The Terrifying RISE Of The Dream CLONE COMMUNITY

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Today I'll be talking about the Dream clone community, how they copy the great Dream, and how massive this community really is.
Dream shmeam:
I don't really talk about him cheating/faking his minecraft speedrun in this video, because if I'm honest I don't know much about that lol
-My Twitter: Pinelyy
-My Instagram: Pinelybox
-My Twitch:
-The Pinely Soundtrack:
"Dream is an American SEpostr known primarily for his "Minecraft Manhunt" series and speedrun videos."

oreo 7 timmar sedan
I really hate clip channels, all you have to do is take clips from streams and cut, super hard
MovieEffects 14 timmar sedan
Pinely: There is only one person not subscribed here Me:👀how he know
no yes
no yes Dag sedan
Ngl I’m glad I scrolled to the bottom off KneeCaps channel
Tream Dag sedan
Dream clones should get their own identity
PocketBoy 2 dagar sedan
its good
Broccoli 2 dagar sedan
My opinion on freshly squeezed orange juice: 10/10 would recommend. Are you trying to find a comment about dream? cuz it's not here.
Hailey De Apple
Hailey De Apple 2 dagar sedan
all the new big Minecraft SEpostrs aren't bad SEpostrs, I just can't watch them because their fanbase is just so shit
TheJeffShow 2 dagar sedan
4:24 it's fine
AM22 3 dagar sedan
7:00 hmm he did give fans money for being his skin
Weddit03 Nub
Weddit03 Nub 4 dagar sedan
they're not actually "Clone" channels, but what you call a "Fan Channel"
Scavor TheSpaceCowboy
Scavor TheSpaceCowboy 4 dagar sedan
Basically the same thing lol
Stiven Mehmeti
Stiven Mehmeti 4 dagar sedan
I dream, have giorno giovanna!
Allison VP
Allison VP 5 dagar sedan
i wanna go BANG!
i wanna go BANG! 6 dagar sedan
9:40 the guy sheared up if dream is gay
The Nintendo Nerd
The Nintendo Nerd 6 dagar sedan
How did you know
Face McShooty
Face McShooty 6 dagar sedan
how to grow in youtube 2021 edition: make minecraft
Sam Panackal
Sam Panackal 2 dagar sedan
Evan Ledbetter
Evan Ledbetter 7 dagar sedan
Paulie Walnuts
Paulie Walnuts 7 dagar sedan
Dream not having any controversy around him is a dream...
Kai Clarke
Kai Clarke 7 dagar sedan
You mean *18 million*
Beiwubsnsod 7 dagar sedan
This was like when i hate everything suddenly had an influx of parodies made by children, except that was a joke. This is concerning.
Fro g
Fro g 7 dagar sedan
have you guys even seen the mc tiktok community? ive never watched the smp in my life but theres this guy called ranboo i think that got into the smp, and now every single minecraft fan on the platform is doing it. its actually kinda scary how similar their skins and personalities are lmao
LOL MAN 7 dagar sedan
forsenCD MY MANS!
Nuggets 8 dagar sedan
dani hate orange juice
05Thelastguest Roblox
05Thelastguest Roblox 9 dagar sedan
I’m one of the dream clones
mo gamer
mo gamer 4 dagar sedan
artur camara
artur camara 9 dagar sedan
oj is trash it is dog water milk gang for life
Thanolingo pog
Thanolingo pog 9 dagar sedan
tf is the applauding feature?
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 9 dagar sedan
Orange juice best juice
Hahndogg 10 dagar sedan
4:23 im more of a apple juice person but the taste of orange juice is always a nice change of pace in the morning when u need a drink to wake u up but don't like coffee. That's what I think about orange juice :)
Bitter Derpyball
Bitter Derpyball 11 dagar sedan
nice try. but I AM SUBSCRIBED, so the only person that isnt subbed, is the very account that made this video
Legin7 11 dagar sedan
this man is milking this topic
Scavor TheSpaceCowboy
Scavor TheSpaceCowboy 4 dagar sedan
dude literally has 1 video of dream and moves on to other topics, do you even know what milking is lol.
POPtartCULTURE 12 dagar sedan
Pause at 9:40. You can see that he searched: "Is Dream gay?"
Nathan Unnamed Object Show
Nathan Unnamed Object Show 12 dagar sedan
I want 666 comments
Tyrants Play
Tyrants Play 12 dagar sedan
You caught me so i subbed
Filip Tvarůžek
Filip Tvarůžek 12 dagar sedan
IRG 13 dagar sedan
Dan 14 dagar sedan
i didnt see me in there. disliked
apple pudding
apple pudding 14 dagar sedan
*d a n* me boi, ive overdosed on ketamine and need your assistance argargagrgagrgagrgagrgagrgagrgagrgag
FalenDemo5 15 dagar sedan
When I read the title I thought it's gonna be about people trying to make copies of Dream's manhunt videos or "Minecraft Unsolved" and not about basically I Hate Everything Parody channels for Dream.
Onahmic Acharjya
Onahmic Acharjya 16 dagar sedan
you know that one time that dream went to minecraft cyber-jail
Hannes 17 dagar sedan
This is gold
Slava Leonov
Slava Leonov 18 dagar sedan
i am the one not subscribed muhahahahaha
Tomimoka Diyuu
Tomimoka Diyuu 18 dagar sedan
When I can change the likes from 6.8 to 6.9: UNLIMITED POWER
?????? 18 dagar sedan
Tommy actually spoke to dream's mum
r 18 dagar sedan
"I- I don't think it's worth i- *oh nevermind* "
Yusei Satou
Yusei Satou 19 dagar sedan
So everyone trying to be dream's family but is no one gonna make an account name yusei satou's dad at least I know my dad exist
Asprex 19 dagar sedan
five night at freddy
Murphy Fleming / The kyoob
Murphy Fleming / The kyoob 19 dagar sedan
pinely im so sorry ill sub please
fdsjfidsnkljsnhdjffdgfdfcsdfdfs ffgfvgfdgdsfvgsgd
fdsjfidsnkljsnhdjffdgfdfcsdfdfs ffgfvgfdgdsfvgsgd 19 dagar sedan
Dream seems like a cool person and he is really good at minecraft, but his fans are the WORST.
ian kinnear
ian kinnear 20 dagar sedan
Most of the channels are fake channels and not the actual creator i see people just litterly still other peoples stream just to get a CASH grab
stinkie!! 20 dagar sedan
is dream even a word anymore?
collynd. Yezkiel
collynd. Yezkiel 20 dagar sedan
Dreams dad Dreams mom Dreams family Dreams maid Dreams house Dreams house DreMzz rapper
Arixies 20 dagar sedan
What a fool I am, all my friends and loved ones are subscribed and I'm not smh
ThaC00l Kid
ThaC00l Kid 21 dag sedan
dream 2 : electric boogaloo
cazunoparuno 22 dagar sedan
Problem with using others clips is that no one is there for you but theyre there for the clips so your fanbase is not yours but someone's elses
Man Man Mc man please
Man Man Mc man please 22 dagar sedan
tbh I wonder what’s gonna happen to these channels after/if dreams channel kinda dies
Seth Gideon Caringal
Seth Gideon Caringal 22 dagar sedan
im one of the dream's mom sub just because of the funny clips
WUTcappy yt
WUTcappy yt 22 dagar sedan
when a clone comes to youtube, who are ya gonna call you should call Pinely and if you dont i will consume pant.
A Mets
A Mets 23 dagar sedan
They are more of a family than a community really
yuriamyai 23 dagar sedan
I don’t care if I’m subscribed or not
TabascoSwagger 24 dagar sedan
Okay i subbed Now everyone is subscribed
MattManh42 24 dagar sedan
Fun fact: dream said that his old ex made his character, not him
MrDuckDuck 24 dagar sedan
Five Night At Freddy
Kao 24 dagar sedan
9:40 pause the Video, they searched for is dream gay?
Bruh Cat
Bruh Cat 24 dagar sedan
I don't get how dream is still relevant, the only good content I've ever seen him produce were the first few manhunts.
KenTheGamer 25 dagar sedan
His best is 12:28 any% [World Record]
Reality 25 dagar sedan
Why u talking bout my brother?
Reality 10 dagar sedan
@Lander it's just a meme
Reality 10 dagar sedan
@Lander lol
Lander 10 dagar sedan
says by the person who shares r34 dream arts
Reality 25 dagar sedan
Yep Fred
Yep Fred 25 dagar sedan
Bro these types of channels are shit like? They're getting another's content, splicing it and getting content revenue more than likely.
̶j̶r̶e̶e̶m̶ ̶
̶j̶r̶e̶e̶m̶ ̶ 26 dagar sedan
jreem approved
Applejuiceadam 26 dagar sedan
Thanks for reminding me to subscribe, I have done it
Em Custard
Em Custard 26 dagar sedan
Dream should buy some stock in Apple-maybe invest in some land.
Sonia Myers
Sonia Myers 26 dagar sedan
Omg there is a fake Dream Shmeam (not very epic).
QDude24 29 dagar sedan
Do all the clones cheat as well?
Stefan Andrejevic
Stefan Andrejevic 29 dagar sedan
Dream clones : start appearing Cringe : *STONKS*
egg yolk
egg yolk Månad sedan
I'm bored so I'm gonna list all of these types of channels that I can remember seeing- Dream's mom Dream's dad Dream's brother Dream's sister Dream's neice Dream's nephew Dream's dog Dream's cat Dream's stepmom Dream's stepdad Dream's grandad Nightmare (idk if that counts but it had the same pfp but it was red) Dream's fish
mo gamer
mo gamer 4 dagar sedan
wtf...... there are 13+ dream's x channels JESUS.
Manuel C
Manuel C Månad sedan
Dreams's fan base is made up of crazy lunatics who are obsessed with sexualizing dream and his friends who are mostly minors. Drawing them in sexual positions and them mutilated and killed. If you like dream, you are part of that fan base. One set of stans is enough.
Zeno 25 dagar sedan
-Dethroned- Månad sedan
dream making his profile picture in ms paint in five seconds-
MitchTheYoshi Månad sedan
I'm not gay but Mr Dream...
B C Månad sedan
Who is dream
Random amari
Random amari Månad sedan
Orange juice sucks milk gang
Dan-Almighty Månad sedan
Next up in the spectrum Dream’s great great great step father that fought in The Franco-Prussian war
Baskov Gaming
Baskov Gaming Månad sedan
Its no surprise tho,minecraft is at the peak of its lifetime
chill god
chill god Månad sedan
Why is nobody talking about the "is dream gay" thing inside the searches?
Katt Månad sedan
dream doesnt sound like a word anymore
Ree Ree
Ree Ree Månad sedan
Oh I actually am subscribed.
The Drip Doge Gamer JAYCOOLROCK 727 Aka JayThaNerd
The Drip Doge Gamer JAYCOOLROCK 727 Aka JayThaNerd Månad sedan
Hey Dream do wanna see me Speedboat
Phoneman Månad sedan
Mcnasty collab
barexexxed Månad sedan
Hudsonfu Månad sedan
Opinion on Freshly Squeezed orange juice: Awesome
Gronk Månad sedan
I am a proud dream clone
Mole King
Mole King Månad sedan
11:30 he did cheat (how do i do that sad face emoji on a fucking laptop)
[ĚoĎ] Onion Rings WR
[ĚoĎ] Onion Rings WR 16 dagar sedan
do :C, =[ or :(
H55t Månad sedan
They won't be dream clones until they falsify a speedrun
AbcSD Månad sedan
You mean.... according to SEpost statistics everyone is subscribed but you, so if you end up enjoying this video, please consider subscribing, it's free and you can always unsubscribe!
the gremlin boy
the gremlin boy Månad sedan
the highlights channels aren't actually bad many people just can't watch the full streams and some of the people from the dream team don't even do highlights
Xiven Månad sedan
Dream's Stepdad should ground him, have a romantic night with Dream's mom, then write a fanfic of it while in the tub with his sister.
Enius Penius
Enius Penius Månad sedan
I like freshly squeezed orange juice
MebiAnime Månad sedan
9:40 - one of the search results - is dream gay
Michaël Ruis
Michaël Ruis Månad sedan
Begun, the clonewars have.
Tiny person
Tiny person Månad sedan
My favorite "dream clone" is basic flaws, but I wouldn't exactly call him a dream clone because basic flaws is speedrunning SEpost and has a pfp that looks like dream. Basic flaws also sings sometimes and he's not bad! He also started an smp recently Here I'll draw his pfp for you: (._.) /F\
moth man
moth man Månad sedan
Orange juice..mmm..meh But what that lomp do tho?
Wesley D. Kuilan Torres
Wesley D. Kuilan Torres Månad sedan
Hey did you now about choof? He's a parkour minecraft player and he's like dream but red.
Dries Verhaag
Dries Verhaag Månad sedan
This is so fking cringe Humanity was a mistake We must eradicate all dream copies
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