The Insanity Of The Man Who Sold Himself To China (Bart Baker)

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This video is about the one and only - Bart Baker! The youtuber who sold himself to china and his pretty wacky chinese tik toks (douyins).
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All Smiles
All Smiles Dag sedan
I just noticed that song he so g for the kobe video was one of the endings for the anime 'slam dunk' an anime about basketball. Kinda cool tbh
Georgia Overdrive
Georgia Overdrive 13 dagar sedan
Dude doesn’t even realize that the Chinese audience is actually making fun of him.
one eye
one eye 14 dagar sedan
bart baker, a 34 year old man dressing like hes chinas 19 year old jake paul, ever silent on organ harvesting. good lil wu mao. there is no pandemic in beijing, there is no pandemic in ba sing se.
UnjustifiedRecs 18 dagar sedan
Jake Paul if you bought him from Wish.
Cece Diamant
Cece Diamant 25 dagar sedan
i literally look up what is Bart Baker up to? i mean its been a while....and see this💀.
liteand fluffy
liteand fluffy 26 dagar sedan
So why did he do it¿? Because SEpost made it impossible for him to make money¡! Can you blame him¿? ... ...... ......... 369
TwoSpooky 26 dagar sedan
Why was some of his Kobe song in japanese though?
Meg Krish
Meg Krish 29 dagar sedan
Man I used to love bart cuz he made fun of other people, now he has become the very thing he swore to destroy
Jamie Russell
Jamie Russell Månad sedan
Kind of not wring but kind of wrong he is making money in China but he could of tried to be a actor in America.
Barack Obama
Barack Obama Månad sedan
Fuck the sjws.
Justin Russell
Justin Russell Månad sedan
Bart Baker is the Stephon Marbury of SEpostrs!!
Wan Tjhen
Wan Tjhen Månad sedan
As someone of Chinese descent, I wish I could take his citizenship and all that ... If he's someone who (apparently) fanboys China that much
Arthur Hugues
Arthur Hugues Månad sedan
Wait didn't he get sued bye a lot of singers
Arthur Hugues
Arthur Hugues Månad sedan
Keep in mind I kinda forgot
Ray Månad sedan
Why does he keep talking about bs said by Chinese government?
Pat Mccall
Pat Mccall Månad sedan
Youre a dumb wrong idiot
Lynard Skynard
Lynard Skynard Månad sedan
You guys can mock and meme him. But he has no other way.
ralph Ralph
ralph Ralph Månad sedan
I will never understand Chinese people's entertainment 😂 (And no it's not a language barrier, i speak manderin and can undertand most of what he is saying)
charl Månad sedan
Wow... this is sad... he became the very thing he made fun of but even worse. And he’s definitely on meth or something
TwoGunToast Månad sedan
If he loves China and chinese culture so much Im wondering what Bart thought about the protests that were happening right before the pandemic. The whole protest in Hong Kong or whatever about how shitty China is to its citizens.
B. W.
B. W. Månad sedan
Mr. Internet, I just hope you’ll show me how to do smoke circles one day too. Love your face side!
Ron Swanson
Ron Swanson Månad sedan
Must be a fucking nightmare. you can completely tell he does not want to be there
Ness Nut
Ness Nut Månad sedan
for someone that is chinese idk who he is the only thing i know about him is the parodys.
kiro275 Månad sedan
Doesn’t this mean he sold himself to become a slave?
Cherry Cola
Cherry Cola Månad sedan
3:21 I just know I heard this song before but I can't freaking remember what it's called this is driving me nuts
Leon Baro
Leon Baro Månad sedan
China is basically just like north korea but you can access it easily
Master Max
Master Max Månad sedan
You never knew our King Of Parodies...I wasn't the only that called him that title
ƵiRro Månad sedan
I feel so depressed watching this.
Mr. Golden
Mr. Golden Månad sedan
you can't blame the guy for not knowing what Chinese is the most complicated language in the world proven by scientist
Gabriel Andino
Gabriel Andino Månad sedan
Why do you even pretend you know where Swiss Miss was invented?
The Alex Reyes
The Alex Reyes Månad sedan
I love him talking about the world going to shit and here we are at the start of 2021 with the capital raiding 😳
心Ziwelz Månad sedan
As I chinese myself, a long time ago the Chinese version was the only version of Tik tok, I was there a long time ago. and seeing Tik tok has became such a different platform for both westerns and Chinese, it’s disappointing. I remember when it’s all about coseplays, drawing tutorials, cooking, I’m truely shocked and his Chinese ain’t even Chinese, gibberish.
Rexter Månad sedan
MambaJamba Månad sedan
What song is played at 2:58?
Introvertsan Månad sedan
Bart is always dramatic and funny had is just applying that to Chinese content that will be liked there. Wishing him best of luck.
Kaj Månad sedan
stfu china hater
ladymay30 Månad sedan
His parodies were really good at the beginning but than he started make the same joke in his parody again again. In the end he didn't really make parodies anymore he just used it as a tool to insult the artist.
Johnald Vizzini
Johnald Vizzini Månad sedan
Your Wrong, You didn't think I would come back from 2021 to subscribe
solar flare
solar flare Månad sedan
I love bart baker
Aung Un'Rama
Aung Un'Rama Månad sedan
The level of cringe of Bart's videos physically hurt me.
Fumbling cows second acount
Fumbling cows second acount Månad sedan
taetae_ toffee
taetae_ toffee 2 månader sedan
This isn't funny to be honest, it's sad because he can't even make his usual parodies anymore because of SEpost guidelines (they got more strict). I feel bad for him because he is seen as a joke over there and it's not fair. I really feel like he thinks he has no other choice but me and his old subscribers would be super happy if he came back to SEpost with parodies or something. What he is doing right now isn't him and It makes me sad seeing him like this. I hope he's okay 😔😔😭
Master MADNESS 2 månader sedan
I love the Russian voice acter in the end
gibson brown
gibson brown 2 månader sedan
i bet he will move out from china once he become a billionaire, like the other chinese billionaire
Pratik Paudel
Pratik Paudel 2 månader sedan
Fuck china
Knight Trooper
Knight Trooper 2 månader sedan
Fuck North Korea
Rachel Fernandez
Rachel Fernandez 2 månader sedan
awww it made me happy to see him in a pink wig seems like he's having more fun. he's always been extra dramatic with his performances it's what i liked about his videos. aww his sister is with him now so cute he's not alone. thanks for uploading i miss him everytime taylor swift has a new song. glad he's still doing something that I'm sure he laughs at when he sleeps. i think he's purposely being sarcastic and dramatic and i love it. it's so him and that's cute. he's not trying to be an actor. would you not enjoy putting a pink wig on dancing to a castle in the background ?🤣🤣🤣 I'd think that would be far from boring vs sitting down making copies at an office. if i go to china i want to meet him give him a hug and sing one of his parodies he seems like a nice guy. you're lying if he uploaded that video on his youtube we'd laugh at it well i would i can't imagine a world where he's not singing dancing and wearing a wig i love you bart hope you are well ❤❤❤
Kyle Karbowski
Kyle Karbowski 2 månader sedan
At what point do we treat him like Axis Sally or Lord Haw Haw from WWII. Citizens of allied countries that willingly went over to the opposing side to broadcast straight propaganda designed to undermine the allies. Imho he should be treated as a criminal in his home country for willingly siding with an actual opponent militarily and politically of the US. Strip his citizenship and do not allow him back into his home country. Obviously we can do what we did at the end of WWII to the propaganda broadcasters, but we can affect him in other ways.
The Mage
The Mage 2 månader sedan
I have no hate to every Chinese people but to be honest he should've sold himself to South Korea instead. I don't care if he would look like a BTS wannabe or take surgery to look like a Korean popstar but boi we all know how fucked up the Chinese government is. Also, judging from the number of people here he doesn't seem happy. He wants to get back but he's lost and I hope he finds his was back.
g i r i
g i r i 2 månader sedan
Why do they never sing in sync with the audio. It's already hard to listen to because of how heavily autotuned the stupid songs are
Wu Tian
Wu Tian 2 månader sedan
Im pretty sure Bart isnt cheering the people of china, all hes doing is giving the people of china a headache
The Worst Triangle
The Worst Triangle 2 månader sedan
2019: "Im not a judgy person 2020:"This is god awful" 2020, man.
Zach Wilson
Zach Wilson 2 månader sedan
You're wrong about people watching until the end of the video
Snowcardinal 2 månader sedan
shit is insane, i remember watching him at his peak in like 2013-2016 damn
cult jihyo
cult jihyo 3 månader sedan
His Chinese is awful. I can barely understand what he's saying.
Sanjana Yadahalli
Sanjana Yadahalli 3 månader sedan
It's really sad guys I feel bad 4him you tube is really scary it made him(Bart) quit and now he is doing something to survive he is now in depression I really pray 4his health and safety🙏🙏
Ian Davis
Ian Davis 3 månader sedan
man got xue hau piao piao'd
Onii-Chan 4 månader sedan
Bart baker parodies were a huge part of my childhood, and although i think what he’s doing is sad and disgusting, i think the real enemy here was youtube. They cut his monetization and basically drove him to insanity and ultimately selling out to china.
Uncharted Gaming
Uncharted Gaming 4 månader sedan
I’d rather Bart be doing Tik tok dances then going to China and doing this crap at least.
TemoPlays 4 månader sedan
A very sad story. Bart used to make such great parodies. Me and my relatives watched him everytime we had the chance, but SEpost destroyed him and they told him that his content wasn't family friendly when there is channels that swears 100s of times in their videos but SEpost doesn't force them to stop uploading and delete their channel.
Konan Amegakure
Konan Amegakure 4 månader sedan
Remember, he chose to do this. He chose to continue living in luxury because he is so used to it. Once you taste it, its hard to have "normal" 9-5 job.
William Bohall
William Bohall 4 månader sedan
Your a dumb wrong Idiot
gelo almario
gelo almario 4 månader sedan
I still listen to barts parodies but yeah its sad how his life is so fucked up right now.
Logan Pause
Logan Pause 4 månader sedan
I blame SEpost. His parodies were great. There’s such thing as SEpost kids but SEpost seems to forget this.
Lucas Bello
Lucas Bello 4 månader sedan
That's sad af, the man had talent, he used to be good... Completely sell out, dead inside
nejdalej 4 månader sedan
As far as I can see, the appeal of Bart's videos now are the fact he is a foreigner butchering the language and singing popular Chinese songs in broken Chinese. Why do you think his management haven't bothered giving him any help with his Mandarin, or translate any of the songs for him? I learned some Mandarin a few years ago and nailing the intonation of each word is really hard. Maybe I'm wrong, as I'm not from China or anything so correct me if I'm wrong.
William.Von.Andreas.Nepos Luiz
William.Von.Andreas.Nepos Luiz 4 månader sedan
Let us end this business nationalism for good
Journeyman107 4 månader sedan
Isn’t the first Tik Tok almost exactly what he did on SEpost?
Sir Rami
Sir Rami 4 månader sedan
So foreign internet celebrities who move to the US "Sell themselves to the USA?" What horrible and inaccurate terminology.
iROMine 5 månader sedan
He becone the parody. This is his final form.
Kyrad Flinko
Kyrad Flinko 5 månader sedan
"I think that I was drugged Why else would I agree to do this? I used to be straight hood, but now I'm making pop garbage" (From his dark horse parody) This lines really hits you well bart.
IM BALD 5 månader sedan
He looks miserable its like he's forcing himself to do something he doesn't even want to do
Natalie Wright
Natalie Wright 5 månader sedan
He has become what he made fun of not sure why he didn't seam to cc are about what people said.
Natalie Wright
Natalie Wright 5 månader sedan
We miss you bart please come back and make parodysx
GamingMaster_04 5 månader sedan
I decided to search up “Bart Baker” and put the “Upload Date” filter in SEpost, and a 3hr old 4:33 minute video of a Bart Baker interview with CGTN (I think it’s a Chinese news network or smth idk) popped up
SomeSortofWeeb 5 månader sedan
Im sorry man I love your content but this Bart guy was so annoying I had to turn it off... I'll make sure to watch another one of your videos :3
Malinzkia 5 månader sedan
Imagine being a chinese propaganda machine😤
Allen Evelyn
Allen Evelyn 5 månader sedan
blackearl7891 5 månader sedan
He seems to be making money. At the end of the day that's kinda the point of it all.
Frost Soul7755
Frost Soul7755 5 månader sedan
Do I care about budget Jake Paul ? Nah .
Panky 5 månader sedan
i just want to know how many followers he has on the chinese tiktok?
Irvin Pucchi
Irvin Pucchi 6 månader sedan
What I want to know is how the average Chinese citizen take this guy when he speaks. Mostly since Mandarin is a tonal language and any slip up can go from "Well howdie partner!" to "Imma box your ears off, 8m!"
Rottweiler Nazén
Rottweiler Nazén 6 månader sedan
Bart Baker is going to return (hopefully).
tgo007 6 månader sedan
I want to know how much their paying him. Everyone is calling him crazy but what if it's a lot.
Black Chandelier Mirage
Black Chandelier Mirage 6 månader sedan
Support16s 6 månader sedan
I just can’t even believe this is Bart. Wtf happened
Gummy Chicken
Gummy Chicken 6 månader sedan
Bart in 2015: making parodies Bart in 2019: speaking Chinese and eating bats
JIANDONG ZHUANG 6 månader sedan
Bart Baker now has a huge sucess in China. His subscribers increase near 20 millions.
Tiana Marie
Tiana Marie 6 månader sedan
Your a dumb wrong idiot
LiveWire 5 månader sedan
Johanna Leung
Johanna Leung 6 månader sedan
Any government that needs brainless person like Bart Baker to spread propaganda is clearly a problem for the world.
Federico Vignola
Federico Vignola 6 månader sedan
Keeley Wheelz
Keeley Wheelz 6 månader sedan
I teach in China and I can confirm my students think he's a douche.
Chad Unnering
Chad Unnering 6 månader sedan
My eye are bleeding
kuwinsitall 6 månader sedan
he used to make fun of people doing crazy shit. and here he is...
Elliot Hungate
Elliot Hungate 6 månader sedan
He took the COVID vaccine! Makes sense.
Amir Infinity
Amir Infinity 6 månader sedan
Well good news tik tok will be banned in America😎😎😎
P C 6 månader sedan
Til Tom is actually pronounced “dou in” in Chinese
Jacob Hellscream
Jacob Hellscream 6 månader sedan
This is how china kill someone in the inside
Ryan Grant
Ryan Grant 6 månader sedan
Bro money is money. Why hate the player, hate the game haha. He wants to be a creator. Who cares where?
Viva Mojito
Viva Mojito 6 månader sedan
can't he just go back to youtube and make his content family friendly? i know that isn't what he wants but im pretty sure it would be much more enjoyable then selling yourself to china
홍지우 Jay Hong
홍지우 Jay Hong 6 månader sedan
We can't criticize that guy. He was tormented enough by Google and SEpost.
diablo 6 månader sedan
Well he was not earning money in SEpost so ... He had to do something for get money
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