What Happened To The Man Who Sold Himself To China? (Bart Baker)

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Bart Baker used to be a big SEpost parody guy, but now not so much! Nowadays Bart makes chinese tiktoks on the app Douyin. I first spoke about that in my video "The SEpostr Who Sold Himself To China"
In this brand new Pinely video, I go over what happened to Bart in the year or so since I uploaded my original video, I talk about his response to the article Vice made about him, I go over some of his newer Tiktoks and I even translate a bunch of them from Chinese to English! That is all, enjoy!
-My Twitter: Pinelyy
-My Instagram: Pinelybox
-My Twitch: twitch.tv/Pinely
-The Pinely Soundtrack: sepost.info?list...

Pinely Månad sedan
****In the video I used a map of China that included Taiwan, that was a genuine mistake. I'm very very sorry.**** This comment was edited so some of the replies might not make a lot of sense.
Ash Kitt
Ash Kitt 3 dagar sedan
@Noot Noot Taiwan is basically the government in exile of the Republic of China that ruled the Mainland from 1912-1948.
Captain Morgen
Captain Morgen 7 dagar sedan
@Alex Carrasquillo China denies the existence of it. Kind of like Isreal and Palestine
Alex Carrasquillo
Alex Carrasquillo 8 dagar sedan
What’s the problem with Taiwan?
Jori Strode
Jori Strode 8 dagar sedan
@Captain Morgen Haha :,) I’m still sad I didn’t get this beautiful art work man.
Captain Morgen
Captain Morgen 9 dagar sedan
I don't recognize maps without Taiwan
susana quintero
susana quintero 18 timmar sedan
Y’all he not even popular in China tho 😳 my entire time there I never saw anything of his on douyin or anything none of my friends know him either and they are locals 😬
headfuji Dag sedan
Honestly I feel bad for bark man o have been a long time sub to him and its ad he went to China FR man I really nope he comes back man his fam is in the US
some bird
some bird 2 dagar sedan
He used to be a legend, but now he is just a shell of a man.
Angel Yala
Angel Yala 2 dagar sedan
This is the same guy who told ricegum that he would fall off in matter of time... yet look how times have changed
Shawn Conway
Shawn Conway 3 dagar sedan
Man, how I love to improve my social credit score by living in the idyllic paradise that is the people's republic of china, which has no problems compared to the imperialist western powers that wish to stop chinese greatness! -Bart Baker
M. Xante
M. Xante 3 dagar sedan
I don't see the words associated with the pan...asonic. On the first clip there was something with a y that I didn't get, but on the 2nd one I really do not see where there was something about a pan...oramix. Maybe the passage you're refering was on the next verse?
Daniel restrepo
Daniel restrepo 4 dagar sedan
Did you seriously just show a map of the PRC with Taiwan in it?!
peachu 5 dagar sedan
Usually I will find that sort of situation a little bit humourous. But I'm in despair seeing Bart Baker in this state. It's honestly just so sad that it's not even close to be funny
Lowlife 5 dagar sedan
Bart looks like an off brand father Ted.
Andrei Carlig
Andrei Carlig 5 dagar sedan
The song "the man who sold the world" has gained a new meaning.......
DJ Pound Puppy
DJ Pound Puppy 5 dagar sedan
He would never say that "America is the land of the free" because he doesn't have the freedom in China to do so.
Ebrithil1 6 dagar sedan
Idk why but Bart reminds me of Ollie London
Reggielacey 223
Reggielacey 223 7 dagar sedan
I might just try that kwai thing
Louisianafreebird Johnson
Louisianafreebird Johnson 7 dagar sedan
Hi, hope next time you can checkout another China shill called Nathan rich :)
Alex Carrasquillo
Alex Carrasquillo 8 dagar sedan
New Bart Baker is wack period
Michael Owino
Michael Owino 8 dagar sedan
Mr. Anonymous
Mr. Anonymous 8 dagar sedan
TheLonelyMoon 8 dagar sedan
bart if someone's holding a gun behind the camera blink twice
Iiam Coughlin
Iiam Coughlin 8 dagar sedan
This can’t be good for his social credit
Trauma 9 dagar sedan
Y'all act like they won't kill his ass.
John deneau
John deneau 9 dagar sedan
There was a firing squad behind that camera that was filming barts response to vice.
Justine Jimenez
Justine Jimenez 10 dagar sedan
I went on a SEpost spiral and wondered what happened to this guy. I saw two videos on HIS CHANNEL, saying he didn’t wanna make parodies anymore because he wasn’t making a profit. I think this company made a good offer and now it bites him in the ass
Cassandra isles
Cassandra isles 12 dagar sedan
Um..good day or evening depending on when OR IF u..ima read this, Mr. Pinely. Wait, let me throw on "afternoon" just to,well, round off the day. Anyways...BLOWN! I mean💥💥💀💥💥 BLOWN away by the whole making a channel and then making videos for said channel so that u dont look like a..well just look questionable for not having content...u sir are a comedic insightful windfall of a treasure trove. And I will gladly pay, sorry, bribe..oh.my no bribery needed for u sir, another 4 of my co-workers to pounce on the subscribe button. Just continue to roll out the carpet for us to..to walk on to reach the phone!! Ok..cant multi-task. Keep me coming!!
Beryl hu
Beryl hu 13 dagar sedan
i feel so bad for him omg..
Marielaa Usher
Marielaa Usher 13 dagar sedan
China really bought him. They bought an American man and now they're making him do propaganda for the Chinese government. Damn
amy f.
amy f. 14 dagar sedan
i loved his videos when i was like ten the fact this is how he turned out is so surprising to me
Diamond Tucker
Diamond Tucker 14 dagar sedan
Mr SEpost is so cute
Rosa Scarlet
Rosa Scarlet 15 dagar sedan
I get that youtube banned advertisements from his channel and he was not making any money BUT why did he not like create some other content. I visited his channel. His comments section is still very active and he has 10 million subs. I am sure many fans would have watched if he created any new content other than parodies. Why did he go to china and make tiktok?
Lande Maher
Lande Maher 12 dagar sedan
Simple cheap easy content, his products were too expensive and high cost, especially with SEpost copyright system and competion on SEpost. He probably does not want the grind,
Ok 16 dagar sedan
is mr youtuber and the accompanying bgm based off of rapp snitches kitches' mr fantastik? lmfao
The Resident Evil
The Resident Evil 16 dagar sedan
He is POTUS.
Alex Taylor
Alex Taylor 17 dagar sedan
I'm not even mad at 5:22 firm but deserved flexing achieved.
Derpy Playz
Derpy Playz 17 dagar sedan
Wtf is the word that he won't say that he says is "pansonic". Only word I can even think of is pansexual but that doesn't make sense in context.
DeathAura 17 dagar sedan
I miss those days when Bart Baker parodies were still a thing
MY AVIATION 19 dagar sedan
T series wants to know your location 😂
Trevuhhh 19 dagar sedan
I could translate them for you
Trevuhhh 19 dagar sedan
He was asking how old the woman was and he bought all of her stuff
Trevuhhh 19 dagar sedan
i just got contacted by a company yesterday because i have 60k followers on chinese tiktok. What should i do?
Trevuhhh 19 dagar sedan
you can follow me up on douyin @trevuhhhhh
Sound Of The Color Orange
Sound Of The Color Orange 19 dagar sedan
His body language 100% shows he is lying and scared
Guiseppe Falzarano
Guiseppe Falzarano 19 dagar sedan
Why would anyone go to china during the current year?
Spirit Phalanx
Spirit Phalanx 20 dagar sedan
Bart clearly got in trouble with his owners for that vice video. Look at him trying to convince everyone how happy he is about moving to china and pretending to be a blonde guy.
שושי נוימן
שושי נוימן 20 dagar sedan
pain phi
pain phi 20 dagar sedan
I'm a simp for bands members
I'm a simp for bands members 20 dagar sedan
He actually used to follow me on Twitter
Annoyed Sister
Annoyed Sister 21 dag sedan
The Alibaba ad before the video killed me
yourlittleplantbasedglitch 21 dag sedan
Minority01 21 dag sedan
3:30 Nice Chanel shirt there, Mr. Not Here For The Money
tommy marcanio
tommy marcanio 21 dag sedan
What happened to Justin bieber?
Josh Almy
Josh Almy 21 dag sedan
Why is it the more he says he loves China the more that Asian guy starts getting looking like he's uncomfortable
luke hp
luke hp 21 dag sedan
I've completely lost respect for Bart...
isaiah minott
isaiah minott 21 dag sedan
BurningMoreXP. 22 dagar sedan
Bart Baker followed me on Twitter and then unfollowed me back in 2014 and 2015. I thought oh wow I’m famous now but nah 😂
Flip Heck3
Flip Heck3 22 dagar sedan
Considering he had a large fan base and even though he had financial issues I wouldn’t be surprised if China had dirt on him and said you help us or we release the dirt it would also make sense if his mate went to jail
• Hun •
• Hun • 22 dagar sedan
Well if he was still making parodies, he would be doing WAP and Billie eilish songs-
Zharfan Ridzuan
Zharfan Ridzuan 22 dagar sedan
Hey bark you Like Taylor Swift
gakino // nocomply
gakino // nocomply 23 dagar sedan
i feel sorry for bart
Iis Driasta
Iis Driasta 23 dagar sedan
I love him i miss thim😭
Melena Bahro
Melena Bahro 23 dagar sedan
Lmaoooo “yeah he recognized me” *claps*
Indy Mutt Productions
Indy Mutt Productions 23 dagar sedan
I've always hated this dude, glad to see him vanish
AriKazoo ᐛ
AriKazoo ᐛ 23 dagar sedan
tara 23 dagar sedan
okay but honestly vice made bart look like an asshole
Mi Nyi
Mi Nyi 23 dagar sedan
I dunno dude, I feel Bart is like an SCP creature
John Beato
John Beato 24 dagar sedan
I never like that guy He's straight up Cringe tbh
David Johnson
David Johnson 24 dagar sedan
13:41 He gave her about 600 RMB which is probably like $80 a decent amount if she's an old lady selling stuff on the street.
nagajsy 24 dagar sedan
China hired a white American to do dumb shit so they can make fun of him? Biggest alpha move right there.
John Feliciano
John Feliciano 24 dagar sedan
A S 24 dagar sedan
3:45 SEpost demonetized his videos.
wrog 24 dagar sedan
he included taiwan in to china
no 24 dagar sedan
in before a cease and desist from panasonic
Eric Dangerfield
Eric Dangerfield 24 dagar sedan
I used to watch his parodies all the time when I was young
Dr. G&W
Dr. G&W 24 dagar sedan
I’m genuinely scared for this guy
RonseyBones 25 dagar sedan
i remember bart baker. he followed me on twitter for absolute no reason about 3 years ago. and randomly unfollowed me and i never heard again. very odd.
Shermy Smiley Tan
Shermy Smiley Tan 25 dagar sedan
Hey pinely, native mandarin speaker here, im willing to help translating any video in mandarin actually because most of the people around me and my family are actually on that... errr... political standpoint i dont even know if i should laugh or cry
Hurler beets
Hurler beets 25 dagar sedan
i hope this panasonic ends
austin smothermon
austin smothermon 25 dagar sedan
Pan sonic pannasonic, ummm pandemic.... ding ding
Hanapikopi 25 dagar sedan
I watched your video one year ago, but I forgot about you. Sorry.
TSM 25 dagar sedan
on one hand i feel a little sorry for him because he's made a clown of himself, on the other hand, every video that covers him is rampant with sinophobia (bc people can't resist lumping the whole country in with the government) so it's really... ugh. ALSO, bart's "broken english" videos are lowkey racist because the lines he is translating have the same sentence structure in english, so he is making them sound like broken english on purpose
Flash Dust
Flash Dust 25 dagar sedan
I remember listening to all his parody and loving them didn't even know this was him until u showed his video's, wow yea he has fallen off
Flash Dust
Flash Dust 25 dagar sedan
Wait when did Applaud become a thing?
_jjk 25 dagar sedan
im stupid what was the "pan" word??
Sy4rn 25 dagar sedan
Lewis does a bit of shiny hunting
Lewis does a bit of shiny hunting 25 dagar sedan
I was actually thinking about him today. Used to watch him when I was 10-13.
Yong Cho
Yong Cho 25 dagar sedan
Am I just brainwashed by the American education system or was it weird to hear the words: "i love china so much, they cut out the part when i said how much i love china and how much i love living in china" especially coming from a white man
Timestatic 25 dagar sedan
My man really did get bought from China and is now spreading propaganda
pyropignical 25 dagar sedan
I just got jebaited to sub.
ka850411 25 dagar sedan
My guess is that the first translator is Taiwanese... lol
Elise Freshwater-Blizzard
Elise Freshwater-Blizzard 26 dagar sedan
Look how uncomfortable that guy looks on the left haha
Rohan Singh
Rohan Singh 26 dagar sedan
He was really a good youtuber.
Tyler Church
Tyler Church 26 dagar sedan
6:28 Where this video be? XD
gckbowers411 26 dagar sedan
Lol if there's ONE COUNTRY that has no right to mock the US over its botching of coronavirus, it's China.
T M 26 dagar sedan
I would just guess he doesn’t feel he could do anything else for a living. Should’ve set up a company based on his yt long time ago
Badsturd 26 dagar sedan
i was literally watching the other vid about bart
Bella Dicax
Bella Dicax 26 dagar sedan
I wonder if he knows the damage that he’s possibly contributing to. Having an American be so blindly pro-China gives the impression to young Chinese that American culture embraces every repressive and genocidal tendencies their government takes. He’s a smart man, I can’t see how he’s not aware of that.
LEOL LAST NAME 26 dagar sedan
Dam bark barter really fell off.
Mark Yeah
Mark Yeah 26 dagar sedan
Its bullshit when he said he loves china. Dude everybody hates china!.
Lasse R.
Lasse R. 26 dagar sedan
Well TBH china did do amazing with the pandemic. My friends in China are living life as normal
Lasse R.
Lasse R. 26 dagar sedan
Why are people talking about him like china is ON TO HIM or such? You realise he’s just a influencer right? They’re not forcing him to do anything, hell I doubt the government knows his existence. ByteDance or his manager paid him some money to use Chinese tiktok exclusively? Doesn’t mean BIG BAD CHINA (sarcasm) is doing anything
Sy4rn 25 dagar sedan
Sam Misery
Sam Misery 26 dagar sedan
They're literally holding him as a hostage Poor guy I genuinely feel bad for him
Sam Misery
Sam Misery 26 dagar sedan
*Because of the pansexuals I might not be able to come back to China*
Daniel 26 dagar sedan
One might say this Panasonic issue is endemic to the US.
LeftEyeReport 27 dagar sedan
"I'm not going to that infectious hell-hole called America where I will never be able to leave, unlike China that handled the Pandemic so well" I mean, it's not wrong though
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