Will Smith And His Insane Chinese Tik Toks

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Will smith is a nice guy, I love him.
Pinely original soundtrack!! :
My Twitter: Pinelyy
My Instagram: PinelyBox
In this video I'll be talking about sir Will Smith and his pretty wild chinese tiktoks, is this bart baker pt 2? Probably not lol
Background Music by:
@TheRedSpy & @camisvillain on Twitter
Instrumental for song at the end:

anakin loves you
anakin loves you 19 dagar sedan
Looks like Mr youtuber may have a great taste in movies as baby driver is a masterpiece
Spencer Assiff
Spencer Assiff 23 dagar sedan
I was wondering if Pinely and Mr. SEpostr were the same person. I'm that has been cleared up.
Jaro 26 dagar sedan
I was very worried for a second that I was about to see a "I love you china beloved mother" cover by my favorite youtuber Will Smith
A K 28 dagar sedan
Thanks again Pinely. I used to believe that wealth provided immunity from creating videos which make you look like a total douchebag. Will Smith excels in this area but you don't thankfully. You're ace
KingIna 28 dagar sedan
i always thought that will smith was the kid from the karate kid with jackie chan
Anja chan
Anja chan Månad sedan
Did you call him William? His full name is Willard ;)
Cinnamon Dan
Cinnamon Dan Månad sedan
Love how negative click bate be the titles, but the content is so fluffy
Deklan Burrows
Deklan Burrows Månad sedan
Fresh Prince of Wuhan
[] Månad sedan
The "Chinese" song at the end is actually Korean. It's by Hyuna a.k.a the legend a.k.a the girl who featured in Gangnam Style with PSY
Da Crammers
Da Crammers Månad sedan
I bet dwayne the rock johnson is more everywhere than will smith xD
koofy Månad sedan
ok thanks for letting me know who will smith is Pinely, that was a lot of help, I really appreciate it
l as M L u c L as M
l as M L u c L as M Månad sedan
AndrewDavidJ Månad sedan
Oh thanks for letting me know who Will Smith is, Pinely. That was really a lot of help, I really appreciate it.
Hunter Ansorge
Hunter Ansorge 2 månader sedan
The syllables actually ryme if you sing it in chinese
East Killer
East Killer 2 månader sedan
Mr. SEpostr should take over this youtube channel.
Sealer101Gaming 2 månader sedan
Thanks for letting me know what Tik Tok is pinely
Heizeberry 3 månader sedan
I love how you sung a Korean song... Hyuna change😭😭
enclopedia of videos eov.
enclopedia of videos eov. 3 månader sedan
oh thanks for letting me know who Will smith is Pinely, that really was alot of help, I really appreciate it.
ef 3 månader sedan
I realised that Mr. SEpostr translated Hyuna's CHANGE song lol
Koteshima :
Koteshima : 3 månader sedan
those digital Will Smiths are surprisingly hilarious. Weird that even celebs really bend over for China.
Zero Black
Zero Black 3 månader sedan
Celebs were the first to sell out to china.
Konan Amegakure
Konan Amegakure 4 månader sedan
6:00 dafuq lmfao
Black Wolf
Black Wolf 4 månader sedan
Gay Smith
Avinash Jain
Avinash Jain 4 månader sedan
bcxsdbjdbfhabsaghfvfxghvhcxkdbajhgjhdbsah kjhrh gn bnj n jikdbewhksbjhbjbja I was just testing my keyboard
INRxFrosT 5 månader sedan
so in a net shell he is salman khan of hollywood
Glas Gow
Glas Gow 5 månader sedan
And here I always respected him....Well, he is with China now, so I can't respect him anymore. I'll always remember you as a model Will Smith.
Brian Oshea
Brian Oshea 6 månader sedan
Many stars have signed up for tiktok in China,like Justin Bieber,Selena Gomez,Charlie puth ...
Zero Black
Zero Black 6 månader sedan
Or course Hollywood is practically Chinese at this point
bob smith
bob smith 6 månader sedan
Wow! I guess if you would have asked me before if i know who will smith is id spout off countless one liners. You showed me i know nothing!!!
P.M 6 månader sedan
CG Will Smith be looking more like Martin Luther King Jr than Will Smith lol
P C 6 månader sedan
Goat on Molly
Goat on Molly 6 månader sedan
Please bring back dead shot will smith
That Onion
That Onion 7 månader sedan
oh thanks for letting me know who will smith is Pinely, that was really a lot of help, I really appreciate it
GirJay Studios
GirJay Studios 7 månader sedan
Deimantas 7 månader sedan
I genuinely didnt know who will smith was until yt rewind
Brittany Blizzard
Brittany Blizzard 7 månader sedan
Dang this mr.youtuber guy sounds kinda like pinely idk am i right
Jimbob 7294
Jimbob 7294 7 månader sedan
Oh thanks for letting me know who will smith is piney, that was really a lot of help ,I really appreciate it
Ultimate Human
Ultimate Human 8 månader sedan
He's a traitor ban him from youtube and movies.😠😠😠😡😡😡🤬
Dimitri Warchief
Dimitri Warchief 8 månader sedan
this weird dude, this is weird
ᛋᛁᛘᛅᚾ ᛒᛚᛅᚾᛏᛋᛦᛅᚱᛏ
ᛋᛁᛘᛅᚾ ᛒᛚᛅᚾᛏᛋᛦᛅᚱᛏ 8 månader sedan
Thanks for reaching me about Will Smith
Red the Skeleton
Red the Skeleton 8 månader sedan
oh thanks for letting me know who will smith is Pinely, that really was a lot of help, I really appreciate it
0 _ 0
0 _ 0 8 månader sedan
Witty 9 månader sedan
God loves you ♡
matt maloney
matt maloney 9 månader sedan
Pinely bro, your transition beats are actual fucking dope. Where do i find them 🤔🤔
Emilio M. M.
Emilio M. M. 9 månader sedan
God damn those CGI tik toks are fuego.
Logan Mega The Wolf
Logan Mega The Wolf 9 månader sedan
Sticks & Stones :With These Old Bones
Sticks & Stones :With These Old Bones 9 månader sedan
So no one is slamming him for cultural appropriation?
Monk-ish Monkey
Monk-ish Monkey 9 månader sedan
5:36 Now that's a lot of will smiths
Davis Freitas
Davis Freitas 9 månader sedan
long angry sausage
long angry sausage 9 månader sedan
Will Smith as well??? ejxjhdhsjendjkxox
CBT 9 månader sedan
Woah! Ok, 11:49 that is Korean, it's Change by Hyuna, not Chinese haha On another note, Daddy China will be happy with me, I downloaded Chinese TikTok too after this 😂😂 I will say, it's actually funny
A Guy Who Randomly Reports Videos
A Guy Who Randomly Reports Videos 9 månader sedan
I love Smill With
Nam Nguyen
Nam Nguyen 9 månader sedan
I'm boycotting comment section until they change it back
OXRuka KawaiinessOX
OXRuka KawaiinessOX 9 månader sedan
Will Smith’s TikToks are kinda funny, hands down.
Ahmed Hassan
Ahmed Hassan 9 månader sedan
yo pinely stop thickening ur voice
Edward Coppers
Edward Coppers 9 månader sedan
How in God's name can you make me hate Will Smith more...
Luke Jameson
Luke Jameson 9 månader sedan
Why’d you do him dirty and give him a Salad Fingers arm like that?
Pim Slickin
Pim Slickin 9 månader sedan
I was feeling it, i gave you the first two, but the ad every 2 minutes is just grueling.
MrSikzak 9 månader sedan
Video starts at 2:57 jeez
MrSikzak 5 månader sedan
@Zero Black foiled again
Zero Black
Zero Black 5 månader sedan
Ghost EndGame
Ghost EndGame 9 månader sedan
it's sad how some people will do anything for money
Introverted Oreo
Introverted Oreo 9 månader sedan
Your videos are so well drawn a long with the comedy! 😄
ruski muejek
ruski muejek 9 månader sedan
Faysus 9 månader sedan
This is his plan to take over he world. Watch out guys
red queen hypothesis
red queen hypothesis 9 månader sedan
why are you wearing shades inside the house?
natural91LC 9 månader sedan
I don't trust anything coming from china. ( for the governement not the people
Christian McBrearty
Christian McBrearty 9 månader sedan
Plot twist: Pinely is a failed Will Smith clone
XanthosAcanthus 9 månader sedan
Insert silly joke
Playable Character
Playable Character 9 månader sedan
Why do people defend China lmao they have literal concentration camps, an age of consent of 13, awful living conditions, more pollution than anywhere else, and secret police that'll snatch you the fuck up if you complain about any of it
Daniel Karlsson
Daniel Karlsson 9 månader sedan
Yeesh Will Smith must really like money. Maybe he'll do cigarette commercials next... or gay porn.
Sam-Iam 9 månader sedan
Who’s will smith
Blueberry Shortcake
Blueberry Shortcake 9 månader sedan
they got will? not u too will ?
Blueberry Shortcake
Blueberry Shortcake 9 månader sedan
XxXZz what the fuck?
XxXZz 9 månader sedan
Do you fart too silently in school?
Mason 10 månader sedan
He went from Wutang to Wuhan at the drop of a chq book 🤦‍♂️
SEANCÉ KNOWLES 10 månader sedan
I laugh every time people forget his whole music career lol I really love his collab with Marc Anthony and Bad Bunny tho.
Lokiofasgard 10 månader sedan
Dōyin sounds like a fun word in Japanese
doverture 10 månader sedan
I'm sad cuz Change is low key a bop.
psychocolate 10 månader sedan
0:35 you forgot to say he’s a legend
Janey Grace
Janey Grace 10 månader sedan
Will Smith might not be the biggest movie star right now, but he's FOR. SURE. the richest SEpostr😤
Tan Yu Xuan
Tan Yu Xuan 10 månader sedan
The Chinese on the thumbnail said "I don't know Chinese so I used translate" Thank me later
your mum
your mum 10 månader sedan
Dxtura 10 månader sedan
Thumbnail: ‘I don’t know Chinese, so I used translate’ As the sole non-chinese speaking kid in my Chinese class,,,,, same.
Webs 10 månader sedan
I killed you're 699 comment's
ryan yang
ryan yang 10 månader sedan
Smh when he’s trying to say the name of 抖音 he’s saying dough en
Crossing China
Crossing China Månad sedan
笨蛋 是不是
Arthur Mallmann
Arthur Mallmann 10 månader sedan
did you just translate a korean song? geez
Arthur Mallmann
Arthur Mallmann 10 månader sedan
ollie360 10 månader sedan
oh thanks im gonna copy what he just said so he can heart me now
hyungwonie 10 månader sedan
just to clarify, the song used at 2:01 is not the actual song he used. he used kris wu’s song called, big bowl thick noodles. i think it was copyrighted, so that’s why pinely had to change the song, but that’s my guess. just wanted to clarify one thing
Kris the Snek
Kris the Snek 10 månader sedan
Will Smith vore is not something I needed nor wanted to see today
ART !!!
ART !!! 10 månader sedan
4:24 After watching the movie "The Congress", that whole things just creeps me out
HeromanV3 10 månader sedan
A cpop king. That exists. Thank you Mr. SEpostr.
Nicodemus 10 månader sedan
infinite Smif...
William Ezell
William Ezell 11 månader sedan
I'm pretty sure will smith talks like that because hes a scientologist
Q Wilder
Q Wilder 11 månader sedan
bad boys ..lbad boys . what u gonna do...
ilove19942 11 månader sedan
Will Smith pulled a Bart Baker.
how 11 månader sedan
will Will Smith smith Will Smith? Yes, Will Smith will smith Will Smith.
千Sean 11 månader sedan
*Now this is a story all about how...* _I learned who will smith is Pinely the box_
Samuel S
Samuel S 11 månader sedan
Bro, where's the link to Mr. SEpostr in the description?
Bigfanm3new År sedan
who the fuck is will smith
Electrickiller 098
Electrickiller 098 År sedan
He probably has the croner virus now
Jort H
Jort H År sedan
Mr SEpostr kinda looks like Jazzy Jeff
Scrongus År sedan
3:50 it would be amazing if all of humanity was will smith
Dr. Premarital
Dr. Premarital År sedan
Will Smith is now part of the “Chinese Propaganda”
Mathieu Leader
Mathieu Leader År sedan
to be fair Xi needs his own Dennis Rodman
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