The Pathetic World Of Online Pick Up Artists

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Pick up artists/ dating gurus SUCK!!!!!!!
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Miguel Frontado R
Miguel Frontado R 2 dagar sedan
Tbh most of them use the videos to cope with their general horribleness
Leaf Finite
Leaf Finite 5 dagar sedan
the movies could write a scene where ryan gosling kills the girls parents and steps on them with his big iron booties, and the girl still likes him. its a movie!
luvlyerdj93 6 dagar sedan
The blond one looks like a white eric andre
Ясен Неделчев
Ясен Неделчев 13 dagar sedan
M'naughty girl
Green Garden
Green Garden 14 dagar sedan
Iam glad I leave this those PUA stuff. I better work on my social skills, and learn from my uncle lol. Its more natural
Phil Gooden
Phil Gooden 17 dagar sedan
The worst part (imo) is when dudes actually try this stuff and it inevitably doesn't work, instead of thinking, "Oh, I guess the pick up artists were wrong," they just slide deeper into the hole of misogyny and hate
Phil Gooden
Phil Gooden 12 dagar sedan
@Logicked Mazimoon I know, but their understanding of psychology and biology are wrong. Frankly, I'd prefer if they went by textbooks--they'd be more accurate lol
Logicked Mazimoon
Logicked Mazimoon 12 dagar sedan
They dont see it as misogyny, they see it as "the basics of psychology and biology" As if psychology and biology textbooks are a manual for life
Jar Jar Binks
Jar Jar Binks 19 dagar sedan
As soon as you said anything about ads I immediately got a love necklace ad
Nyarlathotep 21 dag sedan
Online pick up artists be like: "I guide others to a treasure i cannot possess"
Big boy Web
Big boy Web 23 dagar sedan
I got a pick up artist add lol
Eduard Hernandez
Eduard Hernandez 23 dagar sedan
Yep, i have a ad of this topic 😂
HI Hello
HI Hello 24 dagar sedan
My femme ass with a deeper voice than this dude 🤣
おまつ和助 24 dagar sedan
Most of these dudes are just scams artists although I do think some of them present some good ideas. If you are interested in more of the darker side of this pick up artist community you should check out the channel Nanpa Nick and the channels surrounding him. It also is mostly all scammy although when you think about some of the points they put forward it does might for some interesting conversations!
Savage Antelope
Savage Antelope 25 dagar sedan
THAAAAAAANK you for calling these people out like before I even start
baboner 25 dagar sedan
Is that a Julio Iglesias remix in the bg?
Dream / Majora's Mask
Dream / Majora's Mask 26 dagar sedan
I fucking kid you not, I got an ad by something called "" which was literally just some dude shit talking my anxiety for 3 minutes and telling me to be a Chad. Sigh. Also, don't click the link. It's all crap.
Andrew Patton
Andrew Patton 26 dagar sedan
Literally the first AD I saw was a guy considering himself an ALPHA telling me to quit porn in order to talk to women, honestly not a bad idea, wont be trying his 100 dollar course though.
ThatGuyDips 26 dagar sedan
An add about “nice guys” literally played 💀
Yeison Alvarez
Yeison Alvarez 26 dagar sedan
The Dune reference is great😀
Jenson John-Alexander
Jenson John-Alexander 27 dagar sedan
Yes a ad for picking up girls popped up.
mollypaws 28 dagar sedan
ive never been happier that im a lesbian
Sean Lurie
Sean Lurie Månad sedan
I swear to god the other day I saw an ad for how to “Brainwash a girl into liking you”. You could tell the girls in that video were uncomfortable and paid actors.
Kyoshinja Månad sedan
Alpha M is like a better looking yet still insecure and still obnoxious Hasan Piker
TurtleNecker 223
TurtleNecker 223 Månad sedan
Thanos the Farmer Has Returned
Thanos the Farmer Has Returned Månad sedan
Here's a trick to talk to women: just talk to them the way you would talk to a guy, if she's still not attracted to you, who gives a shit?
Jet 27
Jet 27 Månad sedan
Pretty sure I just got an ad for that very "say this to get sex" video while watching yours. They're fighting back! Yes, SEpost robots are stupid enough to think I'm interested in that trash because I watched a video shitting all over it.
Dominique Does Life
Dominique Does Life Månad sedan
Guy: *stands in my way* Me: *runs by* Guy: "waaait! You MUST tell me one cool thing about you, before you goooooooooio!" Me: *yells "I'm a fast runner" while still running, as Mr. PuA recedes into the distance*
granddaddy Månad sedan
dude i got an ad for the makegirlschaseyou website on this imma cry
Tobio Takeuchi
Tobio Takeuchi Månad sedan
I've been seeing these a lot too and I don't really understand why this is becoming a thing...
Edward Lau
Edward Lau Månad sedan
Innuendo, teasing, negging works talking about sex, orgsans and insults just make you a creep
Nicky Kavanagh
Nicky Kavanagh Månad sedan
The irony of a ad playing before this video
P Jadhav
P Jadhav Månad sedan
I want to be doge man rather than big pp strong man. Who with me?
the guy
the guy Månad sedan
Thanks slot dude know that I watched this video I am flooded with pickup artists ad great....
GirlWithNoPersonality Månad sedan
"I really don't miss being a teenager" Me: Haha, me too.....wait (I'm 19)
Pheebs Månad sedan
If one of these guys came up to me they're getting a nice slap on the cheek ☺️
Boogie Thug Rose
Boogie Thug Rose Månad sedan
Betatuber: "please like and subscribe if you liked the..." Me: NO!!! (I'm a Alpha)
TehMomo Månad sedan
it's the "has a soul patch in any year other than 2004" for me
Abrahamic Distributist
Abrahamic Distributist Månad sedan
These 'people' do not sell pick up methods per se;they sell dreams and hopes to desperate men. Same with 'financial advisors' that tell you to blow your salary on sketchy property schemes in hope of finding el dorado
FaZe JFK Månad sedan
I got a 10 min dating ad
-- Månad sedan
he respects women AND hes a vegetarian?? im on my knees
Aleksandr Laffhof
Aleksandr Laffhof Månad sedan
Dude is saying "Listen how my voice got deeper" Im like mate you are a tenor , you sound like the highest voice dude can get...
The Wabbit Hunt
The Wabbit Hunt Månad sedan
I am pretty sure that 90% of the time you ask a girl you just meet if she is "naughty" she will slap the existing shit out of you and challenge you to a slapping contest
The Wabbit Hunt
The Wabbit Hunt Månad sedan
No one: "pickup artists": today i will show you how to give paralyzing androphobia to any woman you talk to
Thế Luân Vương
Thế Luân Vương Månad sedan
Hey, i'm not gay but if Mr.McLovin gave me a look of desire.....
JackolanternTTV Månad sedan
5:16 “because that is goonoo”
kal222 Månad sedan
theres something so off about the long haired dude. he looks like a robot or some shit it makes me uncomfortable as hell
Smuz Månad sedan
We all got a pick-up ad before this video
mirandu !
mirandu ! Månad sedan
Those pickup artists are the same people who use redpilled reddit subreddits unironically. It's actually so sad how all of them think that women are some sort of puzzle contraption where you have to break some non existent societal codes or something lmao. Women are just normal people, treat them like one.
Abrahamic Distributist
Abrahamic Distributist Månad sedan
Normal people are puzzle contraptions that can be decoded with certain acts(look at those Napoleon Hill's books like 'How to win friends') Its just that these set of decoders called pickup artists give faulty codes with exhorbitant prices and is obnoxious to anyone around them.
D Harris
D Harris Månad sedan
I love Alpha M he’s a cool dude
Petri löfberg
Petri löfberg Månad sedan
Ngl the attractive man has a weak chin.
Neillusion Månad sedan
"no u have to tell me one cool thing about u" peak alpha bars
Drifted_Realist Månad sedan
Videos ends and last advert is.... wanna know what secret word to... yeah another pick up trick 🤣😂 can't make this up
Progressive Minds
Progressive Minds Månad sedan
ive been watching this channel for a while and is it just me or does pinley sound like mr youtuber?
A Crispy Idiot
A Crispy Idiot Månad sedan
75X75cm Månad sedan
Yeah AlphaM is not to bad, his videos on grooming and style are even alright if memory serves.
Nicholas Scott
Nicholas Scott Månad sedan
Andrew Ryan's 5 words not to say to a girl and how to make it "painfully obvious" that she wants to sleep with you right now, ad directly after your video. Good stuff. BTW new to your videos and I love the alter ego Pinely thing you have going on here. Very amusing. Actually though the real reason I found your videos is because I was trying to authenticate a piece of art I found on eBay. Well not really authenticate it, but rather to find out why this this is selling for as high as it is, and figured the artist must be famous, so out of curiosity, did you or alter ego The PINELY draw some crying eyes in the clouds and write "do not boo who!" above them?
Eatinggamer 39
Eatinggamer 39 Månad sedan
BatCatDickBabsJayTimSteph CassDukeKateLukeHarlHel
BatCatDickBabsJayTimSteph CassDukeKateLukeHarlHel Månad sedan
How to be a chad
PocGaming Månad sedan
pick up artist be like ogaboga
Roco Taco
Roco Taco Månad sedan
I remember when I was barely in high school I stumble upon these alpha channels where they tell how to be more alpha but like I was too lazy to follow and looking back I was confused to how I even got there
Nic Månad sedan
Ads: 2 times magic formula for getting girls, 1 time coffee
isigo Månad sedan
these vids are basicaly how to stay creeps for ever guides
Dan Kasoff
Dan Kasoff Månad sedan
why be a pickup artist when you can master space travel and have telepathy and see every possible future?
Stacey Ann
Stacey Ann Månad sedan
That one creepy dude has the most beautiful Rachel haircut one ever seen. Excellent blow out, 10/10
BT Bruh
BT Bruh Månad sedan
I legit got an ad for the first guy on this vid
unstoppableExodia Månad sedan
It’s really good to see people rip into the pick up artist industrial complex nowadays. Something about it always felt a bit off and it’s validating to see others confirm what I had originally felt but couldn’t quite articulate at the time. I’ve had plenty of success with the fairer sex over time and none of it required the bizarre tricks taught by pick up artists. And I didn’t have to pay money to get my hands on their books or subscription services or however they monetize their grift
Just call me Leonardo
Just call me Leonardo Månad sedan
10:30 "Let's say, hypothetically speaking, you've been a bad girl, a naughty girl even".
Shiny Agumon
Shiny Agumon Månad sedan
AOC: "Please Ben just give me back my shoes, I'm not interested and you are fucking married!"
Cheng Liu
Cheng Liu Månad sedan
Was it just me or were most of these guys cringy af?
Cheng Liu
Cheng Liu Månad sedan
I know what you mean. Even when I was in high school, these guys looked like complete scumbags.
CNK 98
CNK 98 Månad sedan
Women: *Have an issue like every human on Earth* Pickup artists: You need some ass spanking right?
aaa Månad sedan
got one of those "one word to make woman fall for you" ads before this video
PokerFace Månad sedan
OmG liKe A NAuGhTy GhOrL uWu? OWo?
Sara Månad sedan
"Do I wanna die in my 20's?" I mean, I haven't felt alive ever since I got that two in front so.... maybe?
Shiny Agumon
Shiny Agumon Månad sedan
Don't give your enemies that victory, stay alive to spite them. Like I do.
Dani Månad sedan
as someone who actually really loves sex I automatically get turned off by a dude who'd... list out facts about sex what the fuck LMAO (especially about gender but that's another thing). Sure, telling me your own experiences are cool, but uh, telling me shit like i'm stupid or something? Look, im probably gonna wanna screw you if i show obvious attraction to begin with, feel comfortable, feel that you're authentic, and you're funny (spoiler: it takes a few weeks to a few months). And no, it's not some kinda code... people can sense assholes and if you just Are one nothing is going to work which is why so many start to go after younger women who have low self esteem lol.
Abrahamic Distributist
Abrahamic Distributist Månad sedan
They go after younger women because they're obviously cuter and sexier,as all women can testify
suck my oof
suck my oof Månad sedan
The fact I got an ad for a “dating secrets” site before this video 😭😭😭
suck my oof
suck my oof Månad sedan
Make that two ads for dating sites 😭 god why
Judah Moar
Judah Moar Månad sedan
Awfully smooth brain you have yourself in the graphic
Michael S
Michael S Månad sedan
I got an add for some pick up artist before this video.
Laura Salutari
Laura Salutari Månad sedan
Uuuh I always get that argument when I say I'm vegetarian
Andrew Herrera
Andrew Herrera Månad sedan
whats up with the 2 cameras filming a different angle at the same time during the interview, sometimes it seems like they are a kid's tv show
Mediocre Mason
Mediocre Mason Månad sedan
I can feeeel the alpha energy consuming me! Totally getting a GF now!
mrhypnagogia Månad sedan
Is he addicted to spice lol
Wisdom Kachiside O.
Wisdom Kachiside O. Månad sedan
these niggas r goobers
Lucy Miles
Lucy Miles Månad sedan
Also trapping women who try to leave - nice way to get maced my dude.
Lucy Miles
Lucy Miles Månad sedan
People don't say that shit about medicine "ah dude cavemen didn't use vaccinations ya should really go natural" Oh wait fu-
Aries Trucker
Aries Trucker Månad sedan
Dude you should really consider a sex change. No seriously
Kaitlyn Harrison
Kaitlyn Harrison Månad sedan
Fun fact: pickup artists are often psychopaths 😂😂😂
Shiny Agumon
Shiny Agumon Månad sedan
Not surprising
The Slayer
The Slayer Månad sedan
the higher status voice is why corpse is so popular lol
Chef Limón
Chef Limón Månad sedan
A bunch of guys volunteering in leather jackets is called a "murder of punks" in the scientificifical circles
plant Månad sedan
cool video but i hate your avatar
RitaSijelmass Månad sedan
If people could treat women like actual humans, that'd be great.
Six Impossible Things
Six Impossible Things Månad sedan
"Her eyes lit up" he says, yet even the paid actress could barely look at him after that absolutely rapey retort.
Anja chan
Anja chan Månad sedan
YOU seems to be a nice guy ... with a manly voice ;D
Louis Tiemann
Louis Tiemann Månad sedan
That last one made me wretch, dear god
daregoat Månad sedan
This mr youtuber guy sounds an aweful lot like pinely
Døvahslayer. mkv
Døvahslayer. mkv Månad sedan
as a lesbian, this is halarious.
Erica Baker
Erica Baker Månad sedan
I had to pause the video several times and step back to process it because I was so revolted by what these men were saying. How could anyone think this would actually work?
Asparagoosagus Månad sedan
this may not be entirely 100% reasonable, but as a man this feels just so embarrassing to watch. Watching this kind of stuff feels like my entire gender taking a big L. Also, if your primary dating strategy is to get in a girl's pants at any cost no matter what she says or thinks, theres a pretty good chance youre going to end up raping some people. I guess if someone doesnt really see women as people anyway that that wouldn't be a concern.. im sure i dont need to explain how fucked that is
AZ's Floette
AZ's Floette Månad sedan
9:10 This dude's hair looks like it was stolen from the female love interest in a 1994 romantic comedy
Rayrard Månad sedan
How many women have to kick that guy in the balls for videos like that to stop? Even someone like me with mild Aspergers cringe at those scripted interactions. Run that line 100 times and I bet 100 times it won't work. Maybe it might work once or twice if you are Ryan Gosling
Nick Woods
Nick Woods Månad sedan
These guys should putt a caveat in there descipts. How to pick up any girl,..the ones no one can stand. Everytime.
decoraqueen a
decoraqueen a Månad sedan
I'm thoroughly convinced that the women these pickup artists have dated are : 1. Non existant 2. Have severe low self esteem or 3. Were trying not to get killed/sexually assulted.
How are Pickup Artists still a thing?
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