’t make pass the first page...
ZAiN UNEDiTED 8 dagar sedan
I’m sorry but “A ninja star?! Who are you Jackie Fucking Chan?” Still makes me giggle 🤭
ZAiN UNEDiTED 8 dagar sedan
I used to think Friends 4Ever was good... 🤦🏾
King Margo of Fillory
King Margo of Fillory 9 dagar sedan
18% for smiley is insanely high.
Predator 11 dagar sedan
Give the guy a break! We have nothing to watch now!
Komodo 11 dagar sedan
The mum that is in the lottery was also in the 'We Run' music video from the foo fighters
Nadya Nurhidayah
Nadya Nurhidayah 12 dagar sedan
Shane be like “im so insecure about my body, i dont like what i see in the mirror” and make a whole short film based on fat-shaming a teenager for his teenager viewers. Wow the IQ 👏
Chlöe Norvez
Chlöe Norvez 12 dagar sedan
He probably deleted part 1 of "I Hate Myselfie" because it had a pedophile joke in it. How on brand for him.
Sugaaa Le spice
Sugaaa Le spice 14 dagar sedan
The fact that he was considering to make an actual horror film. Makes me wonder how many racist stereotypes he was going to include.
the rat obssessed person who likes memes
the rat obssessed person who likes memes 15 dagar sedan
Not surprising that shane had garrett murdered within the first 20 minutes of his short film
Pea Man TV
Pea Man TV 18 dagar sedan
first video i watched from you and i have to sub
EmSpace 19 dagar sedan
I like how what happened with onion is happening to him. People who make videos on him get more views than he does.
Makana Paulson
Makana Paulson 19 dagar sedan
Imagine in 5-10 years when kids start liking Shane's old content just to be edgy
Mireyathemami TV
Mireyathemami TV 20 dagar sedan
Didn’t he direct the horror film Smiley as well?
Michelle Luna
Michelle Luna 20 dagar sedan
Wow all of these have the same vibe as 8 crazy nights
Saybi Oh
Saybi Oh 20 dagar sedan
Maggie K
Maggie K 21 dag sedan
Okay, Shane & these movies are awful but this video is great. I just found your channel & I'm really enjoying it overall, but I find that I keep coming back to this video because it's just so funny & well-done. Definitely one of my favorite commentary videos already.
Science Please
Science Please 21 dag sedan
His delusions of grandeur have been made into these "films".
Freedom First
Freedom First 22 dagar sedan
Who noticed demis roussos forever and ever played in the back ground 🖤✨we love a youtuber with classy music taste 🖤🖤
Chadackle 22 dagar sedan
You look like George bluth sr
Hilmi Musses
Hilmi Musses 22 dagar sedan
Shane sets really high bar for movie makers/directors to catch up it's called "How many unfunny puns/lines land nowhere near your audiences that you can fit in a movie"
Fly Fantasy
Fly Fantasy 22 dagar sedan
The only think that amaze me, is that how y'all giving him free clout. At this point we all know who's Shane Dawson. You just keep milking this whole drama. I don't care. My feed is full of him. Last time I clicked into a vid with his name on the title was D'angelo's video. That was enough to end this story.
kedd 23 dagar sedan
wow trisha actually looks really skinny in this
Allison LoneElk
Allison LoneElk 23 dagar sedan
See, according to Shane himself, doing blackface once a week, for 4 years is 576 TIMES, and that’s not very far off.
Vibrant Viper
Vibrant Viper 23 dagar sedan
Offbrand Scream Queens?🤨
Erin Armour
Erin Armour 24 dagar sedan
wow this stuff is really messed up and awful
NancyHGardnerYoutube 24 dagar sedan
I just discovered you. Love the animation and also you have a really ‘morty’ way of speaking which is adorable.
Maranda Bomberger
Maranda Bomberger 24 dagar sedan
I hate these movies. But I’m very disappointed you called the Scary Movie franchise crappy✋
SupaCoopa999 Productions
SupaCoopa999 Productions 25 dagar sedan
Any movie where Trisha Paytas is murdered...can’t be that bad-well...fuck
Moxi Foxi77
Moxi Foxi77 25 dagar sedan
People say almost everything is better than twilight but I gotta hand it to Shane he really sets the bar lower than twilight at this point😐
Ellie Little
Ellie Little 25 dagar sedan
Your art style reminds me of Little Big Planet, I really like it 💕
idothewiggle 25 dagar sedan
why is everyone now waking up to this? I mean, shane's comedy was never anything to fond over, but that was known. Shanes' humour is crass, "edgy" and outdated. He, however, was one of the pioneers of that genre, back when a lot of it was mildly entertaining, or at the very least acceptable. By now, I've seen breakdowns of pretty much everything he's made. Shane was a creator WE nominated, and his most offensive stuff, in his beginnings, really was made out of pure passion (youtubers weren't paid back then). Even if you don't like what he put out, it's what he always wanted. People are roasting him because it is trendy, but in reality, everyone's old content ( though not to the same extent) can be laughed at, under extensive scrutiny. To be clear, I don't like his stuff, i haven't in a while, and this isn't even about shane per se, I just think attacking fellow creators because they're easy targets atm is more "disgusting", as the title of the video says, than any of the stupid, gross, shock value, immature jokes shane got to include in a bigger project he was offered bc of his popularity.
hot pink bitch named breakfast
hot pink bitch named breakfast 25 dagar sedan
It's been a on going thing for years. People have always criticized him for his gross and cheap jokes and behavior. This is literally nothing new...
Christina Spiridou
Christina Spiridou 25 dagar sedan
Another thing to add, in regards to the first movie (young fat Shane etc). It could have been such an impactful and great story? Talking about the struggles with his weight, his mom being a single mom, growing up poor, etc. He had the budget to make it a real movie, with actual meaning and somewhat of an impactful plot to show his audience how his life was, and how it's going now and how grateful he is to have made it this far, but no...He had to make it disgusting and plain...bad.
Sy A
Sy A 26 dagar sedan
I have nothing of value to contribute. I just don't like Shane Dawson and his content
Abi Henry
Abi Henry 26 dagar sedan
anyone really know what happened in smiley i was confused the whole time
francisca dri
francisca dri 26 dagar sedan
i just wanna watch ponyo now
reshma pm
reshma pm 27 dagar sedan
blah blah ... it's shit ... blah blah blah. - Shane's movies in a nutshell
María 27 dagar sedan
I’m just shook that the mom from the lottery is violet’s mom from 2005 Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
Gabriela Nerina
Gabriela Nerina 27 dagar sedan
We have the same ac controller 🙈♥️♥️
Anna 27 dagar sedan
Let's be honest, this was funny to me when I was watching as a 9 year old...
hot pink bitch named breakfast
hot pink bitch named breakfast 25 dagar sedan
Says more about you 🤷‍♀️
Joy K.H
Joy K.H 28 dagar sedan
Punching Pinely you say?.... you look like dirty frank.
Cornholio 28 dagar sedan
imagine beating a dead horse
Cornholio 28 dagar sedan
Alexis Collins
Alexis Collins 28 dagar sedan
And when I was 9 I literally watched him and all these films like the gospel lmao
Amya Fletcher
Amya Fletcher 29 dagar sedan
Does anyone else remember that parody shane did of blank space? It feels like a fever dream but it was so disturbing and eventually TS and her people had it taken down
Shade Tree
Shade Tree 29 dagar sedan
Something about how the space between his eyebrows match up with his nose that matches up with his Cupid’s bow.... something makes me uncomfortable
hot pink bitch named breakfast
hot pink bitch named breakfast 25 dagar sedan
Coinneach Smith
Coinneach Smith Månad sedan
as soon as i saw that delivery girl i knew she was the killer
MadManMike Månad sedan
Shane clearly doesn't get how dark/shock humor works. It's not the jokes themselves people find funny, it's the audacity of the jokes. But doing it constantly and just getting more and more shameless about it stops being funny real quick and it's not longer shocking in the slightest. The only reason he even got away with all of his crap is because Onision was the focus of the small handfuls of prodo drama channels that existed at the time. The only criticism Shane got was from viewers in the comments, and we all know how his fans react when he gets criticised, they were even worse back then. Funny thing is back then Shane and Onision where almost indistinguishable. It's not surprising that in their earlier days they were clout collabing, and even kissed on camera.
Billie King
Billie King Månad sedan missed one of the “I Hate Myselfie” shorts (where he does the school musical) 😂😂
Ashley Humbyrd
Ashley Humbyrd Månad sedan
In friends forever the killer was actually all of the girls except the one Shane played. Which made no sense bc they have murder scenes where they legit die even though they are the murders??
butterfly corpse
butterfly corpse Månad sedan
I will disagree with you about the Scary Moive films - the first one is gold. The Wayans Brothers are hilarious, the second was meh, but the ones after? Trash. Other than that, hell no
Fizzy Clips
Fizzy Clips Månad sedan
FUN FACT: if you say fun fact people will read the whole comment BLM
Gem Bug
Gem Bug Månad sedan
Mr. pineLy man looks like weedle
IceBetweenEyeliner Månad sedan
I reaallly wish people would stop making fun of every type of humour I like, and instead ripping on the plot. Videos like these are obviously made for teenagers, which I was at the time. This was the best and easiest form of entertainment we had back then, and videos making fun of films like this are so obviously made for even younger teenagers. “Oh man, his jokes are bad, here comes another bad joke, oh boyyy!” This is hardly even a video. It’s a reaction video, and therefore the lowest form of content. Why tf does SEpost reccommend videos like this to me. Such a broken system...
You -
You - Månad sedan
If you think his movies/short films are good for teens, well, you have very low standards lmao
Jaden 213
Jaden 213 Månad sedan
I used to watch Shane cuz my older brother got me into him but looking back... it doesn’t hold up
The Mangan8r
The Mangan8r Månad sedan
9:24 Am I the only one that notices the Fred Figglehorn easter egg on the TV?!
Jade v
Jade v Månad sedan
y’all say “it was a different time” I’ve been through that time and I was never racist ??? Because I know it’s wrong . If ur saying the n word cause ur scared of getting cancelled, you are not saying it for the wrong reason,,,
Theodore Smith
Theodore Smith Månad sedan
Mr youtuber looks like dream
Brennan Kubica
Brennan Kubica Månad sedan
he's just very poorly imitating trey parker & kenny hotz type of humour but without the sense of humour. he thinks being lude equals being funny but doesn't provide any actual punchline or context. like a sociopath trying to imitate emotions.
I'm Leonessa
I'm Leonessa Månad sedan
I'm just gonna leave this here hoping some italian sees it: Solo a me ricordano un botto i cinepanettoni? :v
anthony sky
anthony sky Månad sedan
I don’t know I ever found any of his content acceptable when I was in my early teens,,,
mylifeisanoperetta Månad sedan
my biggest flex is that I never thought Shane Dawson was funny :)
Awkr_Wave Månad sedan
I can’t believe that we were gonna allow him to make another movie before he got cancelled about his home demon
garrett mathews
garrett mathews Månad sedan
you take that back about ponyo this instant
Eros Agape
Eros Agape Månad sedan
"Let me get this straight you think Shane Dawson wanting to become a serious film maker if funny?" Me: "Yes, I do, and I'm tired of pretending its not"
IDRK Official
IDRK Official Månad sedan
insanely hilarious*
Ding Dang Nothing
Ding Dang Nothing Månad sedan
Mr. SEpostr is obviously Mr. SEpostr
izzytheworld Månad sedan
“i want the old shane back” 😳
what lmao
what lmao Månad sedan
lmfao right
kees de groot
kees de groot Månad sedan
Mr youtuber looks like the third best friend of a villain in a surfingmovie
X3voider Månad sedan
Mr youtuber looks like Panyo
Ava Kole
Ava Kole Månad sedan
ok but why does the killer guy in the first one look like Dave Bayley from glass animals lmfao
lambilyspears Månad sedan
In 2001, the Mariah Carey movie “Glitter” was deemed as the worst movie of that year... I guess these short films are the worst films of the decade?
MyAssIsOnFire Månad sedan
7:57 it’s really gross they used the work purge imagine how triggering this is to people with eds
mr freakout
mr freakout Månad sedan
This is a gamer moment
D Månad sedan
OMG the irony that i got a Jimmy Saville advert for this video
_oikxwa_ 2 månader sedan
sisi 2 månader sedan
he straight up stole the victim patronizing the killer from scary movie
sisi 2 månader sedan
your disk drawing looks like a butthole
Headless Body
Headless Body 2 månader sedan
Man watching people watch old Shane stuff just makes me realize how much he contributed to my eating disorder like oop-
Jessica Hutchins
Jessica Hutchins 2 månader sedan
Rumor has it that Shane Dawson’s hair grew an inch every time he made a racist joke. His hair was flatter than his punchlines.
soggy toe
soggy toe 2 månader sedan
Im so ashamed that I watched 3 out of 4 of these movies plz forgive me
mouselita 2 månader sedan
the girl with pigtails was kind of funny, and a pretty good actor. i liked her JACKIE-FUCKING-CHAN!?!?! line. just went on for waaay too long
Katie 1172
Katie 1172 2 månader sedan
the movies didnt deserve these actors
Mian Jing Zheng
Mian Jing Zheng 2 månader sedan
The only reason that Cheremi Leigh is this movie. Fun Facts they share a birthday and middle name.
sexual taco
sexual taco 2 månader sedan
You look like this guy, like that guy
Sappylittletrees 2 månader sedan
Mr SEpostr looks like CUCO
Paradise Warfare
Paradise Warfare 2 månader sedan
His eating disorder jokes piss me the hell off. I get it, I suffer from anorexia, some of us with EDs joke about our illness to cope, but it’s only funny when it’s self deprecating and not executed in a way that is meant to glorify or get humor at the expense of the ones suffering. Anorexia and bulimia should not be a gross throwaway gag, especially if written by someone with NO experience with eating disorders (like Seth McFarlane and the distasteful ED jokes that clearly came from ignorance). I know Shane suffered briefly from bulimia but his jokes come off as intentionally harmful and, like, wannarexic/wannabe bulimic sort of way?
nemutai 💕
nemutai 💕 2 månader sedan
when i was younger i was obsessed with friends 4 ever but ngl i think it’s just bc i liked the pretty girls (bi awakening yk lmao)
Stella :P
Stella :P 2 månader sedan
MrSEpost looks like MAX
Pinely 2 månader sedan
Whats that
Avi 2 månader sedan
Does anyone here actually remember watching these when they came out or am i just old since it feels like people are only just learning about them
peachu 2 månader sedan
As stupid as Friends 4 Ever seems, I actually enjoyed, and I still do, this short film.
Super Shepherd
Super Shepherd 2 månader sedan
15:47 That's the most accountability I've heard out of him
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