The Very Weird (and lovely) World Of Travel Vloggers

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In this video I talk about my newest obsession: Travel Vloggers! During these pretty rough times, I've been getting into watching a lot of these travel vloggers, going around all their interesting places.
Some of the people I mention or show, are Livingbobby, Nas Daily, eva zu beck and my personal favourite: The great Drew Binsky!
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Yishai Rotter
Yishai Rotter 5 dagar sedan
I'd take a bullet for a our beautiful pine box boy
Reviathan 7 dagar sedan
Drew Binsky, Nas Daily, Other Side of the Truth, just to name a few, if you play their videos at the same time, you will see a similarity with their style of videos. I see that with travel vloggers.
Amie Harrison
Amie Harrison 9 dagar sedan
I had to unsubscribe to Drew Binsky after watching his video on several, I think he called them, intentional communities. It was basically a propaganda film where everything is absolutely amazing and we all should live like them. While he completely left out any of the negatives. Such as how he kept promoting a community in India, that had no laws and he kept saying was crime free. When a quick Google search brings up a huge problem there with rape and domestic abuse.
Marian Krick
Marian Krick 15 dagar sedan
Nope. Definitely doesn't look like a tourist 😂
Claudia 18 dagar sedan
Just recently discovered your videos and I can't stop watching! Great original content mate, keep it up!
Being Zombie Made it
Being Zombie Made it 20 dagar sedan
They think since they're foreigners every place they go to should be perfect and view the countries they visit through a lens and kinda fetishe entire cultures and people.
Being Zombie Made it
Being Zombie Made it 20 dagar sedan
Drew you should quiz abdul on some ocean facts.
Leah X
Leah X 20 dagar sedan
“If this gets copywriter, I quit” killed me lol
Charles The Handsome And Brave
Charles The Handsome And Brave 21 dag sedan
honestly my favorite travel vlogger, I don't know if you can call him that, but he is the one and only vagrant holiday. dude manage to live in Japan homeless style. his videos show Me the cut part of a vlogger. raw unfiltered experience. check him out yo
2bfrank_art 23 dagar sedan
I don't think Drew is familiar with the idea of how city life differs from rural life, like hes talking as if New York is the only place where the city crowd is 'rude' (aka just minding their own business often) when actually you'll see this in literally any city. Its just a different pace of life in urban environments generally.
2bfrank_art 23 dagar sedan
Drew and abdoul are closer friends in 3 days then i am with any of my friends ive had for 10 years bro
cristle write
cristle write 23 dagar sedan
You should watch Rare Earth!!! Best travel vlog channel out there imo
Slxxpyhollow 23 dagar sedan
Hey Pinely, screw you buddy! I'm from New York, I don't gotta smile for no one! >:(
Raad Rahman
Raad Rahman 24 dagar sedan
i mean like drew is just trying to live his best life and he just spreading positivity but I get where u find drew weird lol. good video btw
Erika Cione
Erika Cione 25 dagar sedan
Fortunately only 32k person watched this
paranormal lazivity
paranormal lazivity 26 dagar sedan
I really don’t like nasdaily he stopped being fun and he is a hypocrite
Amier Asyraf
Amier Asyraf 26 dagar sedan
Nas daily guy annoys me the fuck out! Nobody speaks like that. And his army of video maker students all speak like that. Wtf?;
Brian Velez
Brian Velez 26 dagar sedan
Haha! There is only two options in this life: either beat people up or go help out old people. Take a guess on which one I’m choosing 🤣
just_blu 25 dagar sedan
i do both
Being Zombie Made it
Being Zombie Made it 26 dagar sedan
Nas n drew they're just weird. They act over positive.
Aqilah's Dead
Aqilah's Dead 27 dagar sedan
Drew the type of dude to expect foreigners to treat him like kings by just being white🥴
Pokker-Gamer 28 dagar sedan
*clicks dislike button before watching video* *hears that he likes these channels* *removes dislike*
Succulent Faerie
Succulent Faerie 28 dagar sedan
Pinely talking trash about pinely to pinely
Chloe Wolf
Chloe Wolf 28 dagar sedan
YESS Drewbinsky! A few months ago I was sick in bed, and fell down a rabbit hole of Drewbinsky videos. He seems like a really nice guys, but there's definitely something off. Especially the videos where he's really interacting with people. I forget if it was him or a similar channel, but they were in Vietnam and went to a poor area. In their own words they were trying to see the worst slums of the country. He met a guy who was obviously extremely drunk. They could barely communicate, but he ended up entering his home and exploring. All the while the old man is literally screaming at him. There's a lot of videos of similar nature, where they just go too far, or get really awkward.
Andre Willems
Andre Willems 28 dagar sedan
I would take a bullet to finally be dead
Eow Channel
Eow Channel 28 dagar sedan
God loves you turn to him if you haven’t already
Curious Wonderer
Curious Wonderer 29 dagar sedan
As much as I hate the cluster fuck that is current politics, politics itself is inevitable. One way or another politics will always become part of our lives.
Miguel 29 dagar sedan
Who's here about the missing upload?
Dexx Baker
Dexx Baker 29 dagar sedan
Can SEpost demonetize you for Mr. SEpostr's words? That's gotta be a conflict of interest.
BACKDOWN The Revenge
BACKDOWN The Revenge 29 dagar sedan
What happened to Pinely's lilly sihgn video?
manji boi
manji boi 29 dagar sedan
Hey what happened to the new upload pinely, it just disapeared
rebel4ebel Månad sedan
Pinely I didn't get this video in my recommended for some reason and it is upsetting me immensely as I am one of the many loyal boxers! Hopefully this comment will boost this video in the algorithm and bring some boxers home where they belong :+)
Mad Scientist
Mad Scientist Månad sedan
bald and bankrupt is the best, period.
Angel Caesar M. Farrarons Jr.
Angel Caesar M. Farrarons Jr. Månad sedan
Drew sounds like Ryan the Leader. I couldn't stop thinking about that.
ReykjOsKop Helstöck
ReykjOsKop Helstöck Månad sedan
Pinely, wait until you get into the rabbit hole of Pro-CCP SEpostrs. Unlike the travel vloggers you mentioned, they boldly simp the CCP. Just look at the goddamn thumbnails of SEpostrs like Barrett, Cyrus Janssen, & Nathan Rich.
Yahli Avni
Yahli Avni Månad sedan
6:39 did you get copyrighted?!?
Refridgeratorcopter Månad sedan
Klondike bar
Alex Rothery
Alex Rothery Månad sedan
Actually its just "Nas Daily" that talks with an over articulate pronunciation, all the other vloggers are 👌
Mr. Camera
Mr. Camera Månad sedan
Living Bobby once did this challenge where he was going to turn a dollar into a thousand dollars (or some high number) but he got exposed to be faking the videos. Very sad because I was a big fan of his
ralph Ralph
ralph Ralph Månad sedan
Yeah i used to watch nas daily then sometime i got irritated on how he makes his videos then it never left my head.. now i cant watch him without being cringed (sorry)
Clippygoat Månad sedan
I’ll be honest, Drew Binsky is tolerable but Nas Daily, now that’s some intense annoying little shit.
Mamkajiwin Månad sedan
What’s up Broski 🦋🦋🦋
Brittany Harris
Brittany Harris Månad sedan
“Bout a billion times....get these hands....little box....”
Brittany Harris
Brittany Harris Månad sedan
Hey Pinely. I just found you from TRO and I know I’ve only known you for about 4 minutes but I would take a bullet for this video to go viral
Boxroom Boy
Boxroom Boy 22 dagar sedan
I can relate. When I meet a nice lady i immediately go 'too positive' (wait nvm this comment got away from me!🤣..the world has changed so much since I last interacted with people!) I know you were being sarcastic I was also trying to be, alas, someone took a bullet for my sense of humour! Lol..Damo out. TRO rocks also.
Jason Xie
Jason Xie Månad sedan
“ahhhhhhhhhhh...., eh local en eatz nat-cha-rall aah-be-tat” (in spongebob french narrator voice)
randomboijustsiting Månad sedan
Instead of me taking a bullet for someone i would throw the person in front of me and tell them i took a bullet for them
Polarbear-Agar Månad sedan
I would take a bullet for a gun
Red Ranger
Red Ranger Månad sedan
Hey drew, screw you buddy. I’m from New York and I don’t smile for anyone.
Stan Smith
Stan Smith Månad sedan
Living Bobby aka the guy I keep seeing in advertisements for Honey.
Frank Heffley.
Frank Heffley. Månad sedan
Like everybody, I eat everything I see
Super Mario Jared SMJ
Super Mario Jared SMJ Månad sedan
I would take a bullet for my dad, my step mom, and my dog
Jækøb Von Kiel
Jækøb Von Kiel Månad sedan
Its incredible how much garbage Pinenly can fit in a video, to get it over 10 minutes
milm Månad sedan
remember when pinley had like 4k
bisiilki Månad sedan
I want mr youtuber to come visit my bedroom 😉 He can swear at me while i furiously tidy up all the clothes on my floor😱
Ham Burger
Ham Burger Månad sedan
Ofc it's weird for you because your culture is very "formal" and a lot of other cultures are very informal. Both have their pros and cons. Tbh I appreciate them for trying to fit in, since they target people who aren't familiar with the formalities
Ham Burger
Ham Burger 27 dagar sedan
@Pinely well okay, fair point
Pinely Månad sedan
Well now you're just assuming what my culture is
Fairuz Fairuz
Fairuz Fairuz Månad sedan
8:52 no shit I just watch this video before I click on this video!
Niamh Månad sedan
bruh if he thinks new yorkers are rude he should go to London 💀
Koldskål banden
Koldskål banden Månad sedan
I think he’s fetishizing the idea of a more “open, friendly” culture. Like here in Scandinavia we have a reputation for being cold and distant, whereas poorer and warmer countries are supposedly more open. But the way he presents it is just kinda creepy
Hartejas Sekhon
Hartejas Sekhon Månad sedan
Pinely when are we getting a face reveal
TheRefChoice Månad sedan
*Have you seen Project Nightfall*
IXXI Records
IXXI Records Månad sedan
Vagrant Holiday is my favourite vacation vlogger
Shyheim Williams
Shyheim Williams Månad sedan
Drew legit looked like an Afghan dude from the early 1900s when he has his picture taken on that old camera, lol.
Orginal Chimp
Orginal Chimp Månad sedan
r3dharl0w Månad sedan
why was he smiling like that?!?😭
Charles T.
Charles T. Månad sedan
I love Drew Binsky lmao, hes a bit goofy tho
Liquid Mike
Liquid Mike Månad sedan
I would take a bullet for no more than $.30.. But I guess it really depends on caliber, doesn't it
Liquid Mike
Liquid Mike Månad sedan
Guy in the thumbnail looks dangerously like the fat kid from SuperMega
ESCTobias Månad sedan
i love drew binsky but uh
YKHD tech
YKHD tech Månad sedan
Say banana
stinky edits
stinky edits Månad sedan
Oundrhgvugvyrduvydyt. And that's why I am in love with fycyfcigyuih.
V3ggyishereッ Månad sedan
Reviathan Månad sedan
Thank you! Someone finally said it! I sometimes think they're not authentic, and their videos praising cultures sounded like propaganda. At least that's what I see from guys like Nas Daily and Other Side of the Truth.
I'm not a regular mom I'm a cool mom
I'm not a regular mom I'm a cool mom Månad sedan
Okay I'm a brown girl, I've been to New York city and I absolutely loved it wth why did this guy have such a bad time there ? 😂😭
leo d
leo d Månad sedan
9:54 I once accidentally smiled at a guy crossing the street I didn’t think anything of it a few minutes later he approached me and wouldn’t leave me alone until I told him I have a boyfriend (I don’t have a bf but for some reason this is the only thing that will make men go away) now I make sure to never accidentally smile at a stranger again.
River Dragon
River Dragon Månad sedan
I watch this stuff too.... Your not alone . Travel Vlogs are my guilty pleasure. Go watch *#NomaticMovement* I loveeee their videos!!!!!!
Kira Veritas
Kira Veritas Månad sedan
Abdul has the sharpest cheekbones I’ve ever seen
sourgreendolly Månad sedan
Sounds like Mr. SEpostr has been to New York
Ari Onorato
Ari Onorato Månad sedan
Pinely!!! Can we be called Pinecones instead of Boxers???
muggedinmadrid Månad sedan
it's half past 5 in the morning and you literally had me howling with laughter at the bit about binsky's bizarre nursing home volunteer analogy. lol
Vanessa S.
Vanessa S. Månad sedan
"this man woke up and chose violence" for some reason that killed me
khorrie Månad sedan
5:22 i'd take a bullet for everyone in the dream smp + schlatt
sumstetter Månad sedan
I'd take a bullet for a klondike bar no i didn't check how many times this was already commented
Bobe Bob
Bobe Bob Månad sedan
This is kind of sad, that dude just really wants to go to America.
Bobe Bob
Bobe Bob Månad sedan
Drew Binski needs to hire that guy
Bobe Bob
Bobe Bob Månad sedan
A lot of them suck so badly, I wish they would just stop talking at some point.
Nansel Vongman
Nansel Vongman Månad sedan
“Abdoul would take a bullet for me” Whoa whoa whoa that's such a loaded statement 😭😭😭
Lord H
Lord H 26 dagar sedan
It makes sense if he's Muslim. (or religious), most religions cherish dying saving a person
Aqua Samurai
Aqua Samurai Månad sedan
Bro you a jew telling ppl how to act
Toomuchsauce Månad sedan
Soviet_Yugoslav Månad sedan
This has Nass daily dude literally like 5 videos where he tries to guilt trip you into turning vegan
Vice Ieva
Vice Ieva Månad sedan
Awesome 🤗🤗🤗
Rachel Killaa
Rachel Killaa Månad sedan
Mr. SEpostr I feel you on that vibe today
TheKeyboardSlammer Månad sedan
finally, a video about drew
Ghosty -U-
Ghosty -U- Månad sedan
I watch Drew Binsky at times, he is actually quite calm. Nas on the other hand
Khaki Shorts
Khaki Shorts Månad sedan
Hey, Pinely. What are these travel vlogs you're talking about?
Khaki Shorts
Khaki Shorts Månad sedan
And what do they do?
Savage Antelope
Savage Antelope Månad sedan
Ye suck it New Yorkers
Dick Poop
Dick Poop Månad sedan
"I love Meat" Me Who knows he lives in UAE - Hold up
Candid 50’s
Candid 50’s Månad sedan
love your videos!!
SpeedrunnerInTraining Månad sedan
i recognized the guy in the thumbnail
Dark Krotoa
Dark Krotoa Månad sedan
Friendship in anime only takes a few scene
Gege11 Månad sedan
if I ever had to take a bullet I will take it for myself
a racial slur
a racial slur Månad sedan
id take a bullet to be happy
markcus go
markcus go Månad sedan
You forgot to mention that drew named his dog "tutoy" Which is a pun on patutoy and if you translate that from tagalog, it means penis
hyuuga natsume
hyuuga natsume Månad sedan
Living Bobby contents are kinda okay.. not totally cringy since he only showcase food and etc
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