Trisha Paytas' Insanely STUPID Horror Films

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Trisha Paytas! A SEpost star! But also, a lot of other things. This women has done it all, youtuber, singer, author, actress, and even a screenwriter!

I have a hard time thinking of someone on SEpost with that kind of track record, it’s a lot. And it might be something I cover in multiple videos, since I always find a lot of interest in seeing the things that youtubers do outside of this website, whether it’s good or not.
In 2014 and then in 2015, Trisha has written and starred in her very own horror short film duology in the name of “Viral Video”. Today, I'm gonna be talking about those films! Shane Dawson is even in one of them!
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Pinely 20 dagar sedan
I don't think I'll ever recover from this.
YKHD tech
YKHD tech 16 dagar sedan
Say banana you sick fuck
jadex9980 18 dagar sedan
Me either. Pinely wears a box? I thought his head WAS the box. How am i going to live a normal life knowing this was all a lie?
Lindsey Hiccups
Lindsey Hiccups 19 dagar sedan
I genuinely didn’t realise that Trisha Paytas was the fat blonde eating the burger in that Eminem - We made you song :O like from that to mukbangs lmao
Rick S
Rick S 20 dagar sedan
You’re a strong box Pinely, you’ll be fine. I’m more worried about Mr. SEpostr.
Penile Pantsuit
Penile Pantsuit 20 dagar sedan
Hello mr pinely this week I was able to rest my mind and enjoy some old video games that’s my good thing
River Draws Stuff
River Draws Stuff 22 timmar sedan
I really like the concept of an insane dude going on a killing spree, killing people because his screenname was taken. xX_Epicweedjoke46_Xx has to kill all the other 45 xX_Epicweedjoke_Xx's so that he can become the true weedjoke.
Vjotkr Dag sedan
Unironically the best joker.
NerdyPanderz T.V
NerdyPanderz T.V 2 dagar sedan
I watched this at 9, and thought this was the most iconic movie ever💀
momololtote's shit
momololtote's shit 4 dagar sedan
Vertex Avenger
Vertex Avenger 4 dagar sedan
I hope Repzion got paid a lot of money for this. lD
Marissa Bones
Marissa Bones 6 dagar sedan
I want pizza
Marissa Bones
Marissa Bones 6 dagar sedan
I didn't even know about it
Miss Minty
Miss Minty 6 dagar sedan
J Lund
J Lund 7 dagar sedan
How is his ear bleeding after a year
WILDZZZ !!! 10 dagar sedan
13:10 That was super uncomfortable to watch.
Chris Mort
Chris Mort 10 dagar sedan
Trisha paytas is hella ugly though let's be real
Johnny Joestar
Johnny Joestar 12 dagar sedan
I,Johnny joestar approve of this message
Bare Khristian
Bare Khristian 13 dagar sedan
So happy to find Your channel today, def gonna binge this and meet up mega tired for work tomorrow
Ferrari Glenn
Ferrari Glenn 15 dagar sedan
stop hating on Trisha Paytas
Shelby G
Shelby G 16 dagar sedan
If I saw Mr. SEpostr walking down the street, I would wave at him.
totally not lilly
totally not lilly 16 dagar sedan
Anon the-third
Anon the-third 16 dagar sedan
Oh man, oh fuck, he's sworn to Saruman
YKHD tech
YKHD tech 16 dagar sedan
What’s stupid is that you haven’t said banana yet
J B 16 dagar sedan
I know it’s not polite to comment on youtubers looks, but...your friend is hot.
BomberSlug 17 dagar sedan
Yo I remember u since 20k just checked out recently and my got u have grown much since those smosh vids u did
יהלי לברט
יהלי לברט 17 dagar sedan
Are you actually jewish cool me to😀
A ViRGO 17 dagar sedan
My brain really uhh suppressed this memory. For a good reason. Goddammit.
tehee toniyani
tehee toniyani 17 dagar sedan
something good that will happen is im going to the hospital.. i love the hospital bro
Kirby Kirbstomp
Kirby Kirbstomp 17 dagar sedan
i think logan paul and jake paul are some of the worst boxers
akwgamer25 17 dagar sedan
Every ytber who makes a show or movie makes it 1 of 2 things 1 cringeeeeeee 2 overly complicated and doesn't make sense Pinely show would be awesome tho
A Real Bridge Troll
A Real Bridge Troll 17 dagar sedan
...R E P Z I O N ? ! ? !
Pablo 17 dagar sedan
Leave trish alone foo
Andrei Ghinescu
Andrei Ghinescu 18 dagar sedan
Couldda just titled the video "Trisha Paytas' insanely STUPID" and I would have still clicked frame one
Norah H
Norah H 18 dagar sedan
lmao shes everywhere u cant escape her.
PotatoOctopus23 18 dagar sedan
N Violet
N Violet 18 dagar sedan
Mr Repzion has some explaining to do
Hoopty 18 dagar sedan
I was just shocked to see Repzion in the second one. That seemed sort of out of nowhere, like the rest of these movies.
Camilla Aston
Camilla Aston 18 dagar sedan
Lol boxers
Ja-y JTBD 18 dagar sedan
SEpostrs doing stuff outside of SEpost taught me how good actual actors and writers actually are
Spooky Doo
Spooky Doo 19 dagar sedan
Are you telling me that ear wound didnt heal in a entire year. He should go to a doctor.
Crispy Barbie
Crispy Barbie 19 dagar sedan
Lmao I had no idea that wacko made short films, too. The only things I've seen by her are the offensive shit she's done and her whining about gaining yet more weight on her kitchen floor.
Bungy Boone
Bungy Boone 19 dagar sedan
I see where Joaquin Phoenix got his inspiration from
LittleBigGrommet 19 dagar sedan
5:53 Yeah, in more ways than one - Boxer
Hunter Ansorge
Hunter Ansorge 19 dagar sedan
One good thing this week... I guess i found out my mother (whom I no longer speak to) is an alcoholic! What a joy! And to think *I* was the family degenerate!
Jakholl 19 dagar sedan
Yo there's a typo in the soundtrack link and I'm trying to vibe right about now
Tusskie 19 dagar sedan
I had an orange cranberry scone for breakfast. That's what happened to me today
Queen Mary NovelWriter
Queen Mary NovelWriter 19 dagar sedan
PS: Boxers
smirkify 19 dagar sedan
this channel is more underrated than my homemade pies
Queen Mary NovelWriter
Queen Mary NovelWriter 19 dagar sedan
One good thing that happened to me is that you watched these abominations so I don't have to...ever.
A Creative Name Or Something Like That
A Creative Name Or Something Like That 19 dagar sedan
I thought the box was genetic you telling me you have to put it on
forgotten Ones
forgotten Ones 19 dagar sedan
forgotten Ones
forgotten Ones 19 dagar sedan
@Lab Defect xD
Lab Defect
Lab Defect 19 dagar sedan
Nicripolas 19 dagar sedan
I was gonna say, Richard's really givin it a shot. That's respectable.
SirrLogannSuccks 19 dagar sedan
Mr. SEpostr is is kinda fine doe 😳
Danae Baragar
Danae Baragar 19 dagar sedan
One thing I gotta say- when Trish wants to do something, SHE DOES IT. No shame. You gotta respect that on some level.
Huligun 22
Huligun 22 19 dagar sedan
Trisha is the sort of person who should carry around a bunch of plants to replace the oxygen she wastes
Fosco Grubb
Fosco Grubb 19 dagar sedan
When Pinely travels he flies FedEx
RIP Kamina
RIP Kamina 19 dagar sedan
There's no way that's actually Repzion, right? He looks and sounds like him, but if you go to 14:13 he really looks... off. It can't possibly be him.
MiNa ChAn
MiNa ChAn 19 dagar sedan
To me that is anything and everything she uploads lol
Sceppy 19 dagar sedan
So just every mukbang video she makes?
Turquoise Sorcerer
Turquoise Sorcerer 19 dagar sedan
"mattress actress"
Nexo Wolf
Nexo Wolf 19 dagar sedan
Has anyone else almost forgot about Trisha
LTA - Mental Health Awareness
LTA - Mental Health Awareness 19 dagar sedan
Looking good Mr Yout- I mean, Pinely. That facial hair really suits you.
linumlea 19 dagar sedan
I wonder what the plants in Mr. SEpostr's room are. Ive been planing to expand my collection, and his plants look pretty damn nice
paralaraza paralaraza
paralaraza paralaraza 19 dagar sedan
I think the crazy guy in the beginning is also in Tim and Eric episodes. (Bub bub bounce.)
Square Planks
Square Planks 19 dagar sedan
shout out to trisha's family
Tracy-An Treasure
Tracy-An Treasure 19 dagar sedan
Repzion lol
Haruto_hikari 19 dagar sedan
Ironically enough even her horror movies feels like it's more of a uhhh "other" movies
Inazarab 19 dagar sedan
this is not a comment
chesecak 19 dagar sedan
this video really cheered me up after being at the vet with my 15y old cat and hearing she needs teeth extraction because her mouth is inflamed :( thanks for the vid tho i think trisha is definitely a character but i kinda dont have a problem with her being an "influencer" lmao
Tanin'iver 19 dagar sedan
That dogs don't have brains clip is like one of her first viral videos from like a decade ago lol
Catfish 19 dagar sedan
Repzion in a Trisha Paytas video is making me lose my mind this is so fucking funny
Jade Solstice
Jade Solstice 20 dagar sedan
I didn't know Repzion was in a movie 😂🤣
Kimmie Heartbeat
Kimmie Heartbeat 20 dagar sedan
How don’t you have more subs man? 😕 they’re so deserved!
Clemmebot 20 dagar sedan
2nd Fishy killer lowkey looks like robert smith tho
Yourangmyfriend? 20 dagar sedan
Fronk 20 dagar sedan
Is he fishy killer cause Trisha's TikTok account is called Trish Like Fish??
rogurt 20 dagar sedan
her content is a bigger horror movie than all of those combined
Hyde S
Hyde S 20 dagar sedan
i need repzion to answer one question: why
The Occasional Snickerdoodle
The Occasional Snickerdoodle 20 dagar sedan
I'm already waiting for H3H3 squash the beef
kedd 20 dagar sedan
I can't help myself. I love Trish. She's the bimbo godmother i grew up with :'c
1st Edition Kat
1st Edition Kat 20 dagar sedan
'i don't really want to die' ... can't relate 😔 😂
Nuggee 20 dagar sedan
Vilavain 20 dagar sedan
Lol didnt expect repzion to be in a trisha paytas movie
chonker sheep
chonker sheep 20 dagar sedan
Pinely vs the amazon boxes
Random Fandom
Random Fandom 20 dagar sedan
If he got his year cut off a year ago why is it still bleeding. I should’ve healed by now.
Saxxon Fox
Saxxon Fox 20 dagar sedan
Thanks for tonight's entertainment, and for all the boxers.
Gwen Ives
Gwen Ives 20 dagar sedan
Did Repzion win a raffle or something??
Generic Name
Generic Name 20 dagar sedan
I thought that ending was so stupid it was genuinely funny. I’ll give her credit that I laughed a little at that plot twist
Gwen Ives
Gwen Ives 20 dagar sedan
Repzion is in a movie with Shane Dawson and Trisha Paytas... let that fucking sink in
Pavlínka 20 dagar sedan
I like when people try everything the world has to offer, haha. I try to do that too. I've worked as a research asistant, a freelance graphic designer, a teacher, a insurency economical plans... planner and I was aiming to go for casino job but, well, they're closed, so rip. So I'm making a game instead. (this is more of a hobby so it doesn't count but maybe someone will spare a dollar or two when I publish it and therefore it will be enough "work" for my definition of "work, job, whatever" haha) Wonder what I will do in half a year. I also published few things in local newspapers. I'm super cool haha. But who isn't. :D
Brady 20 dagar sedan
She's a troll if you want her to not have fame stop making videos on her
Comment Guy2021
Comment Guy2021 20 dagar sedan
Wow trisha is Beautiful
GUY CHAPMAN 20 dagar sedan
i need to bleach my eyes and ears because of the sheer amount of CRINGE
Pinely's Grandpa
Pinely's Grandpa 20 dagar sedan
someone should make a commentary video about how handsome Pine- i mean, Mr. SEpostr, is.
Ainsley 4k
Ainsley 4k 20 dagar sedan
arguably better than joker
Beatrice Luckie
Beatrice Luckie 20 dagar sedan
Somebody 1
Somebody 1 20 dagar sedan
I honestly thought you edited in the Repzion commentary part until I see later that he was actually in it omf what is this fever dream
Fool Inc.
Fool Inc. 20 dagar sedan
Congrats on 0 subscribers!!!!!
BACKDOWN The Revenge
BACKDOWN The Revenge 20 dagar sedan
what happened to your Lilly Sighn video?
Zak Blatche
Zak Blatche 20 dagar sedan
Being Zombie Made it
Being Zombie Made it 20 dagar sedan
Angelica 20 dagar sedan
Mr. SEpostr is very good looking 😳
OrangJuic 20 dagar sedan
pretty boxers bro, pretty boxers.
rice pudding's dank
rice pudding's dank 20 dagar sedan
mystery youtuber is hella cute ur lucky to be able to collab with a fella like that
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