The Not Too PG World Of VRChat | 2 Years Later

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What happened to VRChat? That's what I'm going to talk about in this video, I also talk about how people like to get freaky in this game from time to time.

Pinely 3 månader sedan
I'm live now on twitch! My Twitch:
Omie 3 månader sedan
Imagine not doing the pg 13 family friendly things with 3d anime girls
- 3 månader sedan
Golden Zen
Golden Zen 3 månader sedan
@Pinely *BOX*
Golden Zen
Golden Zen 3 månader sedan
@L. T. **nut**
L. T.
L. T. 3 månader sedan
Watching stream and new vid at the same time now
IRG 18 dagar sedan
WarriorKeens Månad sedan
I don't really have a pc or a vr headset so it kinda sucks for me that I didn't get to play this game during its peak of popularity. But the videos of weird people on VR chat is hilarious. Yes I know if you have a pc you can still play it but it's just not the same as VR :/
Glasses Scientist from the Lambda Complex
Glasses Scientist from the Lambda Complex Månad sedan
this is a certified "I'm uncomfy and want to stop watching but this eldritch horror of a community is like watching a train wreck and I cant look away" from me
BritishMan SixtyNineFourTwenty
BritishMan SixtyNineFourTwenty Månad sedan
Guys vr made it to THE HUB help
The Rose of varesilles
The Rose of varesilles Månad sedan
Is vrchat glorified ChatterBait now smh
lana ̊୨୧
lana ̊୨୧ Månad sedan
I'm honestly so glad you made this video. I was tired of seeing all these vr chat videos that are all jolly and happy but not actually showing how it really is. I stopped playing that game for a while because of all the fucked up people on it now.
Grimmis 2 månader sedan
Its allright not everyone is great at blender right away just keep trying!
Da Crammers
Da Crammers 2 månader sedan
"I just want someone to fuckin degrade my race" You'll get attention alright. Not the good kind though =,='
JennieFlickerFan 2 månader sedan
VR Chat in a nutshell: Getting bullied by unity models and memes
DJ Pound Puppy
DJ Pound Puppy 2 månader sedan
See, I said it's come watch.
VentGarden 2 månader sedan
So you're saying that VR Chat are now full of Degenerates instead of trolls back in the day where VR Chat is actually enjoyable and fun to play?
MirinBoy17 12 dagar sedan
Thats what happens when you let kids and teens do whatever they want on vrchat.
stinky lizard
stinky lizard 2 månader sedan
Late 2017/early 2018 was the last time vrc was good 🦊
riko 2 månader sedan
im watching this to understand the ICUP
titsofsteel 2 månader sedan
Last time i played me n some randoms created a bone broth cult and were going arounf recruiting more members. It was pretty fun
Cresh 2
Cresh 2 2 månader sedan
Honestly, VR Chat just isn't for me, though it is a nice concept, it just makes me feel sad and lonely. Especially during quarantine where I'm forced to be away from my friends who I love dearly.
Stan Smith
Stan Smith 2 månader sedan
That girl shouldn't have sniffed you so rude.
TeaAndToast 2 månader sedan
Vr chat is hell simulator
Hotpocket Jones
Hotpocket Jones 3 månader sedan
I never got this notification
ucankushincorporations 3 månader sedan
Oh i remember now, some dude was talking about how lucrative vrchat porn is when i joined a public lobby. This was like a few days ago as well.
Shadows Edge
Shadows Edge 3 månader sedan
I see this stuff all the time it’s fun to mess with these people when they’re in public worlds especially when JoJo memes are involved
ucankushincorporations 3 månader sedan
2:01 oh i know this one
Xenostra 3 månader sedan
I dont understand how people can be allergic to dust. Its just for dead skin.
Shapshap Shapshap
Shapshap Shapshap Månad sedan
Well it’s more so dust mites which are tiny creatures inside the dust. I know this cause I have that’s allergy and oh god I never thought I would hate creatures I can’t even more than I do now
Devil Shadow
Devil Shadow 3 månader sedan
If I'm commenting on a video at 2:22Am I'm glad I'm doing it on a Pinely video =D
Gonzaminator 3 månader sedan
I think imma be lonely enough to join vr chat soon.
The Animated Gamer
The Animated Gamer 3 månader sedan
Lemon Boi
Lemon Boi 3 månader sedan
*doing asteroids* People: *hears asteroid sound* Also people: He'S fAkInG iT1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!
Kintaro oe
Kintaro oe 3 månader sedan
the first time i entered into vrchat, i saw two people ERPing, i walk up to them and tell them "good afternoon, Black Ops 2 was the last good COD" then leave
Dj_Demo_Dj 3 månader sedan
I've started to play vrchat back in early 2017 before the uganda and the big SEposts and memes came in I've seen a ton change now days im in mostely friend or friend+ worlds to not be crashed, ddosed or get my avatar i spent hours on making in seconds. I still play today theres a lot of awsome pepole to meet but many do are abusive to thrue my years of the game its mostely been awsome but lately more and more pepole are in private just erping, lap dancing or something like that I do hate how it changed to that. I joined the game to be myself and meet people who accepts me for who I am I avoid those who just erp or so. I am a furry but im still accepted for who I am atleast.
Jerry Martin
Jerry Martin 3 månader sedan
"It's just a drawing, son"
Sincerely Queenie
Sincerely Queenie 3 månader sedan
May I add that I am a sarcastic bitch? It's more than these lap dances. It's less the hornyness it's more like meming around and putting people under pressure. Regarding Full Body Tracking it's more to show where VR entertaining can be and let alone FBT is just fucking awesome especially in Blade and Sorcery. In short it ain't about titties it's about the psspspsp adventure (Edit may I add it genuinely is not really about sexual hornyness like the one you showed it does make it sound like I am a big pp thot)
Shades 3 månader sedan
Maybe you went a lil too hard on the judging.
Game Phone2
Game Phone2 3 månader sedan
Sorry to barge in, but there's one thing that always bothered me about VR chat. People using TDAs(a Bowlroll model creator) bases and basically breaking their rules when those models get used for very NSFW stuff as the prime example
natervader 3 månader sedan
VRChat's considered dead by a lot of people but the game continues to improve, despite the stupid people lol. Not as many people as there might've used to have been, but it's still great.
Reog Clan
Reog Clan 3 månader sedan
Is there person who isn' t alergic to dust ?
Julitox Davids Woods Pol
Julitox Davids Woods Pol 3 månader sedan
attack on titan reaction
Beeewitch 3 månader sedan
My husband and I met on vrchat as well. :) I've made incredible friends, and my life has ENTIRELY changed. A lot of vrchat is bad, but it is equal parts incredible. ❤
Jacen Caede Arriola
Jacen Caede Arriola Månad sedan
if you like this your a booomer
Jacen Caede Arriola
Jacen Caede Arriola Månad sedan
boomer get with the times that game is dead dead game player gove oil
Piggy Man 101
Piggy Man 101 3 månader sedan
Wat tf
The Doctor
The Doctor 3 månader sedan
Sorry man it's pretty fun
ScrubYT 3 månader sedan
as someone who actually plays VRChat from time to time, i can confirm that this game is nothing like it used to be. the whole new era of players have imo kind of ruined what made it so good, now all anyone does is stand in front of a mirror or just exist in private worlds. it actually pains me but ngl some of the people that ive met are closer than family, but also i miss the old days
Sharpwave The decepticon
Sharpwave The decepticon 3 månader sedan
I always wanted to check out VR-chat. But maybe I will not go to those certain areas.
Dick Gumshoe
Dick Gumshoe 3 månader sedan
huh never knew virtual prostitution would be that effective pal...
Vapor 3 månader sedan
I remember my time in Kanna Gang, it was really fun, but pretty wild ngl
UnironicallyDel 3 månader sedan
yeaaaah dont base your vrchat experience on Qwonk, of all people. He is by far the weirdest and most disturbing one.
ZeYroX ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ
ZeYroX ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ 3 månader sedan
Damn dat headset OLD Btw can u do Rec from next pls
OctoCoochi 69
OctoCoochi 69 3 månader sedan
Oh, dear God, vrchat is going public now, they're going to turn into EA, make us pay to upload stuff and completely destroy the game, thanks a lot, you have killed us all I'm just kidding I love your videos
Charlie59876 3 månader sedan
"you're drooling over a bunch of pixels" weebs: *intense sweating*
Kleenex Box
Kleenex Box Månad sedan
I was like "hah you fuckin losers" then realized im one of those losers
Bill Månad sedan
"nervously laughing"
WildClaw 3 månader sedan
Interesting Video! VRChat has been life-changing for me. It's where I met my friends who I hang out with both in-game and outside the game, and also VRChat was what jump started my Streaming/SEpost career as the catalyst for content that I make. It would be wrong to say VRChat doesn't have a PG-18 side. Hell, a few of my friends that I know actually do exotic dancing for a club. It's a side of VRChat I don't really see much, so I can't really comment on it, but yeah - some people have an obsession with it that I won't really understand ever. Public Instances of VRChat worlds are usually hit of miss with me. I don't really frequent them outside my normal routine because I already have a close knit friends group I hang out with in Friends+, but some of the experiences i've had in Public instances have been great. Overall, I don't regret my time in VRChat one bit, and it's a great place to meet new people. Just be careful when traveling through the Metaverse - you may see some things you wish you didnt.
Dnisify 3 månader sedan
our man has only 400 followers on twitch, how could we do our man so dirty
Ryftxツ 3 månader sedan
"If you want to see me play real among us then go to my twitch I am actually streaming right now". Me watching this 3 days after it was uploaded: "Ok time to watch pinely stream among us"!!!!
Ryftxツ 3 månader sedan
Pinely 3 månader sedan
Hey maybe tonight
AleksWorkshop 3 månader sedan
Using VRChat as a social platform to keep sane during lockdown gang wya?
Skylius 3 månader sedan
Tbh it’s none of anyone’s business as to what two consenting adults want to do, most of those people do it in private worlds
MirinBoy17 12 dagar sedan
Just them right? Teen and kids don't mind them guys. I guess they don't need to be under parent surveillance. Don't need to know what goes between them hahahaha
MirinBoy17 12 dagar sedan
Yeah *Adults* *only* 🥱
IamBoring Videos
IamBoring Videos 3 månader sedan
I wish vrchat had more people with more variety of avatars being used ..and not just 90% anime .....just ashame that is
SatchiVR 3 månader sedan
Was just talking about the state of Vrchat Sunday and here we are with this video! Yeah it hurts that most people are so lenient with the lewd stuff. Friends that I made two years ago who were creative and just hanged out for talks and games. But now they are either drunk or fucking each other all the time or using that sex appeal to gain viewer ship on twitch. It's pretty sad. Good video though. Keep up the good work.
Blackout Lol
Blackout Lol 3 månader sedan
Eww why tf would people think this sort of stuff is ok like seriou-🤢🤮
Scarlet Star
Scarlet Star 3 månader sedan
feel like people don't really understand what actually was the fall: crashers, crashers, crashers, and really just in general, boring users.
AspieAlex 3 månader sedan
Yeah crashers became such a nuisance people were afraid to go into public lobbies because of it
blue_ 3 månader sedan
my friend told me stories about how hes become kakyoin and agressively went up in peoples faces while staying in a perfect a-pose and theyre amazing
Vr chat is for the bullied
Sergio 3 månader sedan
I have no idea why, but this game makes me feel incredibly tired.
Sergio Månad sedan
I think it's a psychological thing, cuz I sit down when I play
Khaki Shorts
Khaki Shorts 2 månader sedan
Fatigue from standing, or is the game sometimes dead silent?
DTG 3D 3 månader sedan
How does vr sex even work? they can’t even touch you
TrentOS 3 månader sedan
@DTG 3D I mean seeing as how haptic suits exist, yeah lmao
DTG 3D 3 månader sedan
@TrentOS did we really get that advanced in technology damn we really are living in the future
TrentOS 3 månader sedan
stimulation via phantom sense, most likely.
catgasm 3 månader sedan
Hey you're cool have a sweet turtle 𓆉︎
supermarioplushes 3 månader sedan
What vr headsets are does?
Indecisive_Artist 3 månader sedan
I dunno, I met my boyfriend on VRchat and made amazing friends, but yeah the ERP community is funny sometimes lmao
Jacen Caede Arriola
Jacen Caede Arriola Månad sedan
roblox better if you say ptherwose you are boomer
Random Comment
Random Comment 3 månader sedan
Still play VR chat from time to time I met some pretty nice people and some weird ass people
Planner channel
Planner channel 3 månader sedan
Not once did you show avatar animation. You could of put a cool clip of someone making the world explode in colour screaming "taste the rainbow"
Riolu fan
Riolu fan 3 månader sedan
Exxel Setijadi
Exxel Setijadi 3 månader sedan
this is what happens when something depends on a meme to stay popular and relevant when the meme inevitably dies or isn't funny anymore, it'll either die down with it or it's gonna have to find another way to stay relevant
Freeman Family Productions
Freeman Family Productions 3 månader sedan
I didn't think VR chat was free
D*ge Content
D*ge Content 3 månader sedan
Dislike, because you mocked anime waufis !
Jacen Caede Arriola
Jacen Caede Arriola Månad sedan
im not gonna say anything the cooments in this are either yeah vr chat go brr or boo vr chat stinky poo poo
S. Albertsen
S. Albertsen 3 månader sedan
I was pretty lonely and always wanted to get in and try to make friends. However, I never did because I was too afraid to because of social anxiety. I’m still lonely but that’s okay I’ve got a dog now.
Hazzahawk 371
Hazzahawk 371 3 månader sedan
Man I can hardly bring myself to VC
Krasnoiark 3 månader sedan
my advice to this since I have the same, I met people super easily. What I do is search for worlds I want to explore and not the popular ones, easy starter conversation when you're in a world that you know a bit about (a specific game, peace of entertainment ) and people will easily talk. I got approached as well just by observing something and the person was surprised there was someone in that world. And after that, you get to friend them and hang out more in the popular places. That's what I do and I feel quite comfortable doing that.
S. Albertsen
S. Albertsen 3 månader sedan
@megaalex28 dogs and cats are great friends c:
megaalex28 3 månader sedan
I have the exact same issue.
Prince Mallari
Prince Mallari 3 månader sedan
Prince Mallari
Prince Mallari 3 månader sedan
things are demonitiEd
Pinky_Dinky_7 3 månader sedan
Vrchat tbh is full of edgy people
Dizzi Diamond
Dizzi Diamond 3 månader sedan
It's fun if you try it from time to time
ScumbagDan 3 månader sedan
8:31 his wifes there
soy chef
soy chef 3 månader sedan
ChrisQuitsReality 3 månader sedan
Disgusting why would anyone pole dance in VR for views?? *HAVE THEY NO SHAME!?!?!*
Sincerely Queenie
Sincerely Queenie 3 månader sedan
Laughs in extending the limits of VR and let people do art pole dancing alone is not really just erotic stuff
Luis Castanon
Luis Castanon 3 månader sedan
@Kutsuge Mind Urmoks yeah me too I love myself
Kutsuge Mind Urmoks
Kutsuge Mind Urmoks 3 månader sedan
Am I like the only person in these replies that watches you?
Luis Castanon
Luis Castanon 3 månader sedan
@ChrisQuitsReality what is?
Runo 3 månader sedan
It's quick, it's easy, and it's free
Floatyoats 3 månader sedan
whenever I play vrchat people call me the n-word then we chill for 3 hours
LeaguePanda 3 månader sedan
To go from a social place with great people too a cesspool off pedos and depressed people. It’s like watching your friend groups die right in front of you and turn too shit.
Crocodile on A jetski
Crocodile on A jetski 3 månader sedan
Mate nothing happened it’s still popular
Jacen Caede Arriola
Jacen Caede Arriola Månad sedan
no only boomrs play it now get with the times
MaxgamingPlayz 3 månader sedan
*_Yesterday i was also asking the same question._* *What Happened to that Guy that is wearing a suit and a Box for a head?* *_Then youtube lead me here._*
Miq 3 månader sedan
It went from knuckles to mirrors...
Darwin No
Darwin No 3 månader sedan
Are you actually allergic to dust? If so, that must suck so much. I feel sorry for you. 😥
Fact Core
Fact Core 3 månader sedan
Been playing it alot new people have been joining just recently very interesting
_ Hawk _
_ Hawk _ 3 månader sedan
I'm gonna be honest and I'm sorry if I offend anyone. But the people that say that Ugandan Knuckles caused the downfall of Vrchat are dead wrong. It did the exact opposite, once the meme took off hundreds of thousands of people began to play it more to get in in the action, literally it caused it to blow up both my feed in Instagram and on SEpost. Honestly I just think the reason why the number are starting to fall is because of the strange people that think it's a good idea to use full body tracking (literally a gift that anyone would want to have to really express themselves in vr) for sexual reasons. And half of the time they aren't even doing THAT, they use their full body tracking, and just... sit down... the ability to express yourself even more than you normally could... and you use it to sit down... idk I just feel Vrchat is plagued with edgy adults that fine it "fun" to drink with other people while wearing these strange provocative Avatars... but not all people are like that, I've genuinely met some really interesting and honestly well rounded people. They are out there if you just keep looking :)
Y3sNMay 3 månader sedan
Samburger Hamburger
Samburger Hamburger 3 månader sedan
Im the 666 like
Daniel Modesto
Daniel Modesto 3 månader sedan
Wow remember when Uganda knucles was fun for like 30 seconds? Man the old times...
Oby 1
Oby 1 3 månader sedan
Fuse Character creator>add downloaded box model> rig with Mixamo > port to Unity > assign bones > eat cake?
Enter name here
Enter name here 3 månader sedan
I used to watch a lot of vr videos but as soon as i realized some were fake, and other ones where just memes, and not even good memes, i just slowly stopped watching them.
SDraw 3 månader sedan
This is the way, my fellow box person
booda boop
booda boop 3 månader sedan
I was on this game literally yesterday and it’s pretty cool but there is a lot of empty servers now that you mentioned it
The Doctor
The Doctor 3 månader sedan
Everybody on the friends + worlds. Publics used to be cool but now it's either empty or full of retards. If ur lucky u can find a cool trusted user going about the publics.
tentacletomato 3 månader sedan
I tried it but there were too many lolicons
Minecraft Steve
Minecraft Steve 3 månader sedan
Basically it's infested with weebs
joe the farmer
joe the farmer 3 månader sedan
Smiling 3 månader sedan
What... what is the song in your intro
Brand-ON- 3 månader sedan
I played it today and there was less than 20 people on every server I went on
Flavio Vlang
Flavio Vlang 3 månader sedan
You lied your not live
Mark M8
Mark M8 3 månader sedan
He changed the name of the vid
3ASTER 3 månader sedan
What happened to Pinely Lol
Infinite 64
Infinite 64 3 månader sedan
I bet your parents and grand parents are proud of you and the content you make
Brandon Govreau
Brandon Govreau 3 månader sedan
Uganda. EXE!? Blg
Johnathan the memelord
Johnathan the memelord 3 månader sedan
This is the result of something being linked to a meme and then the meme dying, its left worse off then it would be normally
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