The TikToker Made Cinematic Universe NO ONE Asked For

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Today I'm talking about Brat TV, the Tiktokers' Netflix. All these shows are connected, like a big TikTok cinametic universe!
Shows I'm talking about (in order):
Chicken Girls
Crown Lake
Attaway General
I'm also mentioning both Charli D'amelio and her sister Dexie D'amelio.
That is all, thanks.
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Steve Ye’Cragity Mortar Company
Steve Ye’Cragity Mortar Company 2 månader sedan
I am under pant?
Unknown Person
Unknown Person 2 månader sedan
Weapse R
Weapse R 2 månader sedan
Bidoof 2 månader sedan
Alyssa Coon
Alyssa Coon 2 månader sedan
Obviously, are you saying you weren’t before?
A WEeB GAMERE 2 månader sedan
The Scunt
The Scunt 5 dagar sedan
I can confirm they are watched by a lot of kids. They took my poor sister.
Quintin Cunningham
Quintin Cunningham 18 dagar sedan
How did chicken girls beat Community at it's own motto
Alyvia Tadlock
Alyvia Tadlock 19 dagar sedan
my laundromat plays this channel on one tv and my girlfriend and i were so confused as to what the fuck it was LMAO
aeroxity 21 dag sedan
boxer gang rise up
Jon Kelley
Jon Kelley 25 dagar sedan
Jon Kelley
Jon Kelley 25 dagar sedan
AND I OOP....I would've fracking forgot about Bratz and CHICKEN GIRL thats embarrassing
Jon Kelley
Jon Kelley 25 dagar sedan
Well alright everyone i g2g it was my bedtime like 2 hourz ago remember stay strong,stay loyal, and most important STAY SASSY B*TCHES
Jon Kelley
Jon Kelley 25 dagar sedan
Oh M Gee i just said j0j0 sent me LoLzz
Jon Kelley
Jon Kelley 25 dagar sedan
J0J0 sent me
Jon Kelley
Jon Kelley 25 dagar sedan
Anyone else here because of J0J0?
[ PixelTV ]
[ PixelTV ] Månad sedan
7 seasons and a movie? More episodes than Community. :'(
rei hanyu
rei hanyu Månad sedan
5:30 bahboy haunts me everywhere i go help
wolf of wilds
wolf of wilds Månad sedan
I thought he said braap tv
Cull Cutter
Cull Cutter Månad sedan
my whole family unironically watches these shows
Fauzan 25 dagar sedan
Welp, time to find a new family then
gg nie
gg nie Månad sedan
i request a moment of silence for "Dexie D'amelio"
It's Trignial
It's Trignial Månad sedan
Chicken girls got a season and a movie more than community wtf
izzytheworld Månad sedan
fun fact: nellie was in dog with a blog lolz
WeezleWax Månad sedan
Didnt know chicken girls was a brat tv series
hoomans Månad sedan
SupraDeluxx Månad sedan
Im about 2 years away from being a disassociated adult that doesnt give a shit about 16 year olds in our society.
Scotty P Produces
Scotty P Produces Månad sedan
Lore pog
Scotty P Produces
Scotty P Produces Månad sedan
Pog I guessed 7
Mr. Bird
Mr. Bird Månad sedan
I love your videos! Really hope you get 200k subs soon!
ErgonomicChair Månad sedan
... how could he be the one who did it to him? Did he have the arrow in his leg for... the entire fucking morning?
Key 77
Key 77 Månad sedan
I hate orange juice
blue chimera
blue chimera 2 månader sedan
Lol I just watch and comment on Chicken Girls as a joke. Idk why but for some reason it has that appeal. Crown Lake is an actual guilty pleasure show bc I have a soft spot for mysteries and the actors aren't that bad. I have not even bothered with Attaway General bc I hate medical shows and it just looks like trash.
The cool general grievous
The cool general grievous 2 månader sedan
Lmao they also have a tv channel
Lexi Channel
Lexi Channel 2 månader sedan
The girl Nelly was actually a Disney Star back in 2013 (I think).
whalien pippa
whalien pippa 2 månader sedan
Ohhhh the background is took me way too long
Pinely 2 månader sedan
Theres cardboard in all of the thumbnails as well! Though sometimes when I make it blurry its hard to notice
MacyUncensored 2 månader sedan
This reminds me of the shows we watched in Spanish class to learn Spanish but like it’s in English
Andy Aftene
Andy Aftene 2 månader sedan
HEY Pinely, i also got your back! could you place a photo of me on yout nightstand? i even clicked the bell icon
Dumb fuck McDickinass
Dumb fuck McDickinass 2 månader sedan
169k subs. Nice.
Marcus Blackwell
Marcus Blackwell 2 månader sedan
I'm a 2000s kid: I'm sorry my generation fell so far
DogLives Matter
DogLives Matter 2 månader sedan
Can you make a video on the twisted ramblings of "SEpost megastar"/ insane man by the name of Axxl?
That1GoldenBoi 2 månader sedan
Cool I'm trunks now
evelog 2 månader sedan
4:21 wow what a nice soccer team
BiggerSteve 2 månader sedan
I still identify as a box person 📦🚹
cicely 2 månader sedan
i had to google which sister that was
cicely 2 månader sedan
you literally just made that joke after i commented wow
Data Pepple
Data Pepple 2 månader sedan
Had to subscribe. Proud to be a boxer lol
The Colombian
The Colombian 2 månader sedan
The Colombian
The Colombian 2 månader sedan
Nailed it, what a way to waste a whole year of luck
Metal oopa
Metal oopa 2 månader sedan
Even when i was ten, when i first watched chicken girls, i COULD tell how bad the acting was
Glmzy ._?
Glmzy ._? 2 månader sedan
Somebody is gonna get offended by boxers
???????? 2 månader sedan
I really enjoyed this video :-)
DJ Pound Puppy
DJ Pound Puppy 2 månader sedan
I'll go watch the VR chat video but NOT because you said "please".
Reamae Flor Gelacio
Reamae Flor Gelacio 2 månader sedan
*Is it bad that I actually liked the Brat TV series "Stage Fright"?*
rednaxelA 2 månader sedan
"O M G.." What? Is it the soccer team? "its the soccer team" OFCOURSE ITS GONNA BE SOCCER TEAMM
J S 2 månader sedan
Good to see you healthy and fine, dude.
Kashy Bear
Kashy Bear 2 månader sedan
Oh my God, this reminds me of the time I come over my niece's house and she binge watch a whole season of the most annoying and unfunny tv show on beats and I was stuck babysitting her...
C0DE T0DE 2 månader sedan
This actually has a history dating back to the musically epidemic
Trevor Been
Trevor Been 2 månader sedan
I’m so confused by the arrow scene from Attaway General. The show said that one guy had to work at the hospital because he got arrested and then said he was the one who shot the arrow in his knee. Is the show trying to suggest he had to go to jail for shooting the arrow at that guy? Wouldn’t that mean that guy would have waited a couple weeks with an arrow in his knee before deciding to go to the hospital? Wtf?
Trevor Been
Trevor Been 2 månader sedan
@EA Solinas that makes sense now
EA Solinas
EA Solinas 2 månader sedan
It's explained a little later that the guy with the arrow was actually shot by his little brother, but that he was stuck babysitting said brother because the little Dobre-looking turd involved him in stealing a car and crashing it. So it's actually "he's to blame because I wouldn't have been shot by my brother if he hadn't stolen a car."
Adrien Lee
Adrien Lee 2 månader sedan
Why is that child wearing a crop top at school? That’s illegal.
Papi Guacamoli
Papi Guacamoli 2 månader sedan
The brat cinematic universe
KVXNZ 2 månader sedan
Why does the audio in chicken girls sound like a middle school film project
derek johnson
derek johnson 2 månader sedan
hell yeah boxers!
-BruhMoment- 2 månader sedan
we need the boomers
Martin Martini
Martin Martini 2 månader sedan
22burnsie 2 månader sedan
1:44 4 seasons Edit: damn it
Pietro Maximoff
Pietro Maximoff 2 månader sedan
And the roommate is Made from Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn
Pietro Maximoff
Pietro Maximoff 2 månader sedan
The red-head is from dog with a blog Aka lizard with a leaflet
youlikebeans 2 månader sedan
tok tik
Frozo 1290
Frozo 1290 2 månader sedan
Hey man, been subscribed for a while, and I just found your channel again. Good job and I’m glad your doing well
Frozo 1290
Frozo 1290 2 månader sedan
Not on this account by the way*
Jayson Ferrancullo
Jayson Ferrancullo 2 månader sedan
Community: 6 seasons but no Movie Chicken Girls: 7 seasons and A Movie Me: "WHHHYYYY!!!"
MR Bashwa Blast
MR Bashwa Blast 2 månader sedan
salma El mofty
salma El mofty 2 månader sedan
guys brat tv is older then tik tok stop hating on it please
HeromanV3 2 månader sedan
5? More than 5? I prefer Boxer Dogs as a fanbase name. I like how odd boxers tend to look, especially the rescue ones.
BIZZY HQ 2 månader sedan
Scooby30 2 månader sedan
Wow I’m a boxer in 2 ways now
a roachyboachy
a roachyboachy 2 månader sedan
He should name us the box brats instead of boxers
Person 2 månader sedan
Oh God!Please no!
Oh God!Please no! 2 månader sedan
"tiktok is making their own tiktok show" Me: here's something worse than cuties and pineapple pizza
derek johnson
derek johnson 2 månader sedan
pineapple on pizza is great blasphemer.
Robo Puff
Robo Puff 2 månader sedan
Personally, I would have went with boxen. But ok.
Persephone 2 månader sedan
Pinely 2 månader sedan
Alex H.
Alex H. 2 månader sedan
i don't remember subbing to you at all
Mazen Ibrahim
Mazen Ibrahim 2 månader sedan
Bezobličejová Prázdnota
Bezobličejová Prázdnota 2 månader sedan
Who cares about MCU, I LOVE ICUP!
Carlos Pitteri
Carlos Pitteri 2 månader sedan
Can't wait to see more development to the ICUP
Fosco Grubb
Fosco Grubb 2 månader sedan
Tiktok rebranding itself as Pedoflix
John 2 månader sedan
beats juvy
Succulent Faerie
Succulent Faerie 2 månader sedan
"Like a Disney channel actor trying their best" crown lake or whatever the name is, the main character is from Disney 😂
Ahrianna Guity
Ahrianna Guity 2 månader sedan
The only ones i can actually stand watchi ng are crown lake, total ecilpse, and a girl named jo. And before yall judge me for watching them, my parents wont tell me the netflix password😔
C.T. Fhtagn
C.T. Fhtagn 2 månader sedan
Who is giving these children the funding for these show?
Reel Talk
Reel Talk 2 månader sedan
So if fans are called, "Boxers," does that make Patreon donors who donate a higher amount, "Pro Boxers?" I think that would be really cool :D I'm willing to bet you get that question a lot by now, though :)
Chicken 2 månader sedan
You are the best, you explain everything cringe on youtube, and we know that *CRINGE* is *CRINGE*
pancakeslapp 2 månader sedan
Brat tv feels like a name they really shouldn't have used
My Booboo
My Booboo 2 månader sedan
Wait, are you actually Shane Dawson’s brother?😅 feeling stupid asking this
Ihatehumans 2 månader sedan
what do you think?
H.O.C. 2 månader sedan
The tavern is always open. Except... except if you are a certain race... !
DM44 2 månader sedan
brat(1997) is better
Aiden Levasseur
Aiden Levasseur 2 månader sedan
derek johnson
derek johnson 2 månader sedan
its dave from marketing
its dave from marketing 2 månader sedan
Im so confused i just tied my whole identity up into being a box person But now your telling me im a pair of shorts like mens undergarment wich were named and styled after the shorts worn by boxers to allow for more free leg Moment wich is very important in the sport. I feel so lost and empty right now Its like everything i knew was a lie.
Rick S
Rick S 2 månader sedan
I prefer briefs.
Snake With A Pen
Snake With A Pen 2 månader sedan
Nellie has the personality of a particularly noisy piece of kale with a terrible haircut.
0ptik 2 månader sedan
everyday we stray further from god
Astro Effect
Astro Effect 2 månader sedan
folks really be disliking yo videos like its not funny pinely yo videos funny ash
taetae 2 månader sedan
drew gooden
KlueLuke 2 månader sedan
I mean I don't mind being called box people....but ummm...some people may not like it
Uncomfortable Cat
Uncomfortable Cat 2 månader sedan
Only 8.7K views?
Jar Jar Binks
Jar Jar Binks 2 månader sedan
Baba boi
Blake 2 månader sedan
Uh oh
Suáve -
Suáve - 2 månader sedan
Tiktok is cringe.
Frostkage 2 månader sedan
thorfinn skullsplitter
thorfinn skullsplitter 2 månader sedan
"boxers"? call us "free ballers".
Lfrog Plays
Lfrog Plays 2 månader sedan
It has to be 10 trillion seasons of chicken girls
Karen W
Karen W 2 månader sedan
The ICUP...... classic
Jubert Hubberly
Jubert Hubberly 2 månader sedan
Everyone knows all the good shows have six seasons and a movie 🙄
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