The Pokemon Go Kid's Unhinged Return (Misha Silenosti)

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This video is about Misha aka the pokemon go kid's more than insane comeback, recently he has made two new versions of the classic pokemon go song, and also made a song about the virus that shall not be named. enjoy!
I remembered to link that video:
My Twitter: Pinelyy
My Instagram: PinelyBox
People I'm talking about in this video:
Misha Silenosti also known as the pokemon go kid, James Marriott.
Background Music by:
@TheRedSpy & @camisvillain on Twitter

Misha 9 månader sedan
Crow Minus
Helmer Månad sedan
@Ben I mean less than 2016
Ben Månad sedan
@Helmer it's not gone
Frequent Snow
Frequent Snow Månad sedan
I hope you have a good rest of your life
CR7SW16 Månad sedan
Yo Misha 😂
Commentis Anonymous
Commentis Anonymous 2 månader sedan
yes! hes using the family friendly term crowminus.
MLGmemezL0L 23 dagar sedan
his jawline has evolved
drpruckus Månad sedan
I noticed he’s using a glorious model o
Tax evader Yoshi
Tax evader Yoshi Månad sedan
You didnt put the link in the description
TeaAndToast 2 månader sedan
His songs sound better
Matthew Coote - Official
Matthew Coote - Official 3 månader sedan
Is Misha related to Donald Trump?
Matthew Coote - Official
Matthew Coote - Official 3 månader sedan
My brain hurts.
crutoz 3 månader sedan
Diva_mania 3 månader sedan
I thought he died
Junaki Begum
Junaki Begum 3 månader sedan
Discovered his song from 2016 when I was 8 grade amazing times
GTA5_YT 3 månader sedan
Achtunger 3 månader sedan
Damn weaboos
GTA5_YT 3 månader sedan
Foreskin thief
Foreskin thief 3 månader sedan
I have the same chair as misha :(
GTA5_YT 3 månader sedan
Alexhere70 4 månader sedan
3:52 Why do I get CG5 vibes from his voice?
sky 4 månader sedan
omg, misha looks exactly like drew gooden and that’s something i can’t unsee
nejdalej 4 månader sedan
Ngl was really hoping that he was actually going to be a bit unhinged, like Bjork or something. Like went super experimental and weird. I'm disappointed that all he's done is record another two lame ass versions of the Pokemon Go song.
Micheal Memes
Micheal Memes 5 månader sedan
I think the song is ok.
SomeSortofWeeb 5 månader sedan
his older brother looks like a european Drew Gooden....
yeet king61
yeet king61 5 månader sedan
I got a Pokémon go ad
TeaZMas 6 månader sedan
I see lot’s of famous SEpostrs in the comments
helpimtrappedinabasement 6 månader sedan
ZAmpedNZ 6 månader sedan
Its a terrible song... but here I am vibing to it... Fuck!!
Barbora Boháčová
Barbora Boháčová 6 månader sedan
Like hello There cz :D
Louise Dore
Louise Dore 7 månader sedan
Virus will be over
MergeMoldezar XV
MergeMoldezar XV 7 månader sedan
So his death was fake
MaxgamingPlayz 8 månader sedan
*Oh god not again*
Deucalion 8 månader sedan
Guys Am I the only one that thought that he died
Helmer 8 månader sedan
Please stop the corona virus everyday Please stop the virus Please stop the corona virus everyday Please stop the virus When I wake up, I’m grabbing my mask I wanna avoid it all I wanna stop the virus All day long All day long Please stop the corona virus everyday Please stop the corona virus
darius 9 månader sedan
his music is ok now ngl
Kenan Von Kaiser
Kenan Von Kaiser 9 månader sedan
He Is Back!
Dee Jay
Dee Jay 9 månader sedan
Misha Je mi jedno, co říkají idioti na internetu. Jsi hvězda v mé knize!
Jacob Po07
Jacob Po07 9 månader sedan
Misha has more sub. Den you but keep the video going
Hozic 9 månader sedan
Not again as a Czech person iam getting flashbacks.
onesyphorus Ὀνησίφορος
onesyphorus Ὀνησίφορος 9 månader sedan
3:24 says the pwrson who listens to DOOM
EnterKeyPressed _
EnterKeyPressed _ 9 månader sedan
Guess who's watching 100 years later
AFowkingPanda 9 månader sedan
Crowminus is the best you could think up?...
Iovalin 2017
Iovalin 2017 9 månader sedan
I think he compose YUMMY song for JUSTIN BIEBER and BABY TALK song for MILEY CYRUS 😀
Nothing 9 månader sedan
I actually know misha from the “cyber bully channels are cancer” song
Big Jimbo
Big Jimbo 9 månader sedan
He really isn’t that bad
Fubuki 9 månader sedan
I agree 98%
Callie Vail
Callie Vail 9 månader sedan
Misha has a good voice. I’m surprised.
Matjp 10 månader sedan
Wait what your the same person WHAT
Sam Murrell
Sam Murrell 10 månader sedan
This song isn't even that bad though
redmarcus1333 10 månader sedan
eh at lease that is better than the pokemon one and the haters one
User does Not exist
User does Not exist 10 månader sedan
Remember this kid had beef with absolutely everyone
Dog Chunk
Dog Chunk 10 månader sedan
Do a face reveal
Broly 10 månader sedan
Your magikarp has evolved into gyarados
Rohlík 10 månader sedan
Czech gannnnggg where u at
Rudolph Sedlin
Rudolph Sedlin 10 månader sedan
Didn't he also make 'Cyberbully channels are cancer!"?
Zer0 10 månader sedan
SinusTikToks yes
NTH THN 10 månader sedan
I hope Misha gets enough sleep :/
Ray XP
Ray XP 10 månader sedan
Pinely doing that Misha impression sounds like Drac from Hotel Transylvania lmao
Trolltyrant Lol
Trolltyrant Lol 10 månader sedan
Hmm leafy coming back for this
Jashaun Metz
Jashaun Metz 10 månader sedan
0:12 e v e r y d a y w e s t r a y f u r t h e r F r o m g o d
DragonBoyRW 10 månader sedan
Ngl I think misha has a good voice
bOwOw 10 månader sedan
He isnt that bad honestly
Lobster In my wee wee
Lobster In my wee wee 10 månader sedan
Leave him alone jesus christ he's already beaten let the kid rest
ZarkZyrian 10 månader sedan
Dont think hes a kid anymore
May May
May May 10 månader sedan
what the fuck is this 2016 again again?
Kham Buddies
Kham Buddies 10 månader sedan
I actually had no idea who this kid was before this video
Beam 2 Bleam
Beam 2 Bleam 9 månader sedan
Minecraft Steve
Minecraft Steve 10 månader sedan
Why tf does his latest song actually sound decent
LemonFarmer 10 månader sedan
Yoooo anyone watching this in 2120
Green Leaf City Video Gaming
Green Leaf City Video Gaming 10 månader sedan
*Save the trouble. We know your face reveal! 😏*
Re!gn 10 månader sedan
5:16 I love how casually the cat just takes off the mask like a human would
CraiRaydi 10 månader sedan
Like how I got a Pokémon go ad
Double digit09
Double digit09 10 månader sedan
Why is it literally only your Pokémon go kid videos which get recommended to me
HarriWasHere 10 månader sedan
If Pinely does a face reveal he has to colllab with Mr. SEpostr
Arzee Felix
Arzee Felix 10 månader sedan
Why u had to play that song
Jork 10 månader sedan
Wow I didn't know Misha was actually Scottish.
Just Another Gamer
Just Another Gamer 10 månader sedan
He actually sounds good. I know it’s probably auto tune but if he gets some better lyrics he could be a strong artist.
ImBonkMan 10 månader sedan
His voice sounds like every fnaf fan song ever
MToyBoy 10 månader sedan
Ngl I was kinda vibin to Pokemon go 2020 well exept for the rap portion that was bad but the new modern vibe of the song mixed with the familiar voice crack of Misha was enough to make the nostalgia kick in
nopesans 10 månader sedan
8:12 *Crunching noises*
Tyler Williams
Tyler Williams 10 månader sedan
Fuck no.
Fred Butler
Fred Butler 10 månader sedan
Misha has phases? Like Gorillaz?
Gothiis 10 månader sedan
JAMAL JAMMAL 10 månader sedan
At the start of Misha's absolute banger of a song he looked like a shitty doom guy.
The Kranberry
The Kranberry 10 månader sedan
Well due to genetics, didn't know if you knew this but you will be very similar to your sibling if both parents are the same
Kaylie 10 månader sedan
I cant wait for Leafy to roast this kid again ahh good times
BrianaLynn7 10 månader sedan
that song is absolutely genius
Michael Richard's Granddaughter
Michael Richard's Granddaughter 10 månader sedan
Thank you, I hate your videos and I watch them everyday and it sucks. Love the content but you should quit SEpost!
The Gaming King
The Gaming King 10 månader sedan
That song gave me cancer
DaSkullzz 10 månader sedan
I remember being a little keyboard warrior when this dude threw flame at SEpostrs.
Virtual Hona
Virtual Hona 10 månader sedan
So funny story. Like 4 years back I was on a CraftCamp. The Misha kid visited for I think like an attraction. And I had a roommate in it. We very cringing when he sang the Minecraft song.
milk_enthusiast 10 månader sedan
misha has the same birthday as me, unfortunately.
MikeyGxxx 10 månader sedan
9:07 atleast he still has the hat that gets him mad pussy
I'm Unoriginal
I'm Unoriginal 10 månader sedan
Pokemon Go? What kind of food name is that?
The Fortress
The Fortress 10 månader sedan
I forgot about him, thx for reminding me
That Cleanup Guy
That Cleanup Guy 10 månader sedan
That’s totally a violin, not a fiddle
Mienkraft550 Creper
Mienkraft550 Creper 10 månader sedan
He's actually a good singer now lmfao
sturm und dragn
sturm und dragn 10 månader sedan
Everything about the way Misha’s older brother held that violin is S A C R I L E G I O U S
Lupus BS
Lupus BS 10 månader sedan
This guy was born in the same country as me 😭
Virtual Hona
Virtual Hona 10 månader sedan
Me too. Ja taky. I was at craftcamp when he was there. Byl seem v craftcamp kdyz tam byl.
gokinezula 10 månader sedan
This video is underviewed
kid that eats gummy leeches
kid that eats gummy leeches 10 månader sedan
For some reason my friend told me he was dead
Fubuki 9 månader sedan
@Virtual Hona no u
kid that eats gummy leeches
kid that eats gummy leeches 10 månader sedan
@Virtual Hona i wish you were
Matěj Zmeškal
Matěj Zmeškal 10 månader sedan
In the Czechs Republic he was known first for his Minecraft song.
Sarah.T 10 månader sedan
Who’s watching this in 2021
The Yung Apollo
The Yung Apollo 10 månader sedan
Oh great lets keep cringe lords relevant yay #R.I.P SEpost
LuX0 L1
LuX0 L1 10 månader sedan
Ok nice vid but I feel u extended it a bit too much,it was kinda boring at times
xX_ Sooshey _Xx
xX_ Sooshey _Xx 10 månader sedan
I honestly thought I'd never hear that song again
heart ro dan
heart ro dan 10 månader sedan
I remember when i first head of this kid like 2016 i was flying and godzilla told me about i wanted to kill Godzilla that day
clapointe151 10 månader sedan
Honestly, I never knew this kid. I hope I still wouldn't actually.
Painfully Unfunny
Painfully Unfunny 10 månader sedan
My wife left, like if you agree Please take me back Sam, I need you
Painfully Unfunny
Painfully Unfunny 10 månader sedan
@papa tony that is just the short version of her name
Gamecube0864 10 månader sedan
Misha is actually Kira Yoshikage
Jakob Oksfjellelv
Jakob Oksfjellelv 10 månader sedan
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