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In this video I'll be talking about odd1sout clones and them falling from somewhere.
Pinely original soundtrack!! :
My Twitter: Pinelyy
My Instagram: PinelyBox
People I'm talking about in this video:
theodd1sout, somethingelseyt, TimTom and fox goodman/matt spicer.
Background Music by:
@TheRedSpy & @camisvillain on Twitter
Instrumental for song at the end:

raty boi
raty boi 3 dagar sedan
He is Matt Goodmen
xdCircuit 19 dagar sedan
hah jokes on you I never had a love of my life 12:05
Noah Parks
Noah Parks 19 dagar sedan
SomethingelseYT is a friend of TheOdd1sOut.
The new CardiacWinner
The new CardiacWinner 27 dagar sedan
Uh something else yt is not a clone and is friends with jaden and James
Zero Månad sedan
Somethingelseyt was and still is an original creator, he never copied the odd1sout same with tim tom, hes not a clone at all as with fox goodman TOTAL CLONE, he even traced tim toms pfp
Rocket-GW149 YY
Rocket-GW149 YY Månad sedan
Of course Tim Tom and something else YT act a lot like James from the old ones out because they are friends being friends with someone means you have the same personality not just online but in real life when you’re hanging out with them which is probably a reason why they would’ve acted so similar in the start because both of them were friends with James and only just started the SEpost channels when James have a lot of subscribers so obviously they would be trying to kind of do what he does but put a little bit of a twist on it but to be fair Fox Goodman is just a clone and there is nothing really to say about that
Frank Heffley.
Frank Heffley. Månad sedan
TimTom is not a "clone" he's literally friends with James ee
AlexAnimations Månad sedan
yeah but somethingelseyt started storytime yt vids before theodd1sout
ScubaJoe YT
ScubaJoe YT Månad sedan
jost let them channels die
Bryn McCarthy
Bryn McCarthy Månad sedan
Ooo I I I I I Ok
Anselm Gademann
Anselm Gademann 2 månader sedan
Theblack1sout Is the only person that is actually the clone. TimTom and SomethingElseYT are friends and not clones of odd1sout
Andre DV
Andre DV 2 månader sedan
SomethingelseYT --- has horns and wears red jacket Tim Tom --- wears green shirt Fox Goodman --- color black Mat spicer --- has black and white color and drop eyes
Zero Black
Zero Black 2 månader sedan
Mr. SEpostr and Pinely discord call when
Blaziken Stan UwU
Blaziken Stan UwU 3 månader sedan
SomethingelseYT is not a clone at all. Neither is timtom. You got it all wrong
Lumberjack king the great
Lumberjack king the great 3 månader sedan
I like this video
Lumberjack king the great
Lumberjack king the great 3 månader sedan
1:33 what he's not at all a clone
A Human A human
A Human A human 3 månader sedan
Timtom and somethingelseyt are friends with James and somethingelseyt's channel was made before james channel and if you heard somethingelseyt has been trying to make animation videos even before james Edit: also because you have a simular character to the odd1sout does not mean the odd1sout owns the character's design
AJR_99 4 månader sedan
timtom and something else are both friends of James.........
Jesse S
Jesse S 4 månader sedan
ThErE RoNdE So YhEy aRe cOpY
Sass Mate
Sass Mate 4 månader sedan
SomethingelseYT was never a clone he's friends with james
Digito 4 månader sedan
theres is 750 comments on this video if you dont include the salty people being know-it-alla saying “No tHey aRe frIenDs”
Derpy foxy And jester
Derpy foxy And jester 4 månader sedan
James timtom and somethingelesyt are all friends
Eric Ibarra
Eric Ibarra 5 månader sedan
If I copy there eyes am I a clone
Liltaro Puppo
Liltaro Puppo 5 månader sedan
When he talks about the dude hating on pewds a pewds game ad showed up
Wosp 5 månader sedan
White virgin blob
SaiTheSnake 6 månader sedan
Matt Goodman is a boring clone
Oil McCabe
Oil McCabe 6 månader sedan
Fucking Jack epic eyez 😂
dechtle_2 6 månader sedan
They are not clones its a genre called animation like i can say you are copying leafy by doing commentery and at the same time copyimg the odd1sout by doing animation
adam !
adam ! 6 månader sedan
The first youtuber to do bubble characters is tomska with his Asdf movie comics so odd1sout copied tomska
Kaira Schukken
Kaira Schukken 6 månader sedan
Guys please stop attacking him by saying “TimTom and SomethingElseYT and James are friends, they’re not clones” yeah, you can comment that on his previous video. This video was literally made for him to address that these creators are original and not copycats / clones.
Jango 6 månader sedan
This videos points are pretty ridiculous the style of making something white with circles for a head and using it’s arms to express emotion isn’t something that’s very original and creative for the odd ones out, animation take s a very long time so not having to color in every frame is very helpful, that’s why you see most animators use white. The canvas they use is normally already white so they just have to do the outline. Now about the circle head, well not having to draw hair is very helpful so they just end up with a circle since that’s what a basic cartoon head is? And on to the arms, arms help show emotion making the animation more lively. Most people move their arms while talking. The whole odd1sout character is extremely basic. Most artists when younger have doodled something like that including me. So, no I don’t think most of the “odd1sout clones” are clones.
Mint 6 månader sedan
I hated pinely for calling somethingelseyt a clone of theodd1sout
Boogity01 7 månader sedan
Not every animation SEpostr is an odd1sout clone...
The Real 33pandaGamer
The Real 33pandaGamer 7 månader sedan
SomethingElseYT and TimTom are not Odd1sout clones.
Just a Cardboard Box
Just a Cardboard Box 7 månader sedan
Noctis Was it by chance him?
Noct 7 månader sedan
@Just a Cardboard Box Well why would i do that? I don't remember peoples names because of how generic they are
Just a Cardboard Box
Just a Cardboard Box 7 månader sedan
Noctis And everyone with the “Awkward Introvert” personality is usually an Awkward Introvert. What kind of people do you think animate in their Pajamas for months?
Just a Cardboard Box
Just a Cardboard Box 7 månader sedan
Noctis Anyone who isn’t Fox Goodman
Noct 7 månader sedan
@Just a Cardboard Box What guy?
TheLittleTanooki Live
TheLittleTanooki Live 7 månader sedan
I thought the title was "the fall of theodds1out"
The Pasavier
The Pasavier 7 månader sedan
Somethingelseyt made a video years ago saying that he wasn't a clone of Jaiden animations or TheOdd1sOut because he joined SEpost as the same year as James and Jaiden.
dømex 7 månader sedan
you are dumb as fuck my dude
Two Hatzz
Two Hatzz 7 månader sedan
No one in this comment section wat he'd the video
Seth IOS
Seth IOS 7 månader sedan
Melina 7 månader sedan
you cant prounounce infamous correctly
Plasma steve
Plasma steve 7 månader sedan
Something set is odds 1out friend not copy XD
Matti surname
Matti surname 7 månader sedan
1:38 somethingelseyt and timtom are freands with James!
John Anderson
John Anderson 7 månader sedan
just because TheOdd1sOut is moe popular means N O T H I N G. SomethingELseYT had his channel before James. smh
apple 7 månader sedan
I'm happy you dont think something else is a clone
Boomhauer 7 månader sedan
Somethingelseyt isn't a clone
Becky Dean
Becky Dean 7 månader sedan
somethingelseyt and timtom are good friends with james fox goodman is the one yall need to c a n c e l just search up the drama because that dude legit n e e d s to be canceled
TheFitToaster 7 månader sedan
somethingelseYT isn't a clone
What What
What What 7 månader sedan
He made a video about how these people (excluding fox Goodman) aren’t copies you shouldn’t make a video claiming they are clones
cringe noob
cringe noob 7 månader sedan
wait so JaidenAnimations is a odd1sout clone?? 🤨
Mahri 7 månader sedan
they are not copying james they are just animators too
MasterTime 215
MasterTime 215 7 månader sedan
?!? SomethingelseYT is a copy? TimTom is a copy? Didn’t think and still don’t think that to be true. Also like, bruh to me this seems like it’s just for clout and it’s like just for views
jimbobeezee 7 månader sedan
Uhhh Pinely you do know that timtom and somethingelseyt are friends of james, bruh.
Hi I’m Gill
Hi I’m Gill 7 månader sedan
James and TimTom are friends or at least have collaborated, so that conveys there similar ways of doing stuff.
Calico InVenus
Calico InVenus 7 månader sedan
Jackepiceyes lol
The Will'ist will
The Will'ist will 7 månader sedan
I AM NOT ENTIRLY SHURE but i am at least 95% Shure this was vidio was made so people would be less bad about the calling people clones after(or before i have not yet checked when bolth vidios came out) theodd1sout talcked about people calling people clones of him and how many different story time animatiors have talcked about it since it is a big problome in the community once again I'm am not 100%shure also if anyone read this far....... Wow ........... This was a waist of you time.... What were you thinking .......I'm just some idiout with a SEpost account commenting on a vidio
Giver_of_bleach 7 månader sedan
It’s amazing that you have the audacity to say “oh I’m so happy that somethingelseyt changed” HE IS A ORIGINAL SEpostR. Even James said that no one owns a drawing style!
Giver_of_bleach 7 månader sedan
They r literally friends
Soapble 7 månader sedan
@Giver_of_bleach pre
Giver_of_bleach 7 månader sedan
sσαρвlε why
Soapble 7 månader sedan
shut yo ass up
Bean Bread
Bean Bread 7 månader sedan
Idk if i should take this video seriously or not, Adam and Tim are literally James' friends 🗿
Bean Bread
Bean Bread 7 månader sedan
Also Adams character doesn't really look like a James copy, the only similarity is that they are both white
Salty Chip
Salty Chip 7 månader sedan
Check out SagaTheYougnin I Think he is very original
Box 7 månader sedan
actually, foxgoodman is a copy of timtom
Jabriel 7 månader sedan
I thought you were Candace when she turned red and her voice turned deep so she wear a plastic box on her head like yours (from phines and Ferb)
Tai QT
Tai QT 7 månader sedan
This guys logic is that if both channels are animation, then they must be a clone.
Sneez Space noodle
Sneez Space noodle 7 månader sedan
I feel like calling all storytime animation youtubers "Odd1souts clones" is like calling all first person shooters "Doom clones"
VoltageSway 7 månader sedan
I wouldn't consider them clones they're all different in their own ways also comparing Adams character to James character? What? Same w/ TimTom
D. Freeman
D. Freeman 7 månader sedan
I admit there is a resemblance between the characters from many of the popular story time animation channels (ItsAlexClark, OddOnesOut, TimTom, IcanExplain, etc.) Much of it I think is because the character style is easy and fast to draw so there is some overlap in the animation styles. However, each channel has their own stories and create their own animations so their work really does seem like their own. If they ever use another content’s characters, it’s usually for a collaboration, or it’s just a brief mentioning.
why man
why man 7 månader sedan
wait HOL,D UP BRUH SOMETHINGELSE IS NOT LIKE ODD he has frigers and devil horns and real feet
RusticPPreston2 7 månader sedan
the first two (timtom, somethingelseyt) are not copycats. they have there own content.
fearless Cube
fearless Cube 7 månader sedan
There all good friends but I know your just pointing it out
Sureal Gaming
Sureal Gaming 7 månader sedan
how are something else and Tim tom clones only clone i see in this video is fox goodman
Zolvez 7 månader sedan
Jack epic eyes
Geo 7 månader sedan
How are they clones what? Especially SomethingElseYT.
Dylan Pires
Dylan Pires 7 månader sedan
Adam's account is older? Ig more subs=og creator. Also him and James are pals Edit: I commented that before he talks about how his opinion bad
Captain Zee#Potato Gaming
Captain Zee#Potato Gaming 7 månader sedan
I'm not trying to hate but I hope you're aware than theodd1sout and somethingelseYT are friends and you calling him a clone just makes you look stupid
You'reBoyBepis 7 månader sedan
I disliked because you claimed Tim and Adam were at one point TheOdd1sout clones and um no they weren't they have both been friends with james fore a couple years now this video was very poorly researched
You'reBoyBepis 7 månader sedan
jeez I’m sorry that you can’t take some criticism and I pointed out that you said that they were at one point clones that is what your were wrong about I’m so very sorry I triggered you
Pinely 7 månader sedan
I said that I thought they were clones and realised I'm wrong, your comment was so poorly researched it wasn't even relevant to the video you were commenting on
demient 7 månader sedan here
OsloNolon 7 månader sedan
ᴰᵒ ᴵ ˡᵒᵒᵏ ˡᶦᵏᵉ ᵃ ʳᵉᵃˡ ᵇᵒʸ ᵖᵃᵖᵃˀ
Greenbeansalad47 7 månader sedan
Plot twist their twins
Caden Lee
Caden Lee 7 månader sedan
Bruh the first 2 are theodd1sout’s friends
Azula 7 månader sedan
Adams rapping skills is mad tho
johnny_ wrLd
johnny_ wrLd 7 månader sedan
Thanks for doing this I hate people who copy
ninjawarriorjosh games?
ninjawarriorjosh games? 7 månader sedan
You fricking idiot somethingelseyt and tomtom are james friends idiot
ninjawarriorjosh games?
ninjawarriorjosh games? 7 månader sedan
@Gingoo 22 I was pretty mad m8 dont bash me for it
Gingoo 22
Gingoo 22 7 månader sedan
ninjawarriorjos h lol mad kid is mad
Tyler Cai
Tyler Cai 7 månader sedan
gevas gaming channel
gevas gaming channel 7 månader sedan
nevr mend
gevas gaming channel
gevas gaming channel 7 månader sedan
Junior Villeda
Junior Villeda 7 månader sedan
Something else yt is original
Xxijustkilledu YT
Xxijustkilledu YT 7 månader sedan
Somethingelse and timtom are friends whit oddones out
Kar-Karl 7 månader sedan
are you mcnastys dad?
COMIC ETHAN -films storytimes gaming's and more
COMIC ETHAN -films storytimes gaming's and more 7 månader sedan
Something elsYT and Tim Tom are,t clones and somethingels YT we,re always the same
Metal Jesus666
Metal Jesus666 7 månader sedan
I like how people are getting mad at him mentioning somethingelse and tim Tom but, he said in the video that they are original
Master in The making
Master in The making 7 månader sedan
Somethingelseyt is one of Jame’s friends
Dordix 7 månader sedan
Somethibgelseyt and Tim Tom are friends of James
TheDeadedPerson 7 månader sedan
When Pinely starts talking about Tim Tom being a clone, Me calm: When Pinely starts talking about Something Else YT being a clone, Me: * Gasp * How could you say that!?!? Although Pinely did say Something Else YT started to be a lot more original (Never watched Pinely before, just curious, so I watched this video)
Mango 7 månader sedan
this video is so dumb idot
Zparky_ 2gud
Zparky_ 2gud 7 månader sedan
Somethingelseyt ain't a copycat
JM408 GAMING 8 månader sedan
TheMine 8 månader sedan
Bruhhhhh SomethingElseYT did not clone Odd1stout and theyre friends
Red X
Red X 8 månader sedan
I think you needed to do your research because somethingelseyt and timtom are his friends
Jack Koscak
Jack Koscak 8 månader sedan
People need to stop calling these guys “odd1sout clones”. They aren’t. Inspiration and blatant plagiarism are very different things.
lee yu cheng
lee yu cheng 8 månader sedan
dislike for you cuz you cant just call people clones
Zac 8 månader sedan
SomethingElseYT and TimTom are original.
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