The Most Messed Up Story Time Animation Channel - Share My Story

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Pinely original soundtrack!! :
My Twitter: Pinelyy
My Instagram: PinelyBox
In this video I'll be taking a deep dive into the channel "Share My Story", which is in my opinion the most messed up story time animation channel out there, enjoy!
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@TheRedSpy & @camisvillain on Twitter

Pinely År sedan
Comment your own fake share my story title and my favourite will be in the next video if I'll remember to do it haha ok bye
Destroyer 010
Destroyer 010 Månad sedan
As soon I the first comment I laughed so hard and it continue too
Omar Shalaby
Omar Shalaby 4 månader sedan
I got a check for a million dollars while I was in my mommy's belly when she was an alien
fakename 999
fakename 999 6 månader sedan
i killed my cat and then my parents and then faked my death
Owen Ruiz
Owen Ruiz 7 månader sedan
georgi borisov
georgi borisov 8 månader sedan
@KindaKaon Their next video---------->I was just 26 seconds old boy but my alien mother turns out to be my grandpa so my uncle fucked me but it turns out he's a woman and i killed everyone in the world and the whole alien civilization and got pregnant.
J B 16 dagar sedan
So the girl dating a cannibal turned out to be true...
TheBulbaGamer 24 dagar sedan
Uhh i ate food
GOH JUN LIANG Moe 26 dagar sedan
Animated version of DJ Cook. Well... at least a more animated version
Dj Gamer's Crew
Dj Gamer's Crew 28 dagar sedan
How I figured out about incest. Internet...
Someone :D
Someone :D Månad sedan
Storytime Animations new video: My mom did my laundry while kissing my dog and now my brother's pregnant
A _A
A _A Månad sedan
khan Khan
khan Khan Månad sedan
I uhhhh ate a bunch of stuff
קเรร קเรร
קเรร קเรร Månad sedan
I was made pregnant by my BROTHER!??? in the womb!!! (Really happened!!)
big fat god
big fat god Månad sedan
God left us
Anja chan
Anja chan Månad sedan
I love that storys xD
Iya Saya Mangga
Iya Saya Mangga Månad sedan
Rat Dad
Rat Dad Månad sedan
I breathed
QWERTburneracct Månad sedan
Francis The frog
Francis The frog Månad sedan
I literally inhaled air (NOT CLICKBAIT) (ALMOST DIED)
thatonegamedevstudios Månad sedan
i'm 11 and i'm watching this stuff
Its Leon
Its Leon Månad sedan
I dont know why but i think i saw that in the News about the snake and the cucumber
The Lexinator
The Lexinator 2 månader sedan
My fake title is:I got aid when I was 3.
Zero Black
Zero Black 2 månader sedan
"The Snake and Me" Power Point presentation always cracks me up.
luft waffle4
luft waffle4 2 månader sedan
My Story is: i one Fell up the stairs.... yes it happened, i jumped while slipping and fell up the stairs..... i honestly started laughing even in pain of my leg that hit the ledge of a step. I was as confused as you are.....
kimnth Ondona
kimnth Ondona 2 månader sedan
i hate Thailand man!
IMP MC 2 månader sedan
One time I was on a plane and a big chipmunk ate me and I died. Not lie, give money
Zach Wilson
Zach Wilson 2 månader sedan
This is the story of how I got Elon Musk's Tesla OUT OF SPACE
unKnown_Goat 3 månader sedan
“I suck a war criminal’s dick and I got Vietnam flashbacks from it” seem legit right
Charles Thigpen Charles Thigpen
Charles Thigpen Charles Thigpen 3 månader sedan
common sense has left the chat.
Theophrastus Bombastus
Theophrastus Bombastus 3 månader sedan
How can snake be in a toilet
Invincible Ash
Invincible Ash 3 månader sedan
How Spider-Man broke into to my house brutally murdered me and kidnapped my brother
cody collins
cody collins 3 månader sedan
"My stepmother secretly spiked my formula with drugs when I was a baby."
Boogie Thug Rose
Boogie Thug Rose 3 månader sedan
Forget Stacy...get with her mom!! I hear she's got it going on...
Zax Plays
Zax Plays 3 månader sedan
Your wrong there is also ,,,, MY STORY , MY STORY ANIMATED , AND OTHERS Like it *ACTUALLY HAPPENED*
ember is an idiot
ember is an idiot 4 månader sedan
my mom tried to kill my dad and he still loves her! is one i came up with-
Turner Clements
Turner Clements 4 månader sedan
I got my dad’s secret lover pregnant !?
George Wilson
George Wilson 4 månader sedan
"I Accidentally Became King of Canada!"
crosshair studios
crosshair studios 4 månader sedan
I'm as old as time
Shakey Frame
Shakey Frame 4 månader sedan
4:41 I like there failed attempt at an animation smear that just looks like his elbow skin is way too big and is just flapping about.
Shakey Frame
Shakey Frame 4 månader sedan
4:41 I like there failed attempt at an animation smear that just looks like his elbow skin is way too big and is just flapping about.
Kaye PlagueDoc
Kaye PlagueDoc 4 månader sedan
I hate to inform you that, yes, I have heard of women breastfeeding their kids well into their early teens. Don't think I've heard of one as old as 16, but I've heard of pretty old kids still being breastfed...
loganblume 4 månader sedan
when I was a fetus I started a shoe business and made my mom pregnant
S3 Fraser
S3 Fraser 5 månader sedan
There are no snakes in Thailand
Zero Black
Zero Black 5 månader sedan
There are snakes everywhere
C 6 månader sedan
Anyone else be like “WHAT THE FU-“ at 1:14 - 1:16
Connor's OK
Connor's OK 6 månader sedan
"My mom sucked off 15 men so I could get into community college"
ElyanYT 6 månader sedan
I uhh ate a bunch of stuff
Lenny 7 månader sedan
Haha my dad thinks i’m dead! “I hope he is cutting himself and in deep depression and soon he is gonna commit suicide.” Pinely if you want to see another person reacting to these garbage videos and comment about their stupidity: search diesel patches I think.
føx 7 månader sedan
the snake story made my cucumber retract into my body
TheVisionGift 7 månader sedan
Nobody Share my story: Conjoined twins my psycho sisters sharing a body
OfficiallyTrust Issues
OfficiallyTrust Issues 7 månader sedan
"Because even if it started watery-" Me and Jay fam: *It went creamy, didn't it?*
Owen Ruiz
Owen Ruiz 7 månader sedan
Owen Ruiz
Owen Ruiz 7 månader sedan
@owen ruiz vlogs
kcaper1 7 månader sedan
*Jazz musician leaves*
nerdwarp112 7 månader sedan
I could be wrong is Cryaotic the narrator of that story? I know he did some voice acting but I think he just vaguely sounds like him.
supah Animator alex
supah Animator alex 7 månader sedan
The time I died when I was born : hi I'm John I'm 99 and this is how I died I'm not a ghost
OThat Gaming
OThat Gaming 8 månader sedan
I was alrgect to air (OMG I ALMOST DIED)
TheOtherMan TheOtherMan
TheOtherMan TheOtherMan 8 månader sedan
The worst part about the story is he sat down to pee
Zahira Ibrahim
Zahira Ibrahim 8 månader sedan
I accidentally fell and turned into a bird and then killed my grandma 🤣🤣
Nathaniel Harrison Chong
Nathaniel Harrison Chong 8 månader sedan
“My mom sold me to a farmer so he could use me as a bucket.”
Lxnely Moonshii
Lxnely Moonshii 8 månader sedan
ShareMyStory: "My Dad Is My Mom And I Died But I Was Given A Second Chance And My Mouth Is A Melon And My Girlfriend Is In Space And Cheating On 1000 Alien Boys!!" Me: "WTF?!?!"
Dim Dimitriou
Dim Dimitriou 8 månader sedan
My dad left for milk.
Leonardo Guzman
Leonardo Guzman 8 månader sedan
Imagine crying next to a tombstone that says lol
Someone. Who lives on earth.
Someone. Who lives on earth. 8 månader sedan
I feel like your gonna get shadow banned from these channels.
AceAlways 8 månader sedan
I'm glad that I'm 11 and not watching this garbage.
MxwlPlayz 8 månader sedan
Lmao if you think THAT is bad you should see I got pregnant in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. Lemme just say that eyes are forever scarred forever
Oliegbecc 8 månader sedan
My dad came back after getting the milk
_ 8 månader sedan
Share my story I am a leaf
_ 8 månader sedan
What. It’s true.
Reesha A
Reesha A 8 månader sedan
Bruh the new title of these share my story videos should be “how I accidentally restarted the Soviet Union and fricked my mom”
Crazy Kross
Crazy Kross 8 månader sedan
my mom ate a leaf!!!!!!!!!!!!!! super scary
Roblox Gamer3000
Roblox Gamer3000 9 månader sedan
I have a very large penis true story
Kenan Von Kaiser
Kenan Von Kaiser 9 månader sedan
Your Jealous Cause They Have More Subs Than You!
Taco 7 månader sedan
Shut the fuck up
Kenan Von Kaiser
Kenan Von Kaiser 8 månader sedan
@clingwrap I Mean That Does Not Matter I Mean Its Obvious That These Stories Are Fake Point Of It Is To Entertain!
clingwrap 8 månader sedan
no, that they are a corporation passing off fake stories as real
MarcosP 9 månader sedan
I f**ed a witch when i was 13
Robert does stuff
Robert does stuff 9 månader sedan
Us kids should never see story time "animation" in our recommended
(Tanke) Nunthiphat Pooriyapun
(Tanke) Nunthiphat Pooriyapun 9 månader sedan
We do have many news stories about snakes in thailand like snake in toilet snake in shoe so the first video could be real
Miniskwibles Jr.
Miniskwibles Jr. 9 månader sedan
When I was 5 I pissed in my dads truck.
Willow Faded
Willow Faded 9 månader sedan
A snake bit off my PIN-15
SuperWA-HOOMan 9 månader sedan
My Komodo Dragon Abducted My Girlfriend After Kicking Me Out Of The Apartment And Now I Live In The White House
Pepper Taste good
Pepper Taste good 9 månader sedan
I ate Alabama at 3 am
Jack Penn
Jack Penn 9 månader sedan
It's probably Boomers that watch fake Story SEpost channels, we know they fall for obviously fake news, so why wouldn't they fall for fake stories?
Heidi Fedor
Heidi Fedor 9 månader sedan
My Cat Got Me Pregnant.
Heidi Fedor
Heidi Fedor 9 månader sedan
I think this is hentai porn.
Taco 7 månader sedan
yeah but hentai is actually good
Abi Ozma
Abi Ozma 9 månader sedan
Story time: I was abducted by an insane merman wearing a skirt and now he wants to marry me??? And form a funk band??? With a little funky alien from space
Allison Castle
Allison Castle 9 månader sedan
That literally seems like pro military propaganda lol wtf
Mason Remp
Mason Remp 9 månader sedan
I did something
ruski muejek
ruski muejek 9 månader sedan
*Virgin @21* :me *Virgin @47* (I never lose)
TwiisedElite 9 månader sedan
The actually why they make them because story booth that channel is a real channel with real stories
The Swimming Head
The Swimming Head 10 månader sedan
Have yo rantedabout Story Booth
Cyancat123 10 månader sedan
What’s even more sickening is some of these channels steal their stories from Reddit. Once I was reading a post on r/teenagers, then a few days later one of these videos worked its way into my recommendations. ITWAS THE SAME STORY. Word for word, no changes at all!
Fandoms Are My Life
Fandoms Are My Life 10 månader sedan
My mother ate my father for dinner and served me a slice! Not clickbait!!!
Justforsome_sushi 10 månader sedan
i can say, as a 13 year old i am NOT the target audience for these, im sure its like 6-8.
Sageton X
Sageton X 10 månader sedan
I ate my pet sheep's grandma and you never know what my dog did next
Pang 4205
Pang 4205 10 månader sedan
Have you ever thought of how the dislike button in the comment section has no use?
LION Ro 10 månader sedan
I ate my pepe
luminoussity 10 månader sedan
i sucked a dick because i like the taste. ok if u like the taste then eat salt
Luke Online
Luke Online 10 månader sedan
my mom and dog got pregnant at 2 and i faked my death to get away and got abducted by aliens Here is my title
killer lover Studio
killer lover Studio 10 månader sedan
I am a lesbian so I hate that line
Paul Colbourne
Paul Colbourne 10 månader sedan
Hi. One time I commented on a video , hoping that the comment would be featured in the next Pinely video. The problem is that the video was from four months ago and no one will ever see or read my comment. Then a snake bit off my itty bitty pickle. However that wasn't the worst part because it actually didn't look much different after it was gone. In fact I begged and pleaded with the doctors to permanently graft the snake to my body but they didnt go for it. So now I have no pee-pee pickle, no snake and this comment will just sit there on youtube, never seen and never read by anyone, ever. I know where theres a high bridge with very few cars. Excuse me.
Sack Track
Sack Track 10 månader sedan
i playd peppa pig the murder hous and my dad became a wii remote and i exploded
Le Feesh Chopped
Le Feesh Chopped 10 månader sedan
I actually do know someone who is breast fed at 16, but he doesn't enjoy it
Generical 10 månader sedan
I bought v-bucks then John wick burned down my house
Zak Pikslime
Zak Pikslime 10 månader sedan
I met my dead mother, but then found out she was actually a robotic prostitute possessed by the ghost of my sister who was a bodybuilder.
KevinNT 10 månader sedan
First off, Thailand doesn't have rude taxi drivers. They're very polite cuz, I'm in Thailand.
Stickmin Fan
Stickmin Fan 10 månader sedan
KevinNT ok
Elixia 10 månader sedan
wait, men can live without their cucumber??? what n how??
That_one_guy_that_made_a_yt_account 10 månader sedan
When I was 2 I was put in jail and a thing happened (I ate all the food and every one died of hunger) the end
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